"Francis," Zoey called out softly. There was no reply, only the monotonous sound of a fan from inside the safehouse. She walked around slowly, pulling out her gun and swiveling uncomfortably.

"Francis?" she asked this time, growing more afraid. This zombie killing stuff was getting old. Suddenly something moved from the corner and locked her arms behind her. Francis grinned like an idiot. Zoey sighed.

"Gotcha," he said.

"It's not funny, Francis," she replied harshly. "I'm really getting freaked out by all this zombie stuff."

"For god's sakes, Zoey, I was only joking....." Francis frowned and released her arms, stepping away from her.

"But I didn't know that. There could have been a hunter in here," she said.

"In a safehouse?" questioned Louis, who suddenly appeared next to them. "Sorry, I had to get some more ammo. These things just waste bullets...."

"Yeah, well you never know," Zoey replied quickly. She was growing frustrated; wasn't anyone as scared as she was about this? Bill walked up next to Louis and frowned, putting a new cigar in his mouth and lighting it.

"I doubt anything could get in through those doors," he said. "We had doors like this in Vietnam, and nobody ever got through them. Why, I remember one time that me and my comerades got stuck..."

"-end of story, Bill, we gotta go," Francis said. "We gotta get to the Mercy Hospital, guys, and soon. Those helicopters aren't gonna hang around for us forever." He stood up and Zoey watched him intently; Francis had been an interesting character ever since she had gotten tied up with the whole group of survivors, constantly joking and suddenly serious. She wanted to know his story of how he got here, but she only knew her own. She bitterly recalled the story while she reloaded her pistol.


"Young lady, if you don't bring your grades up you're going to fail," said Professor Younquin to Zoey. "You're here to be serious and study law, aren't you?" Zoey rolled her eyes.

"I'll try," she said, walking out of the classrooms and into the crowded hallways of college. She made it through campus and up to her dorm to find her best friend May watching some B-rate zombie movie.

"Zoey!" May called out, getting up and hugging her. "This movie is freaking me out!"

"It's not that great of a movie, trust me," Zoey said, grinning. "I've watched it at least ten times.

""Why?" May questioned, raising an eyebrow."I don't know," Zoey said seriously. "

I just feel like I have to."

"Did you hear about that possible infection, Zoe?" she asked, sitting on the bed. Zoey sat beside her.

"Yeah, I did," Zoey said. "It scares me to think of what might happen if it spreads....they say some sort of zombie something-or-other."

"Yeah. Scary, but not true, I'm sure of it!" May was always positive about everything, and it was starting to get to Zoey.

"I bet it is," Zoey said under her breath.

"Huh?" May said."Nothing." Zoey stood up and shut off the movie, turning on the news.

"....get INTO a safehouse. The infection is spreading. This isn't just some story, folks...this is the real deal!" said a newscaster on T.V. Zoey looked back at May quickly, whose eyes were wide. Zoey shut off the T.V. and went over to her bed, grabbing a pistol her dad gave her a long time ago from under her pillow. May stood up quickly.

"Zoey...?" she questioned.

"Follow me, May," Zoey said quickly. "We need to get out of here." They both ran out the doors and through the hallways of now screaming people, pushing and shoving their way out the doors. They stopped short when they got there, though....the ground were full of zombies.

"Unreal...." May said. "Zoey, what now? Zoey?" Zoey stood there and finally raised her pistol, shooting one of the rotting zombies. It fell to the ground, emitting a scream of pain. Suddenly the whole hoarde of them looked at Zoey and charged. May and Zoey ran and Zoey shot a few who got too close for comfort. They finally reached a steel door and opened it, shutting themselves in. May backed up against a box and was crying.

"May, it'll be alright," Zoey said softly.

"No, it won't," May said. "You gotta get yourself out of here, Zoey."

"You too, May. I won't leave you," Zoey said quickly. Suddenly there was a cry unlike any Zoey had ever heard; it was menacing and scary and it came from the top of the room. She saw a dark, hooded figure swoop down on May and begin its furious attack. Zoey shot it once, twice, three times, and it fell, but it had already torn up May beyond living. Zoey knelt by her side, feeling tears crawling down her cheeks."Go," May commanded, and died on the spot. Zoey sat there and cried for what seemed like days before finally getting up and leaving the saftey of the room.


"So are we ready?" Bill called, stunning Zoey out of her recollections. She nodded and walked over to the other survivors. Francis gave her a look and Zoey gave him one back, tilting her pistol towards the door.

"Open it."

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