Title: Rejoined Connection

Author: Angelbach

Category: Shane/Mitchie Smitchie

Disclaimer: The characters of Camp Rock belong to Disney Channel Original Movies. I am merely borrowing them because they made them interesting enough to do so.

Oh and as soon as any original characters appear (and they will knowing me) they belong to me.



Extract from 'Dallas Herald' 17th June 2002

Devil's Highway Strikes Again

The treacherous stretch of road that journalists and motorists have nicknamed the Devil's Highway has claimed two more victims to its murderous toll. At this time of reporting, it appears that identification of the bodies – one male and one female – is not possible and is unlikely to occur in the near future.

This unfortunate tale however has taken an unexpected twist.

For the first time, a survivor has been found in the petite form of a beautiful ten year old brunette with chocolate brown eyes.

This particular twist has taken an extra turn. The child is reported to be suffering from severe head injuries that have caused amnesia and the twist does not end there. Our source tells us that she appears to be suffering from injuries that are not consistent with a traffic incident of this nature.

On a final note, the young lady seems to only remember that is called 'Mitchie'.

Here's hoping that life takes a better turn for her.

Okay this is my first attempt at a Camp Rock fiction. I look forward to seeing what people think.

Oh and just one thing more, this is most definitely a Smitchie fic but Jason is going to be acting a little more mature that in the film and is going to be a more central character (eventually).