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Ah, another year of delightful schooling by their equally delightful teachers. Giving a casual roll of his neck, Luxord smirks somewhat. His hands, tucked inside his pockets, rub over the cold metal of rather illegally earned Galleons and Sickles. What a wonderful place Hogwarts was, and he meant that from the bottom of his heart. Was there any other place a lad such as himself could go and earn so much money from the unsuspecting sheep that called themselves students? And was it just him, or were the Gryffindors stupider this year?

"Oooooh, aren't you all smug?" To any other person, the voice would sound like that of a beautiful siren, smooth, seductive, and hitting all the right tones. For Luxord, it's the sound of the Furies altogether, and he quickly freezes. Smooth hands slip up his body from behind, ruffling up his normally impeccable and neat black robe.

Infamous for his perfect poker face, Luxord just smiles as best he can and thanks Lady Luck that the hallway is currently, blessedly empty. Of course, not that anyone would blame him or think wrong of him for allowing those slender yet deadly hands for inappropriately groping him, one hand lazily going up his chest while the other reaches down towards his pants... And quickly robs him of his small bag of money he had stowed away. Cursing harshly in his mind, Luxord just keeps the smile, turning around as soon as the hands retreat. "Well, good afternoon, my dear nymph."

The ancient Greeks believed that calling the Furies by that name would bring their rage upon the poor mortals. Instead, they used flattery, calling those terrifying beings by another name: the 'Kindly Ones'. That's why any student who wishes their throat to remain un-slit calls the sadistic Larxene Sade a 'nymph' in her presence. The other Slytherin smirks at him, her lips pressing against the material of the bag. "Hey there, Lux. It was so mean what you did to those fleabags from Gryffindor." The bag jingles in her hand. "Taking all their hard-earned money." She giggles almost innocently, and Luxord resists the urge to wince. Oh, thank whatever omnipotent being in the sky that watched over him had placed him in Slytherin. Bless that Sorting Hat, even. To be a Gryffindor for all the years that Larxene was a Slytherin would have been a torment beyond imagination.

Surprisingly, he isn't concerned about the theft, even when Larxene slips the bag underneath her shirt and in a place that no person dared touch. It is their routine, after all. She stole something from him, he stole it back. Luxord has long since come to the realization that Larxene is just in it for the sport, and there is no threat of castration if he takes it back when she's sleeping. (Luxord Thorpe: The only boy in his year with facial hair and the one secret for getting into the girls' dorm. What the other boys wouldn't do to be him. )

In reply to her words, Luxord gives his best charming, 100% British smile that makes almost every other girl swoon and wish they'd joined Slytherin. "Why, my dear, you think so badly of me? It isn't my fault they fall for the easiest tricks in the book. Besides, you'd make them strip. Who's the devil of the two of us, then?"

"Oh, you flatter me," she coos, smoothly walking past him while running her hand across his chin. "Remind me why I haven't cornered you in bed yet?"

Without missing a beat or a step, Luxord replies, "Because I'm waiting for the chance to jump your attractive friend Marluxia."

"I'm sure he wouldn't mind a threesome," Larxene counters, her eyes narrowing slightly as she grins and twists around to face him, walking backwards.

As they turn a corner, a different voice interrupts their little game of words. It's layered with ounces of confidence but honeyed over with pleasantness and charm. "The only word I caught was 'threesome'." Sharp blue eyes sweep over them, and the owner gives a sly grin. "I do so hope I'm invited, you know." As Marluxia pushes away from the wall, Luxord has the feeling he's stumbled upon a rendezvous, which isn't too unusual. Larxene and Marluxia were Siamese twins in past life, is the common belief. Where one is, the other isn't far off.

With the practice of having done it a thousand times, they fall into step with each other, making their way down to the library through Larxene's guidance. "I can't believe Xemnas gave us work to do already," the blonde girl groans to her fellow Slytherins. "Freak. Y'know, if that rumor of Dark Arts teachers only lasting a year isn't true, I'll be more then glad to help it along."

Interrupting his best friend's bitter cursing, Marluxia queries, "Have the two of you seen this year's students?"

Luxord shrugs his shoulders apologetically. "Afraid I was somewhat late in arrival," he offers.

"A student fell down the stairs and I had to help him to the Hospital Wing," Larxene explains in such an innocent tone, both her friends know it to be something of a lie. Oh, yes, there is little doubt a student went to the Hospital Wing, but stairs? Well, perhaps they were used as a bludgeoning instrument.

Undeterred, Marluxia continues, looking rather smug that he has information they don't. "Well, it's a very interesting little group that's been rounded up. You won't believe what Gryffindor picked up this year. The boy's hair defies any sort of logic, goes by the name of Sor-"

By this point, they're quickly nearing the Library, and the halls are nowhere as empty as they were a few minutes ago. That means there's words other then Marluxia's to catch their attention. A prime example?

