Jazz: Hello minna! I ish doing this until Jocie gets the internet back

Mika: Hi

Meg: Hola

Toffee: Hiya

Jocie: Konichiwa

Kisshu: Jazz does not own anything.... if she did the world would end by now

Jazz: T__T

Mika: Anyway first review is from Meg

I think I was sugar high that review. X3

Onii-chan: I had the weirdest dream last night! I hooked up with two guys who were apparently my friends in the dream and I think I might like another guy in the dream who I didn't hook up with. O.o
All: Sing Gives You Hell by All-American Rejects.

I don't have much, and I'm with my friend right now, so, bye! (Kish: Wait! Does this friend pee sitting or standing up. Me: O.o WTH?! SHE pees SITTING, onii-chan! Kish: Good. NO BOYS! Meg: -.-')

Kisshu: O.o! No boys!!

All: *sings Gives You Hell* (Gomen too lazy to look up for the song words)

Jocie: This review is from Night's Second Moon

Jocie: O.o OMG. Only 3 reviews... O.O and I haven't listened to "GO!" a lot, maybe 2 times, and I just felt like it! X3
All: lol I now have wings strengthened by the power of earth from my buddy in RL Wendi (yes with an "I") lol she gave it to me on Gaia (.[com]) cos I skied with her all day, and even through a blizzard! I'm surprised I didn't die. lolz
Anyone: Can someone sing the full Pokemon Advanced Battle theme or something like Pokemon-ish that?
Random: YAY FOR BAKUGAN BATTLE BRAWLERS! X3 I WANNA KICK MASQUERADE'S SORRY ARSE INTO ORBIT! (lolz sorry Bakugan Alice, not you Twilight Alice. Oh **. Too many Alice's these days)
All Pink peoples and Bakaya: Sing the Parts of Speech Song! (lol go on Google and look up "Parts of Speech Song" and the first one to come up should be the song.)
All but said pinks and Baka's: lol the parts of speech song is a geeky song I was forced to sing at school! X3
Cullens: i! Vampires rock! Me, my friend on both Gaia and FF, my friend in RL, Gaia, and FF, and Wendi all agree! HOORAY!

K I think that's enough Bai Bai!

Jocie: Yeah... hehe ok ^^

All: Cool ^__^

Jazz: Umm.... can you minna?

Mika: Ehh....

Meg: Umm.....

Aoyama: I can!

Mika: WTF!? What's he doing here?!

Jazz: Umm... *starts sneaking away*

Mika: Jazz! Get back here!! *drags me back* Now tell me... why is he here!?

Jazz: He.... he looked so loney!! Walking around!

Mika: But Jazz he's the emeny!

Jazz: O.O.... He is?

Jocie: Hai, he is

Meg: When did you last see Pai?

Jazz: Umm.... *thinks* Two days ago why?

Mika: Who did you last see him with?

Jazz:.... It was.... Aoyama!

Jocie: Have you seem him since?

Jazz: No....

Meg: Then... Aoyama must have kidnapped him!

Jazz: *GASP* Your right!

Aoyama: NUU!! *runs*

Jazz: GET BACK HERE!! *runs after him*

Jocie: Yay random-ness!!

All pink people and Bakaya: *sings Parts of Speech Song*

Mika: *laughs*

Jocie: Poor you... singing that

Meg: Yay DS-ness!!

Mika: DS-ness?

Meg: New word

Jazz: *comes back dragging a beaten up Aoyama*

Pai: *teleports in* Yo

Jazz: Pai-kun Pai-kun Pai-kunnnn!!!! *glompings*

Aoyama: See... I didn't kidnap him....

Cullens: Yay!

Jocie: While Jazz is glomping Pai... I'll do the next review.... it's from Jazz

Meh, I haven't reviwed in a while... anyway

Ryou: Die now! -holds up chainsaw-kun-

Pai: -kisses- I love you!

Lettuce: Look after Haru, for me and Mika pretty pwease

Meh, my dares were so lame, oh well... I'll try and do better ones next time, Ja ne!

Ryou: *screams like a little girl*

Meg: Ryou-kun!

Pai: Nuuu!!

Jazz: YAY!! KISSY!!

Lettuce: Oooh ok *looks after Haru*

Meg: This review is from Mika

Kish: (kisses) I missed u.
Mews: Kill Masaya.
Jocie: (sweatdrop) Jocie, the vampires live on the surface...

Ehh I'll review again l8er.

Kisshu: *kisses back* I missed you too

Ichigo: I think Jazz already did... but oh well!

Mews: *kills Masaya*

Meg: *brings him back to life*

Jocie: They do?!

Jazz: DO THEY!?

Mika: Yes....

Meg: Anyway review ^^ *does peace sign*