The Doctor walked, hands firmly in trouser pockets, down the smoldering corridor filled with the half Cybernised dead. There were no survivors, at least as far as Carrie could see. She looked around, but it seemed as though all of her friends had been in the conversion chambers and more than half way along in the process, when the Doctor had pulled his little trick. Carrie watched him as he wandered towards his ship, and sighed. Then he turned to Carrie and smiled.

"This is goodbye then," he said, simply. "It's been – well, not fun, but very memorable."

"Yeah," Carrie said, nodding, slightly shell shocked from the experience. "Yeah, it's been memorable. I'll remember it for a long time. Still."

"You want a lift?" the Doctor asked, pointing his thumb at the TARDIS. "I'm sure I can convince her to drop you off somewhere close to home, and sometime soon."

"What's the point?" Carrie asked. "It's not like I've got a job or anything. They'll be all sorts of people asking stupid questions…"

"Yes," the Doctor nodded. "There most certainly will be."

"So why would I want to go home?" she asked. "What would be the point of that? I haven't even got a job anymore, most of my friends were here when the Cybermen…"

She slumped to the floor, and started sobbing. The Doctor sat with her and put his arm around her shoulder, doing his best to comfort her.

"There, there," he murmured, his tone comforting. "You'll be fine. You just wait, things will be better come the morning…"

She stopped crying, and looked up at him, into his lonely blue eyes, his sad smile.

"You know what really cheers me up whenever I'm down?" the Doctor asked.

"W-what?" Carrie murmured.

"A nice, relaxing holiday," the Doctor smiled. "In the TARDIS, we can go anywhere, do anything, meet anyone."

Carrie stood up as he grabbed her hands.

"I want you to come with me," he added. "It's been so lonely these last few months for me, nobody to talk to, so why don't you come with me? You need a break, and I know a million different holiday spots, all of them either exciting, or pleasant, or relaxing, or...!"

Carrie smiled at him through her tears, and almost laughed.

"You really are desperate, aren't you?" she asked him.

"Yep," he smiled, slightly sheepishly. "I absolutely detest being alone."

"Alright then," she said, sighing slightly. "I'll come with you. Provided we go somewhere interesting. Got that?"

"Oh, well, that's easy," the Doctor smiled. "I never go anywhere dull! I never land on Sunday, I never let the despots win, and I always, always try to have fun!"

They entered the ship.

"Is it always as dangerous as this?" Carrie asked.

"Always," the Doctor said, more serious now. "Sometimes more so. Do you still want to come?"

She considered the possibilities that were being afforded to her.

"Yeah," she smiled. "I think I can handle it."

"I know you can," the Doctor grinned. "Just one thing, though…" he added.

"What?" she asked, weary.

"Never, ever, ever, ever," the Doctor said, sternly.

"Yeah?" Carrie said, after a pause.

"…call me 'Doc'."

Carrie grinned.

"I won't – scouts honour," she said, holding up her hand. He smiled, and held up his own hand, making the Vulcan salute at her. She scowled – she could never do that.

"Are we going then?" she asked, slightly impatient now to begin her wandering.

"Yes, yes," the Doctor said, waving a hand and flicking a few switches noisily. "now then… handbrake off, that thing in balance… excellent," the Doctor grinned, looking up at her. "We're ready!"

He pulled a lever on his console and smiled. "Off we got then!"

And then, the wheezing, trumpeting sound began, the column in the centre of the console started moving, and the Doctors' smile lit up the dark room.

The TARDIS began to dematerialize, and they were off…