"Well, if it isn't the brat who cozied up to the Hufflepuffs." Luxord instantly identifies the voice as another Slytherin, and the trio's eyes lock onto a group not too far from the library doors. Surprisingly, it's not a Gryffindor or Ravenclaw who the other Slytherin group is attacking. Judging by the green and silver tie around the short boy's neck, Luxord knows him to be a Slytherin as well, his unfamiliarity sealing the fact that he's clearly one of the new students. "Having fun with those stupid losers?"

Around him, Larxene is looking hopeful for a fight, while Marluxia appears to be showing only the barest hints of interest. Fascination grips Luxord, however, and the blond gambler sizes up the short boy that's surrounded.

Dark blue-black hair falls over one eye, successfully keeping whatever emotions that are to appear riddles. The one blue eye that's visible is utterly piercing, showing nothing but pure apathy for the boy's situation. He seems almost bored and, in a way, superior. Clearly, he views these other boys as nothing more then pests. Luxord's eyes fall to the thick book securely wrapped up in skinny arms, and he, surprisingly, recognizes it. That's from the restricted area... Interest sparks inside of Luxord. Well, well. This was interesting.

As the other group continues to taunt the short boy (rather unsuccessfully, if his lack of reaction is any indication), Marluxia says in a low voice, "One of the new arrivals. His name's Zexion Kobayashi. I heard a rumor that the Ravenclaws practically died inside when they heard he was sorted into Slytherin." His mouth twists into a nasty smirk. "Shame they didn't do it for real."

"What's all this about a Hufflepuff?" Luxord asks, amused when the boy, Zexion, takes out a pocket watch and impatiently looks at the time.

Marluxia gives a thoughtful hum. "I have no idea-"

Then the library doors swing open, and Luxord feels his mouth drop. Besides him, Marluxia's words disintegrate into a quiet "Bloody hell".
Larxene whistles, impressed.

Standing in the doorway is a giant of a boy, taller then anyone the trio have ever seen. A stoic expression is set on the redhead's face as he silently surveys the scene, his dark eye settling on the small group of formerly mocking Slytherins. Luxord belatedly notices they've gone deathly white at the sight of him, their eyes bulging.

Luxord can't blame them. The student (is that really a student!?) has muscles that are clearly visible even beneath the black robes he wears. There is little doubt that the boy could crush any of them without breaking a sweat. The yellow striped tie is just a cherry on the whipped cream shock. This giant is a Hufflepuff!?

Finally, no doubt to the relief of the cowering and targeted Slytherin boys, the Hufflepuff's eyes move to focus on Zexion, who smiles smoothly and greets him. "Hello, Lexaeus. Have you finished retrieving the books for Professor Xemnas' assignment?"

Lexaeus, as the giant is apparently named, simply ignores the question, yet Zexion doesn't seem to mind. "Are they giving you any trouble, Zexion?" he asks, his voice deep yet quiet.

Almost absently, Zexion looks at the group that had surrounded him. Just like before, he doesn't seem to care about them. "Oh no, my friend," he says casually. "There's no need to concern yourself."

"You're never troubled by anything," a feminine voice giggles, and from behind Lexaeus, looking smaller then normal, a small blonde haired girl peeks out. A small smile lights up her face, and her pale blue eyes sparkle mischievously. She slips out from the library, more books, these much thinner even combined then the thick tome in Zexion's grip. "Would you like to study outside? It's really nice out today." She reaches up to adjust the red-gold striped tie that peeks out from her robe.

"Excellent idea, Namine," Zexion compliments. Luxord notices that the other Slytherin boys have been quietly trying to edge back and away, still pale at the sight of Lexaeus. This allows the mixed trio to come together quiet easily. "Shall we go, then?"

Leaving the slowly recovering Slytherins behind, the group begins to walk down the hallway, Lexaeus and Namine cheerfully talking with one another. What really gets Luxord, however, as he manages to shut his gaping mouth, is right before Lexaeus, Namine, and Zexion turn the corner.

With a cunning glint in his eye, Zexion pauses just long enough to glance back at them. Like a sly snake, his mouth curls into the most cunning, dark, positively terrifying smirk ever seen on a Slytherin, and tremors slide up Luxord's spine.

Oh, that boy was going to fit right in.


Author's Note:

So, what was this inspired by, you ask? (Or probably don't, but let me have my monologue, dangit. )

Well, I, for one, am going to blame my muses from Hell, Amber of Gaia and my friend Judy. This was inspired on our RP OOC board, when I got to discussing with them what houses certain people would be in. As this was mostly an O13 roleplay, the members, of course, were mostly talked about.

Thus, the Slytherin group and speckles of other Houses.

For the most part, I am content to let this be a one-shot. I have ideas for further chapters, but I'm not really motivated to do them. You are free to try and motivate me, 'tho. ;P

Anyway! Reviews and constructive criticism are both appreciated and adored.