A/N: Everyone who has me on author alert will be baffled because this isn't a Doctor Who story lol! I've spent the last two weeks addicted to Canis Canem Edit (yes, not Bully :P) and I couldn't resist writing something. I still haven't actually finished the game yet but meh, this can be set halfway through the game. I know there are probably millions of 'new student at Bullworth' stories but I don't care, I want to do one lol. It's been a while since I was 15 so I might not be able to understand the mindset of a 15 year old anymore... which is quite sad to think about actually. Also, I'm not American so don't gun me down for going all TV American on your asses lol. It's my only reference. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this :D

Characters: OC, Jimmy Hopkins, Gary Smith... oh sod it, everyone probably lol.

Set: During gameplay, beginning of 'Rich Kid Blues'

Rating: T (won't go up, but rating is mainly for violence and language. Basically it's the same rating as the game lol)

Chapter I:

It's A Long Fall From Cloud Nine

Elliott Nixon stared at the embossed stamp on the front of the envelope with her mouth hanging open. It was like she had just been injected with paralysing venom, only allowing her to move her eyeballs. But her eyes remained fixed on that stamp, perhaps in the hope that it would dissolve into nothing but a figment of her deranged imagination. But it remained there. Even when she carefully set it down to rub her eyes it remained.

The emblem for Bullworth Academy.

Slowly, like clockwork toy that was due to be wound up, Elliott rose from her seat on the edge of her bed and passed through her door and onto the landing. She stood there, still staring at the emblem.

'Dad?' she called.

'I'm not going to communicate by hollering up and down the stairs like a wild ape!' came the gruff response. 'You want something then you get your ass in here and ask me properly.'

Still staring at the letter, she turned and walked towards the stairs. She travelled down them easily, without having to look. She might have only been in this house for two days but she already knew the layout like the back of her hand. She could walk around it with her eyes closed. She travelled on autopilot to the living room, where her dad was sitting on the couch watching the TV.

'Dad?' she said, moving to the side of his chair.

'Oh what?' he snapped, turning his skinny face around to her.

Elliott held the envelope out to him. He blinked at it for a moment, and then snatched it out of her hand. He ripped it open, tossing the destroyed envelope on the floor and unfolded the letter. He read it slowly. Then he read it again.

'Well.' He said, finally. 'Looks like you won't be getting under my feet after all.'

Elliott snatched the letter, anger breaking through her shocked paralysis. 'You mean you're not going to do anything about it?!' she cried. 'Do you even know what Bullworth is?'

He shot her a brief look of irritation, and then turned back to the TV. 'Course I do. It's a school. A school that sorts out pains in the ass, and last time I checked you were a pain in the ass.'

Elliott stepped between him and the TV. 'I can't go there, dad! Don't let mom send me there! I'm begging you!'

'It's not up to me,' he shrugged, trying to see around her. 'And even if she has dumped you off on me and swanned off to her fancy job in Tokyo she's still in charge of you. I ain't been in charge of you since your mother left me when you were three. Now move your ass, I can't see through wood.'

Elliott stepped aside, still frowning. 'Yeah but… while she's over there you're my legal guardian! You can tell her that you don't want me going to Bullworth! You can tell her that you… you want me to go to a proper school. Or… or I could get a job!'

Her father snorted noisily. 'Like you could get a job.' He glanced at her and saw her frantic expression. He sighed heavily and shrugged his slender shoulders. 'Come on, Elle. What am I supposed to do with a fifteen-year-old girl, huh? I've got no experience with kids! You mom fought against me for five years to keep me from seeing you, then I give up and settle down in a nice quiet life she turns up on the doorstep with you and tells me I got to watch you for a couple of years while she's off gallivanting. I'm just as pissed off about the whole thing as you are, sweetheart. I got myself settled in this life, you know? I don't want to have someone nagging at me to put the toilet seat down and all that crap.' He sighed heavily and turned back to the TV. 'And anyway,' he added, waving one hand. 'It'll do you good to be hanging around with kids your own age. Healthier than hanging around here all the damn time.'

Elliott just stared at him. She hadn't expected much from her father; she hardly knew him. From a young age she had had it drummed into her head that he was a loser, so she was as surprised as anyone when she was left here two days ago by her mother. Just temporary, she had said. Yeah, just until her place was secured in Bullworth Academy.

'You can't send me there.' She said again, lamely.

'Stop being a brat,' he snapped. 'I ain't got time for whiney brats. The more you whine the more I think you should go. Now that letter says you start Monday, so I reckon you should sort out your little PMS hissy fit before then.'

Elliott glared at him. 'You're such a jerk.'

'Yeah, yeah,' he grumbled. 'Now shut up. I can't hear John Stewart over your whining.'

