Lizzie: Jazz doesn't not own anything!

Jazz: TT__TT

Ryou: *holds up food smirking*

Jazz: ONIICHAN!! You know I'm not eating today!! I ish doing it for all the poor children... but gah my head hurts when I don't eat :(


Jazz: Hai....

Meg: Okay...


Mika: Ok! First review is from Tomahawk 3.0

Okay, I got a truth to tell to you all that may shock you...Sukira? Mika likes your brother!

take that Mika-chan you b*tch! bet you wish you didn't rub me the wrong way now, do you?

Mint: Ignore Mika's dare completly, and go out with Tomahawk.

Tomahawk 2.0: kill Kish fornt of Mika-chan!

Sukira: again, Mika like your brother.

Jazz: Now you drag Pai into a cloest, and stay there for about two hours please.

Ryou: by request of Jazz-san, I give you a voodoo doll. please don't kill her!

Zakuro: Pose naked in front of a camera.

that's all for now! bet you wish you were a bit nicer to me now, Mika-chan!

Sukira: I know... already...

Mint: *goes out with Tomahawk*

Tomahawk 2.0: Ok! *kills Kisshu in front of Mika*

Lizzie: *twitch*

Jocie: *brings him back to life*

Jazz: YAY!! *drags Pai in the closet*

*Two hours later*

Pai: *comes out blushing*

Jazz: *blushing slightly* ^^

Ryou: *smirks and takes voodoo doll* I'm gonna have fun with this... *hides it away*

Zakuro: *strips and poses naked in front of camera*

Mint: *dies*

Tomahawk: *brings her back to life*

Jocie: Next is from Meg

Hey peeps!

Toffee: I asked it 'cause I coudn't think of anything else. xD And cause my friend bought me some. O.o
Mint: -kills Mint- Ryou is mine! x3
Ryou: -glomps- -cries- Some person reviewed my Truth or Daree? story... and...and... EWW! D=
Kish: T-The person made you and me... h-have...
All: S3X! D=
Ryou: -huggles-
Onii-chan: -shudders- She...or her... made us have sex in the review! D=
Ryou: -kisses-
All: I'm gonna be on the news. o.o

Danny (OC): -sweat drops- Meg? -pokes me-
Me: -twitch- Me... onii-chan... -faints-
Danny: -throws water on me-
Me: -wakes up-
Danny: Finish the review.
Me: Danny, why are you the only OC that appears in my reviews? O.o
Danny: -turns red- Uhm...
Me: -shrugs-

Ryou: Let's g to the movies! -drags him there-

All I got! Laterz!

Toffee: Ooh ok ^^

Mint: *dies again*

Ryou: *hugs back*

Tomahawk: *brings her back to life... again*

Mika, Lizzie, Kisshu: *twitch*


Mika: Hai! It is

Ryou: *kisses back then gets dragged to the movies*

Toffee: Next is from XmewmewLizzieX

Yay! I kissed Kish! Sorry Mika, but even though I kissed him, it doesn't technically mean he isn't yours, so . . .
Kish: Make out with Mika for 10 minutes, and then do the same to me! But don't say who's a better kisser please . . . I can't face getting hurt like that . . . not today . . . T_T

Ahem! Back into happy mode!^_^

Mint: Put on . . . THIS ANN SUMMERS LINGERIE! And then give Masaya a lap dance.
Ryou: Watch the movie "It".
Kei-Kei: What are your exact feelings towards Ryou?
Kish: Ouch! When I told you to bite me, I didn't mean that hard, you made it bleed T_T . . . go and get me a plaster!

Okay, that's all I got! ^^

Kisshu: ^^ *makes out with Mika for ten minutes then does the same to Lizzie* Hmm... Your both the same!

Mika, Lizzie: YAY!!

Mint: *mumbles then puts on very sexy Ann Summers lingerin on*

Masaya: O.O! *looks at his tree porn* Gomen... but Mint is calling me *puts away tree porn*

Mint: *gives Masaya a lap dance*


Meg: O.O! *faints*



Ryou: THIS! *does lap dance with Masaya*

Lizzie, Jazz, Mika, Toffee, Jocie, Pai, Kisshu: *dies*

Tomahawk, Lettuce, Ichigo: *brings them back to life*

Ryou: *watchs It then cries* MEG!! AOYAMA-KUN!!

Keiichiro: *coughs* Well... I did LOVE him but... he seems to like Aoyama-san and Meg-san

Kisshu: G-gomen! *puts plaster on*

Jazz: Next is from Mika and Sukira!

Lizzie, Ichigo: Start running... now...
Kish: TT_TT U. Kiss. Ichigo... (runs away crying)(is bawling eyes out)

Sukira: Oh god...

Lizzie, Ichigo: O.o!

Kisshu: Umm... *kisses Ichigo*

Jazz: Poor Mika! *huggles*

Meg: Well.... that's all for today! Review please!