Okay…so what the heck? I sat there at my desk bawling my eyes out for my retarded now-ex just dumped me…through an IM. Could my life suck anymore? I already suffered from an extreme case of depression already….he certainly didn't help it any either. He typed a really long message but I could only see the bottom part of it which practically said "I'm dumping you"

Him: Lily…it's not you it's me. I just think we should be friends now.

What the heck? As if that saying wasn't old enough…excuses, excuses…

Me: Well FINE!! Well, if you're going to be that way whatever. I don't need you. I can just forget you. I'm swapping schools next year. I'm sick of this school.

Him: Lily…please don't…

Me: Shut-up! I don't need you. I'm miserable enough as it is and you're not helping. I'm done. Goodbye and good riddance, Danny.

Then I signed off. I could actually transfer schools the next year, thank the lord. I was living in a district where I could go to either school. My parents were divorced and the only real reason I could go to this school was because of my dad. He lived in the other school's district.

When I arrived at school some people actually felt sorry for me, mainly people who stabbed me in the back. They apparently had spread some bad rumors about me even though I've never done anything to them, but I didn't care. I went through the entire day mostly bawling my eyes out and I couldn't wait until the last day of school; which I would skip. The days went by somewhat slow, with pain stabbing at my heart every time I even dared to think about Danny. I bet most people thought I was so pathetic, since some even stared when I walked down the halls with tears going everywhere.

I actually managed to make friends with some people at my soon-to-be-new-school by one of the people my mom works with had a daughter that went there. Her name was Renee. She hadn't gone to that school for more than 3 years and though she didn't really like it, she welcomed me to come. Being year behind me and I was becoming a freshman, she wasn't going to be in my school for an entire year. I made friends with her cousin, Jason, another friend, Aaron, and a few others. I thought I was doing pretty well. We became fast friends and soon practically best friends.

Still suffering from a bloody hearty, over the summer I found some guys who I seemed rather…interested in during the county's fair. Timmy and Tommy were brothers and weren't too bad-looking at the time. Tommy was way too young for me, 3 years infact, so I focused on Timmy. He was in Renee's grade. Come to find out he was a huge pest to Renee at school and he wasn't the friendly guy I thought he was. She said he became a big jerk around his friends, plus he had a girlfriend. Crap.

Soon I found a guy who was very eye-catching to me, Timmy and Tommy's cousin, Darrin. He was slightly dark-skinned and had black hair-a big weakness I had. His brothers, Andy and Briar weren't too appealing to me. Andy was about 4 years younger than me and Briar was only two. Not something I want. Darrin was only 2 years younger than me. Good enough I suppose, but I knew he wouldn't like me, so I tried to give up while I was ahead. Not the easiest thing I could do all during the rest of the summer considering he was all I wanted to see. My heart was melting-and not exactly in a good way either.