After introducing Heath, Neferet went on with other school announcements. My mind was reeling with worry and confusion. What the hell was I going to do?????? All I wanted was to go back to my room and cry, maybe even scream into a pillow to let out some frustration. Finally the announcements were over and I tried to rush out of the room without running into Heath, Erik, Loren, or Stark. Instead, I ran into my mentor and High Priestess, Neferet.

"Hello Zoey Redbird. I have a favor to ask of you." Neferet said

"Of course, anything you need." I replied, hoping it was quick so I could run to my room.

"Well, we actually do not have enough room for our new student, Heath, and I was thinking that since you are such a responsible fledgling, I could trust you and have him stay in your room until we can find space for him somewhere with the other boys. Especially since you are one of the only fledglings without a roommate at the present time"

BAD WORDS BAD WORDS BAD WORDS!!!!!! OMG this is not good.

"Neferet there is absolutely nowhere else for him to go? What about…um…." I said, trying to not hyperventilate

"Zoey, please be mature about this. You don't even know this boy"


"I expected better from you Zoey"

Great now she wants to make me feel bad…

"I am sorry Neferet. It's just a surprise. I would be happy to have our newest fledgling room with me for a little while." I managed to say without vomiting

"Thank you Zoey I knew that I could count on you." Such a fake voice…

Neferet walked away, in all her grace. Damn her

That terrible female dog!!!!!! Was she just out to get me? I can't have the guy I have imprinted with stay in my room! Just thinking about Heath made me want his blood. Shit. This will not end well. Before I could run into anyone else that would cause me problems, I ran up to my room. I probably only had a few minutes until Heath came up into my room, cocky grin and all. Being the good girl that I am (lol) I cleaned up my dorm and then went out to the common room area. Damien, the Twins, and Jack weren't back yet so I actually had some piece and quiet. I was completely stressed, knowing that Heath would probably cut himself and tempt me to drink his blood, which would end up with kissing and…..oh dang it. Even though it was the middle of the afternoon, I grabbed some Count Chocola and brown pop. It calmed me down, but just a little.

Too soon for my liking, Heath walked into the common area with someone on the staff helping him with his luggage. I was not ok. Freaking out in fact. There he was, the boy that I had grown up with. The boy I had kissed…the boy I had imprinted with.

"Z!!! ohmygosh I have missed you." Heath exclaimed

He ran over and gave me a hug. I could smell his blood and I gots to say, it made me horny…. GEEZ!!!!

"Hey long time no see." I tried to produce one clear sentence while I attempted to get over my dizziness.

"So where do I put my crap?" Heath asked

Wow this was so not awkward. I thought it would be a bit weird…

" Oh um in my room, well your room too now." I led him to our room. His bed would take the place of Stevie Rae. :(

Instead of unpacking right away he dropped his stuff, closed the door behind him and looked at me. Those eyes. Oh I know them so well.

"Zoey, a room all to ourselves" he said in a seductive, cocky voice


"Heath we cant. I mean. You are at the House of Night to learn. We cant and shouldn't be doing anything stupid."

Trying to tempt me he walked up to me and started kissing my neck, then arms around my waist. I pushed him off then walked across the room, a safe distance away. My heart was pounding

"Come on babe, you know you want me…"

I needed to open a window, something…

Then he had the knife. No no no. not good. I didn't have enough time to react and take the knife away. As soon as the smell of Heath's blood filled the room, it was all over.

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