Zoey POV

Am I a slut or what? Four amazing guys and they are all soooo good to me. Here I am, repaying them by treating them like dirt. I am great girlfriend I know. I make Aphrodite look like the goddess that she is named after, and that is saying something.

Erik Night- Hottest, sweetest, most popular guy in school. Changed into a vamp, totally off limits. He has always been there for me.

Loren Blake- Can you say sexy??? Very mature, treats me like a women. Again, he is off limits cuz he is a professor at out school.

Heath- IMPRINTED ON. What else can I say? He is human, so again, off limits. I haveknown him forever, and I just need him…

Stark- Well, I just met him…. don't know much about him. He is sweet, and there isdefinitely chemistry between us. NOT OFF LIMITS!

I reluctantly rolled out of bed, dreading the night ahead of me. Tonight was the Dark Daughters and Sons ritual, so I had that to look forward to. After, I got ready, I met with the twins, Damien, Jack, and *sigh* Stark. We had an assembly that evening before our first class. Apparently there was a new kid coming today.

"Hey Zoey and I will catch up with you guys." Stark said.

WHAT? Urg. The twins waggled their eyebrows at me and walked away. Stark pulled me into an unoccupied classroom. Uh oh. Alone time. Tempting….

"Zoey, I really like you, and I know we just met but…"

Well hell, what was I gonna say. I looked into his eyes and I felt that connection between us. He must have felt it too because he bent down and kissed me.

"I have feelings for you too." Damn I shouldn't have said that.

He kissed me harder, and I kissed him back. After a while, he pulled away, chuckling.

"We have to go" he said smiling

I gave him one last kiss before we walked out of the classroom together. We had just about reached the auditorium when hottie Erik Night (now a professor) came up to us.

"Um, Zoey, I need to talk to you about your school work."

Shoot. Guy number 2. He motioned for me to follow him, and we went into his office. After closing the door, Erik said;

"Z, I still have feelings for you even though I have become a vamp."

"I am guessing that we are not going to talk about school work?"

Erik laughed. He gave me a soft kiss and said;

"I know this is off limits, but I can't resist. I am falling in love with you"

Well what can you say to that? We were so close to each other now, and instinct took over. I kissed him, very passionately I would say. Was it just not 5 minutes ago that I made out with Stark? Like I said, I am a slut. After a couple minutes we both decided that we were already late and should go to the assembly. This time, I actually got inside the auditorium when Loren comes over and says that he needed my help with setting up something. What??? Weird. We walked outside into the moonlight. Loren grabbed my hands and gazed into my eyes.

"You're so beautiful." He said, tracing my filled in mark around my face.

AH! This is not good. Guy number three. I can't do this to Stark and Erik. I can't do this to any of them. I tried to avoid Loren's gaze, but he pulled my face up towards his and kissed me. He was just so amazing, and to my despair, I kissed him back. Don't I have great self control?

"Come on little priestess, we must go back." He said in between kisses.

"Good." I pushed him away, making it seem like I didn't want him.

"Aw, is somebody sad because we have to stop?"

He kissed me AGAIN, just a quick one though. After letting go of me, he walked away, so it seemed like we weren't together. Still dazed, I walked back to the auditorium, finally sitting down.

"What did Loren?" want Erin asked.

"Just help with the ritual candles." I lied smoothly.

Neferet came on stage, announcing normal school stuff. Near the end of the assembly, Neferet said;

"Ladies and gentleman, I would like to welcome our newest fledging. Heath!"

WTF. Not my Heath. It can't be. Why would the tracker mark him? I already have enough guy trouble without Heath being a fledgling. Sadly, he came up onstage. He was smiling that same old goofy smile. My throat burned, yearning for his blood. He looked out into the audience and just my luck, found me. He waved and gave me the thumbs up sign. Cringing, I waved back. Great. Now I had all four guys in one place. I could handle it. What could go wrong?