Epilogue: "One Year Later"

Poor Ending; "Total Annihilation"

I stood by the mass grave marked by the marble statue. There, engraved for all eternity in the marble were visages I recognized. Louis, Francis, Bill, Zoey, Ellis, Nick, Rochelle, Coach, Christian... Trinsha. And there was our Trump Card. Emma. Closing my coat against the wind and rain, I stood stalwart. Beneath the statue was a plaque, which read:

"To those who gave their lives to save ours. You shall be forever remembered." Reaching into my pocket, I pulled an empty vial and envelope from within, and set them down on the ground as an offering.

"I've lied to you a lot, Emma. I've lied to you all a lot. And I know it was wrong." I spoke to the statue. "But you deserve to know the truth. And I am a man of my word." I cleared my throat. "Your real name was Melissa Cronson. As much as people didn't want to believe, you were a serial killer before the Infection. I... don't want to go into details, but suffice to say, you were in the market for a new life, something I was just in the market to sell." I sighed, looking over the cold marble stare of Emma. "You were my personal guinea pig, Emma, I treated you like a guinea pig, and I was wrong! I shouldn't have..." I ducked my head a bit closer to my shoulders, trying to hide my face behind the raincoat's collar. Tugging on the brim of my hat, I pulled it down some.

"Listen. I know you hated my guts for a lot of reasons, and you have ever reason to. But know this. I always loved you, Emma. As a friend. As a woman of considerable talant, as a survivor, and as a person. I can just hope you get that white pickette fence in Heaven." I laughed an eerie laugh to myself.

"You're lucky, Emma. You get to go to Heaven. I'm not so lucky. I get to live. I get to live for the rest of eternity. I'll probably go mad before I die. And even then, my torture won't end."

"So the lucky ones are the ones who die. For the rest of us... there's only eternity." I sighed. "I'll miss that smile of yours, Zoey. And Francis, I'll miss that hard stare you always give. Bill, I'll miss that smell of cigarette smoke. It's become so you. Louis, I'll miss your snarky comments. Ellis, Nick, I'll miss that interesting relationship you two have. That nice love-hate one. Rochelle... I never knew much about you, but I'll miss ya. Coach... I'll miss that fatherly figure you've been to me. Trinny... I'll miss your laugh. Emma... I'll miss you." I turned on my heel, and walked towards the two figures who waited for me.

"I can guarantee you a good line of work... Doctor Ballenfield..." The first figure, dressed in a gray suit, carrying a briefcase spoke. The second man, a rugged, hardened man with green eyes and glasses, dressed in a similar H.E.V. that I used earlier, only nodded. "Your colleague here can vouch for that... Right? Gordon?" The green-eyed glasses man said nothing, simply lead us farther into the rain.