~Several Months later~

Annie and Ardeth kissed as flower petals floated around them. They were now officially married. Ardeth's tribe along with Annie's family were cheering and clapping as the married couple turned to them. Ardeth and Annie had talked for a long time about the marriage ceremony. The elders had been willing to allow some of the customs from the western world to be a part of their wedding. As the newlyweds walked made their way to where the rest of the celebration would take place Annie stopped in front of Rick.

"Thank you Rick." Annie said softly giving her brother a hug.

"I should be the one thanking you. You worked so hard to give us a living when we were younger and I only made things harder for you. I guess I was never really a good big brother to begin with." Rick stated.

"Rick, you gave me something that has made everything worthwhile." Annie smiled placing a hand on his cheek, "You gave me your blessing to marry the most amazing man I have ever known. Besides, boys will be boys and I could have never asked for a better brother than you."

They hugged once more before Ardeth and Annie continued to lead the people and begin the real celebrations. The people danced, sang, laughed and ate with great joy. As night began to ascend upon them Ardeth took hold of Annie's hand and pulled her away from the celebration without anyone's notice. They entered Ardeth's home and as soon as the door was closed Ardeth couldn't wait any longer and claimed Annie's lips. Annie made no protests and eagerly followed Ardeth's lead.

They shed their clothes quickly and fell into the covers of the bed Rick, Evy and Jonathan had brought as a wedding present. Ardeth spent as much time as he could explore the body of his wife enjoying all the sounds she was making as he did. Annie was a virgin so wasn't as sure on what to do but she thought to use the images of her past life to be her guide. When Ardeth did enter her he stilled as Annie tensed from the pain she was feeling. Apparently, Naunet hadn't been a virgin in Annie's visions.

"Are you alright?" Ardeth asked huskily against Annie's neck.

Annie didn't answer for while. She tried to think about other things than the pain she was feeling. It was then that Ardeth eased himself even deeper inside of Annie causing her to gasp as his shaft caused a shiver to go up her spine. Ardeth noticed and eased himself out a bit and pushed back in the same way. Annie gasped again and pulled Ardeth closer her nails digging into his shoulders. Ardeth groaned with pleasure and began to continue his assault but at a steady pace. The feeling was incredible and Annie's back arched her muscles clenching. It seemed to only make the feeling stronger and Ardeth couldn't restrain himself any longer. His pace sped up and Annie felt her eyes roll to the back of her head as her climax was about to burst. Ardeth could feel it and was even more determined to release with Annie so he drove himself harder. A few thrusts later and Annie's climax hit home.

Ardeth felt the fresh flood of moisture erupt around his shaft. The feeling unleashed his climax and he gathered Annie tightly into his arms pushing himself as deep as he could inside her. The action made Annie cry out Ardeth's name as the tip of his shaft bumped against her womb. She could feel something warm flood inside her and it was absolutely wonderful. They lay there holding each other tightly as they remained in the heavens. As they came back down to earth and loosened their grips on each other they gasped for breath.

"I love you my beautiful wife." Ardeth whispered into Annie's ear causing her to smile.

"And I you, my brave and handsome husband." Annie whispered back.

Ardeth raised himself off of Annie but only slightly so as to not crush her and so that he could look into his wife's eyes. With a smile he claimed her lips. Sleeping side by side they both could feel a great happiness within them. Naunet and Ahmose were together again like they had promised each other and Annie and Ardeth were finally together aswell.

~one year later~

Ardeth paced outside his home worried for his wife and child. She had gone into labor two hours ago and her cries were heard through the village.

"Ardeth stop pacing or you will dig yourself into a ditch that you wont be able to climb out without help." Ardeth's friend Hazim laughed as he waited with his chieftain.

"How can you be so calm?" Ardeth snapped.

"To tell you the truth I was just as nervous as you are when my first child was born." Hazim confessed, "but judging from you adventures and from when I have talked to her she is a strong woman."

Before Ardeth could thank his friend another cry from Annie echoed through the village but was followed by another one. With the second wailing that anyone would recognize as an infant's crying, Ardeth let out a long sigh of relief. Just then Ardeth's mother stepped outside a smile on her face.

"My son, she asks for you." Salina said gesturing for Ardeth to go inside.

Ardeth made his way to his and Annie's bedroom where she had given birth. When he entered the room, the midwives were covering Annie up as she sat in the bed a bundle in her arms. When Ardeth entered, Annie looked up and smiled tiredly.

"Ardeth, come and meet your son."Annie beckoned.

Ardeth sat beside Annie on the bed and took the bundle into his arms. The baby was so tiny that he was afraid they he would break or drop the baby.

"He is beautiful my love. The gods have blessed us this day." Ardeth whispered as the baby slept in his arms.

"What shall we name him?" Annie asked leaning against Ardeth.

"Marzuq Ardeth Bay." Ardeth answered.

"Blessed by god… he truly is blessed." Annie smiled kissing the baby gently. Ardeth slowly rose from his seat and placed the baby on the bed before climbing in himself. Annie and Ardeth went to sleep holding hands the baby safely between them.

The End