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~Seto's POV~
He had been watching Jou for two hours since school started and was hoping to get Jou alone so he could confront him. His plan was to do that at lunch alone where his friends wouldn't be. The bell had rung so he got up and slipped a note in Jou's pocket but he doubted that Jou even noticed so he just walked on. Kaiba was thinking of all the possible outcomes of what might happen. Looking back he saw that Jou had noticed the note and was reading it. Lunch would be starting soon so he left to go to the rooftop.

~Jou's POV~
He had just got a note but when he looked around he couldn't see anyone except Kaiba and he doubted it was that bastard. Looking at the note he wondered who it was from. The note had said: "Meet me on the rooftop and come alone. I have something to talk to you about." That kind of raised his suspicions of who it could be and what exactly they had to talk about with him. He figured he would never find out if he just kept looking at the note so he turned to his friends. "Hey guys I have something to do during lunch would you mind just going ahead?" he asked looking at his friends. They nodded and said it was okay. Seeing that he had gotten that out of the way he went to the roof to meet whoever asked to see him.

When he arrived at first he thought it was a hoax because he didn't see anyone and then he wondered if he was here at the right time. Looking to his left out of the corner of his eye he knew he wasn't mistaken when he saw someone smoking. Except he was surprised at who he found smoking.

~Seto's POV~
He had been waiting for ten minutes and wondered if Jou would come. Kaiba had picked up the habit of smoking when he was slightly anxious from business partners and associates. When he turned around he saw Jou was there and he was staring at him. "What never seen someone smoke before?" he snarled. Then he mentally kicked himself because that wasn't why he had called Jou up to the roof. Jou then said, "I didn't come up here to hear shit from you." and turned to leave until Kaiba grabbed his wrist. "That just slipped out I was the one to call you up here for a different reason." Jou looked at him and stood still yet didn't look to happy to be there. "I've been wondering why you've been cringing every time you move." Jou started to be on alert when he heard Kaiba talk again and said, "None of your business." Kaiba glared at him and said, "Tell me" "Shut up!" Jou shot back. "Just answer the question!"Kaiba demanded. "IT'S NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS SO SHUT THE HELL UP!" Jou shouted at Kaiba. "Yes it is." Kaiba replied. "How?" Jou asked angrily. "Because I care." he answered.

~Jou's POV~
He didn't want to look to far into what Kaiba was saying but to hear he cared made him almost want to tell him. 'But can I trust him' he asked himself. "Why would you care?" He snapped back instead. Not realizing until now but Kaiba still had his wrist and pulled him into a hug and said, "Because I do." Jou didn't know what to say. They stayed like that until he whispered, "Can I trust you? You've lied to me before what if you're lying now? How can I say anything after you've treated me?" Kaiba looked at him for the longest time before he pulled him into a clumsy kiss. Jou for one was shocked but blushed a lot when they parted.

~Seto's POV~
He had kissed Jou on impulse and didn't know what to do so he said, "I'm not lying. You can trust me." Jou then looked sad so Kaiba sighed and said, "Okay how about we talk about the second thing I wanted to discuss with you." Jou looked at him and asked, "Which would be?" "How about going to the dance with me tomorrow?" "Really?!"Jou asked startled. "Why else would I ask?" Kaiba said amused. Jou just nodded his head that he would like to go with him.

The bell rang and they both agreed to meet at Kaiba's during the dance. Partly because Jou didn't want him to see his house/meet his father and also because he didn't have any good outfits for the dance.

~Time skip to the night of the dance still Seto's POV~
Jou was running ten minutes late but Kaiba wasn't too worried. Jou did have a tendency to be late for a lot of things. Kaiba chuckled remembering that right after he asked Jou to the dance Jou looked like he was dreaming and ran into a few things and was late for class. The doorbell ringing brought him out of his thoughts and he went to answer it having a good idea of who it was. Opening the door he found Jou and the other side panting looking as if he had run a marathon. Which considering how far their houses are apart he wouldn't be surprised. Opening the door wider Kaiba let him in and led him toward his room. ((A/N no not for anything perverted as much as I would like it to be...))

Kaiba led Jou to the bed and went to the closet to get an outfit he thought would be perfect for Jou. Handing him the outfit Jou went to the bathroom to change. Kaiba looked through his closet for something he could wear. He finally decided on his leather black pants, blue turtle neck and black trench coat. Putting it on, he looked at his reflection and nodded his head approving of it. When Jou came out though he had trouble controlling his hormones. Jou was wearing skin tight black jeans which showed a nice view of his ass, a skin fitting red tank top, and a black jacket. "What do you think of this?" Jou asked looking at Kaiba. Kaiba's only response was to wrap his arms around Jou and kiss him passionately. When they broke apart he whispered, "I love it." Since they were done getting ready both of them went to Kaiba's car and got in. They had time so, on the way they talked more about themselves and Jou finally told Kaiba about his 'dad'.

When they arrived at the school music could be heard blaring from inside. Jou pulled Kaiba inside. Many kids who hadn't yet believed that those two were now going out were shocked. Of course Kaiba sent a few death glares to anyone that looked at them funny and Jou laughed at that.

~Jou's POV~
He was laughing at Seto who was glaring at anyone that looked at them funny. It was quite amusing. He never knew that Kaiba could be so possessive. Someone had 'accidentally' grabbed his ass and Kaiba punched them right in the jaw saying, "Do that again and I'll kill you" They both had a good time and surprisingly Kaiba did dance to a few songs. Jou like most of the music playing although he wasn't too picky. His favorite songs were "Over and Over by three days grace", 30 minutes by T.a.t.u." and "Imaginary by Evanescence". ((A/N those are my fav songs so got a problem deal with it!)) This was one of the best nights of his life besides the fan girls screaming at him ((A/N the ones who weren't yaoi fan girls anyway...)) It got even better when Kaiba French kissed him in front of everyone. Signing in happiness he knew he would always remember tonight.


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