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I just got an urge to right this. I'm not sure where it came from really!

I glanced over at the clock, 11.40pm. And I was wide awake!

But I had to be. I had to stay up tonight, for her. To keep her safe from whatever this dark night throws at her.

I looked down at my wife, who seemed to be sleeping peacefully, regardless of the date.

14th April 1915.

It had been three years since Titanic. I, of course, hadn't been aboard. But, I know, my wife was.

I met Rose during the humid summer of 1913, I saw the fire that I came to love, in her almost immediatly.

We married in January 1915.

She told me briefly that she was on Titanic, but she, understandably, hated talking about it. So I didn't push her, the fact that she has no family, probably had something to do with it.

Last year, on the second anniversaty of the sinking, she had completly shut herself off from the rest of the world. So I hadn't known what to expect of tonight, the first time I would be with her during this time.

I hugged Rose in my arms, and closed my eyes. For a little while, only for a little while...

"Jack..." my eyes flew open as my wife mumbled something, a name? I turned and looked at the clock. 2.20am. I sat up.

Damn! I had fallen asleep! How long had Rose been awake, shouting for someone? Needing comfort? My comfort?

I looked at her and burrowed my brow slightly as I noticed she was asleep, alot less peacefully than before. Beads of sweat was dripping steadily down her forehead, and she was tossing and turning. I had to shake her awake, it was obvious she was having a nightmare. Something that she never had.

My hand hovered above her shoulder, but pulled away as her arm flung up and hit it away from her. She was breathing heavily as her limbs shot up in every direction.

"Jack!" Rose mumbled, alot clearer and louder than before. Jack? She had never mentioned a Jack before.

Her leg smacked against my thigh as she shouted "JACK!" tears were streaming down her face now, but I kept my distance.

"Please Jack! Wake up..." She calmed, but tears kept falling from her closed eyes "...please! Jack, I love you!"

My muscles tightened, and my stomach dropped. Did she even know what she was saying!? Who was this Jack? I lay back down, to shocked to even wake Rose up. What was the point? She seemed to have surpassed the nightmare anyway.

I didn't get back to sleep that night.I didn't even notice if Rose really had passed the nightmare or not.

One question rang continuously through my ears. Who was Jack? Someone she knew? Someone she knows? No! He must have been just a family member, a brother prehaps. One of the hundreds of souls lost with Titanic.

But something in my heart told me he was more.

Rose woke early. At around seven, she looked tired and seemed shocked by her surroundings when she awoke.

I didn't mean to,but I asked the question that had buzzed through my mind the whole night. The one thing in my whole life I regret. The one question that slipped from my lips.

"Rose, Who is Jack?"