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Chapter LV:

"Tying Up Loose Ends"

'Ding-dong, the bastard's dead.'

Elliott had heard someone chant that earlier. They would be disappointed when they realised that Gary wasn't dead, just expelled. Although already to most of the students that attended Bullworth Academy he might as well be dead. The fighting had swiftly ended when the Prefects and the Townies managed to beat everyone into submission. News quickly spread of Gary's downfall and Jimmy's reinstatement.

Elliott had felt unusually serene as she watched Jimmy being cheered by the same kids who had openly despised him the day before. She was still slightly wet from her outing on the roof; despite the fact the sun was now high in the cloudless sky. She had watched for a little while, intrigued by the sight of an unfamiliar red-haired girl kissing Jimmy on the school steps, and then finally headed out of the school gates.

Well that had been one spectacular way to end a relationship, if you could even call what she had with Gary as a relationship. She would have liked to talk to him again, just one more time before he was sent off to wherever the hell he was destined to go. The nuthouse more than likely. She would have liked to know if he had really just been using her in his intricate Anti-Jimmy plans. Sometimes she had thought he really had cared, but now she found it hard to believe that someone that twisted was even capable of liking another person. Maybe he just thought he liked her.

Elliott rubbed her head. She couldn't be bothered to try and figure out Gary's psyche. It would take a genius to manage that. She leaned against the wall outside the gates and slid down into a sitting position. No point thinking about it anymore anyway. It was all over now.

Still, she couldn't help but recall the look on his face when he had seen the pregnancy test. She couldn't quite place it. Shock? Certainly. Anger? No, not that… Acceptance?

No, not Gary.

She was still mentally kicking herself for allowing herself to get to this point and she figured that this whole experience wasn't going to bode well with her for future boyfriends. Great, to top everything off she was going to be one of those girls with 'trust issues'. Just when she thought she was screwed up enough already.


Elliott looked up reluctantly. Her first instinct was to tell him so sling his hook, but she reminded herself that those days were gone now. Resenting him would just be stupid. But that didn't mean she wouldn't. 'Hi, Jimmy.'

Jimmy regarded her for a moment. 'What are you doing out here?' he asked. 'It's not a war zone anymore, you know.'

Elliott shrugged and glanced up the road, narrowing one eye against the sun. 'I know,' she replied. 'I just…' She paused and shrugged again. 'I guess I just wanted to come out here for a while.'

Jimmy glanced around and then sat against the wall beside her. She glanced at him with a slight frown.

'I thought you were being crowned King of the School again or something,' she said. 'Shouldn't you really be greeting your people?'

Jimmy glanced at her sideways. 'I'm not an idiot you know, I get that you're upset about Gary.'

Elliott wrinkled her nose and shook her head. She glanced away and began to chew on her thumbnail. 'I'm not upset,' she replied. 'Just… annoyed. Frustrated. Stupid.'

'Hey, you're not stupid, man.' Jimmy told her. 'Weird and easily led, yes, but stupid, no.'

She couldn't help but half smile. 'Thanks.' She said, sarcastically. 'Means a lot coming from you.'

'You do see it now though, don't you? What Gary was.'

'I guess.'

'He was bad for you, man. Bad for everybody. That kid has some major issues. I'm just glad he's gone now.'

Elliott took her thumb from her mouth and examined the bitten down nail. 'Do you know where he's gone?'

Jimmy shrugged. 'I don't want to know. Hopefully he's getting electroshock and has to go to group therapy and stuff.'

'Sounds fun.' She mumbled.

Jimmy regarded her for a moment and then patted her on the shoulder. He patted her like he would do on another guy, and thus took her by surprise with the force he used. 'It's all better now,' he told her. 'You'll see. No more bullies, no more stupid drama. You'll get over that jerk eventually.'

Elliott rolled her eyes. 'I'm not some dumb lovesick bimbo, Jimmy.'

'I didn't say you were. I just mean that you'll forget about him. Two years left, am I right?'


'You think we'll have that fresh start I talked about?'

Elliott hesitated. 'I guess so.'

He patted her on the shoulder again, but this time she braced herself for it. 'Great.' He rose to his feet and brushed the dust from his trousers. 'Because, y'know, there's no point in grudges and vendettas against people who don't deserve it. Life's too short.'

Elliott looked up at him thoughtfully. 'You're right.'

'Well,' Jimmy flexed his arms and cracked his knuckled. 'I guess I should go and greet my people.' He smirked, and then headed back into the school.

Elliott returned her attention to her bitten down thumbnail for a moment, contemplating what Jimmy had said.

He was right. Life was too short.

She pushed herself up and put her hands in her pockets. She held onto the slightly soggy pregnancy test box and made her way to the girl's dorm.

'Longest. Minute. Ever.'

Elliott watched the seconds hand slowly make its way around her watch. It had only been twenty seconds, and yet it felt like a million years. She held the white plastic stick in her other hand, just above her watch so she could easily look between the small window and keep an eye on the time.

This was excruciating. Why couldn't they have a test that told you immediately? And in big obvious letters, not these stupid little lines. One pink line for not pregnant and two pink lines for pregnant. Or was it the other way around? She quickly checked the box and discovered that she was right the first time.

Rooting for one line, she told herself. Come on, singular line.

Thirty-five seconds. Jesus, she was pretty sure Father Time was messing with her here. She was sure a minute wasn't this long. She looked between the watch and the test again, her blue eyes flicking back and forth rapidly.

Forty seconds. Was that a line? She squinted and moved her face closer to the stick. Not too close, she warned herself. You have just peed on it after all. It was a very faint line, and it was purple! What the hell did purple mean? The box said the lines were supposed to be pink!

Elliott checked the box again but it said nothing about purple lines. Her heart was thumping in her chest. This was ridiculous. Why the hell was she so worked up? There was no way that she was…

Fifty-five seconds. She stared at the little window. One purple line. No, wait… is that a smudge or…

Sixty seconds. Elliott stared at the little window that contained the two purple lines. Two lines.

She checked the box. One line for negative, two for positive. She checked the window again just in case. Two lines.

Elliott blinked, and then muttered, 'Shit.'


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