Elliott cried out in frustration and stormed out of the room, slamming the door behind her. Her father barely flinched, and only shook his head in annoyance. 'Teenagers.' He muttered.

After three attempts of trying to reason with her estranged father, two attempts of running away and one quite desperate but unsuccessful arson attempt, Elliott Nixon found herself standing in front of the huge iron gates of Bullworth Academy at nine thirty on Monday morning. She had made no effort for this day, mainly because she saw it as a defeat. She wore black jeans that were just a little too big for her and a white vest. Her blonde hair was tied loosely on the back of her head, with strands that hung over her pale, freckled face. She stared up at the gates like a prisoner just about to enter Death Row, and then sighed heavily.

'Waiting to be struck by lightening.' She muttered, turning her face up to the sky and speaking to the heavens. 'Or trampled by a herd of elephants. Please, anything. Just get me out of this one.'

When she looked back to the gates she was startled to see a face filling her vision. With a surprised yelp she hopped backwards, stumbled off the curb, and narrowly missed being crushed by the speeding school bus. She might have avoided instant death, but she hadn't avoided the ankle deep muddy puddle in the gutter. The mud splashed up the back of her leg and soaked her shoe. The whole thing left Elliott feeling quite shaken up, but it had sincerely cheered up the person who had appeared from nowhere.

The boy laughed hysterically, slapping the knee of his frayed blue jeans. Elliott grimaced at the state of his white school shirt. It was grey in places. Probably hadn't had a proper wash for weeks. He was covered in cuts and bruises, the majority of them obviously from fighting.

'Oh man…' he snorted, wiping tears of laughter. 'You shoulda seen your face. You nearly went right under those wheels.'

Elliott scowled. 'I'm glad my near death amused you so much.' She replied humourlessly. 'Try it again and I'll pull off your eyelids.'

The bully simply laughed once more and then headed off, shaking his head and giggling uncontrollably. Elliott watched him go. How was that for a welcome? She hadn't even stepped through the gates and she had nearly been killed by a complete imbecile. If they let crackpots like him wander around outside the premises then what kind of people did they keep in for detention?

With heavily sigh, Elliott started forward, pulling along her flimsy black suitcase. She had barely taken a step when a kid on a green bicycle whipped past her, almost taking her face off.

'Watch it!' she yelled after the angry looking boy with the shaved head, but he only offered her a vulgar gesture over his shoulder and whizzed away around the corner.

Yes, looked like life at Bullworth was going to be just peachy.

'Well, I must admit that appearances can be deceptive. Especially in your case, Miss Nixon.'

Elliott stared down at her hands, ignoring the pompous bastard who sat opposite her. She knew what he would try and do; talk down to her, make her feel like a bratty kid, tell her that she's got hidden potential and that it's his job to make sure she can see it herself. She had met a million people like him and frankly, she didn't have the time of day for them anymore. All she wanted to do was to get to her dorm and stay there until she could go home again.

'On the outside you seem like a pleasant young lady,' Dr Crabblesnitch said grandly, flicking the fingers of his right hand around like he was trying to snatch something out of the air. 'You've got good test scores. Bright. Intelligent. Full of potential…' He flipped a page over in her file and shook his head. 'But then there's this. Unruly behaviour. Disrespecting authority. Drug use. One or two arson attempts. Well you're just a nasty little girl at heart, aren't you?'

Elliott grunted in response and turned her attention to the door as if she were expecting someone more interesting to enter.

'Well I'm pleased to inform you that Bullworth will straighten you right up. We are a respected academic institution with a fine tradition of stern discipline. We are renowned the world over for the quality of our alumni and the strong moral fibre…'

Elliott tuned out, allowing her ears to pick up on the sounds outside the heavy wooden doors instead of the rambling, self-righteous jerk sitting opposite her. She could hear a woman shouting about something, someone arguing back at her. Somewhere else someone was crying while someone else was laughing. She continued to listen to the sounds of the local wildlife over Dr Crabblesnitch for what seemed like hours, until finally he stood up.

'The girls are the pride of this school,' he was saying. 'They are a lot more involved with the more social activities, so I'll expect no less from you. I'm quite sure they will keep you in line anyway. And I'm sure your unruly behaviour is just a cry out for attention. You will receive that attention you crave here Miss Nixon, and I know you will just thrive on our extra curriculum. You can have the rest of the morning to settle in, but your lessons will start from one this afternoon. Your belongings should already be in your dorm, which I'm sure you'll have no problem finding. Also you should have a uniform, which I suggest you change into as quickly as possible. So without any further ado, I welcome you to Bullworth, Miss Nixon. I hope we can get along.'

Elliott looked him up and down and then half nodded. 'Yeah.' She mumbled, and then headed for the door. If she was lucky she could survive here for longer than a month. If she was really lucky.