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Roy's Revenge!

The door had barely clicked shut signifying that it was locked before Roy rounded on the smaller man, pinning him to the wall of the hall.

"Roy" Ed squeaked as he felt his taller lover holding his arms firmly by his side, their bodies flush together. Roy looked angry but Ed knew he was in no danger, the squeak being caused by the suddenness of Roy's movements and nothing more.

"That was a very bad thing you did Edward." Roy spoke softly and Ed felt a shiver run through him. That voice always made him feel…he didn't want to use the word horny, it sounded so cheap but it was the truth. That voice, it was soft and yet so strong that his knees always felt a little weaker whenever Roy used it. Especially when it was whispered in his ear in the bedroom.

"What thing Roy?" Ed asked innocently as he batted his eyes at Roy.

"We were in a church Edward, I was trying to sing." Roy almost sounded serious but Ed knew better.

"I'm sorry Roy. It won't happen again." Ed smiled up at Roy as he slowly lifted his flesh leg and rubbed it softly against Roy's. The younger man thought he had won something, a battle that they had been fighting since they had first met and Ed had yet to win a round. He'd finally flustered the great Roy Mustang and gained a point in their on going feud and it felt good.

"Sorry won't be good enough this time Edward. I'm afraid I'll have to punish you." Roy's voice was even and he smirked as he spoke, Ed could have sworn he could see the gears turning in his lovers head. Punishment usually meant the handcuffs which in actuality was not really a punishment for Ed. He usually rather enjoyed their kinky handcuff sessions. After all, Roy had to do all the work while he sat, or rather lay, back and really enjoyed the so called torture.

"Punishment? But I thought you really enjoyed what I did." Ed made his voice sound slightly fearful and sad; there was no harm in playing the part. Their games often became very nosebleed inducing, Ed had thought on more than one occasion about selling the stories to a porn company and making a packet.

"Yes Ed, punishment. You need to be taught a lesson." Ed grinned up at Roy before realising that he was supposed to look upset or outraged but it was hard for him to get his face to follow orders. All he could think was 'sex, sex, sex, sex, kinky sex!!' This was going to be quite a lot of fun.


Once in the bedroom Roy stood in front of the blond man of his dreams and smirked. Oh Ed was gonna get it tonight. The poor thing wouldn't know what had hit him by the time he was through. As Ed stared up at his lover, Roy caught the look in the blonds' eyes. It was the same look he always wore before they played 'punish me'. The look told Roy that Ed loved and trusted him, that Ed knew he would never hurt him and that he was ready. Roy loved that look.

"Strip!" One word was all he needed to make Ed blush. Usually Roy would strip him or they would barely get their trousers off before Roy was taking him. Ed didn't like people watching him the closely but Roy always watched him, how could he not? Ed was beautiful.

His thoughts were drawn back to what they were doing when he saw Ed begin to remove his jacket that he hadn't managed to get off before Roy had pinned him. Slowly he let it drop off of his shoulders and slide down his arms until it fell to the floor in a heap. Next came the shirt, Ed's fingers fumbled slightly as he tried to undo the buttons and it was all Roy could do to hold himself back from helping. Anyway, slow was kinda working for him, it was definitely working for his cock which was twitching with every button Ed opened.

Once all the buttons were finally released, Ed let the shirt fall from his body to pool on the floor. Roy caught the sight of it fluttering to the floor from the corner of his eyes. He was too riveted to Ed's body to watch it further. No matter how many times he saw Ed like this, and it was many times thanks to their frequent 'fuck me' sessions, he always had the same reaction. He always took an intake of breath at how truly lucky he was to have Ed, to have this golden haired God, as his own.

That intake of breath became a slight moan when he watched Ed slowly move his hands over his own torso, teasing himself as he made a path down to the button and zip on his jeans. Ed was almost panting at the touch of his own fingers as they ghosted over his slightly tan skin and circled around his already hard nipples. Finally his hands reached their destination and Roy was almost sorry that Ed was done. Watching Ed play with himself was always quite erotic, Ed really lost himself when he got going.

Slowly Ed unbuttoned his jeans and then moved to slide down the zip. Instead of clasping the button though, the heal of his palm moved to apply pressure to his aching need and Roy watched as his lovers' eyes closed at the sudden, and obviously welcome, sensation.

"Ah ah ah Edward, no relief yet." Roy's voice was scratchy, he was quite impressed anything more than a whimper had come out. Ed moaned and whined at the same time and the sound alone almost had Roy cumming right then and there. The noise contained so much want and need that Roy was finding it hard to hold back from just impaling Ed and fucking him until he couldn't walk.

Ed moved his hand away from his crotch reluctantly and used just two fingers to unzip. He moved his hands to his hips and hooked his thumbs under the waistband of his jeans and boxers. He pushed both down together, moving slowly as he allowed his thumbs to ghost over the outside of his thighs. As he bent to push them down his legs further and remove them as well as his socks and boots, Roy walked slowly behind him to admire the view.

Roy stared at his lover's wonderfully pert ass and again had to hold himself back from just taking him. It wouldn't take him a second to whip out his leaking erection and forgo all preparation to just feel that heat around him but it would be more fun if he waited, he did have control. He had good things planned for Ed, things they could both enjoy. Granted taking him now wouldn't stop them from doing all those other things he had planned but the mood wouldn't be quite right. Right now the mood was perfect for playing their little game; if they had to restart it just wouldn't be the same.

Roy smirked when he heard Ed muttering under his breath, something about remembering to kick his boots off first next time. When his young lover had finally managed to extricate himself from all of his clothes Roy moved in. Ed was still bent at the waist, just about to rise when Roy stopped him with a hand on his back.

Ed tensed slightly when Roy's other hand moved to caress his backside but soon he relaxed under Roy's gentle fingers.

The slapping sound resonated through the quiet room quickly followed by a rather loud ow from Ed.

"What the Hell, bastard. Give me some warning next time." Ed's voice wasn't angry, just shocked. Spanking was nothing new for them; it was just that usually his lover gave him a heads up first.

"But Edward, where would be the fun in that?" Roy asked as he brought his hand down again.

"Mnh…" Ed moaned and it made Roy smile. There was no doubt in Roy's mind that the spankings hurt but he knew Ed kinda liked the pain. He brought his hand down a third time and felt Ed stiffen slightly before relaxing under his touch. The skin of Ed's ass was smooth and was also rapidly changing colour from slightly tan to a nice shade of pink. Roy's hand came down again and again and each time the colour changed slightly and became just a little darker, more red than pink.

Every time his hand came down, Ed moaned wantonly and then when Roy caressed the abused buttock Ed would move into the touch. Roy's hand was beginning to sting so he decided it might be time to move on to the next round of fun.


Ed had started to wonder why Roy had stopped spanking him, not that his lover just caressing his butt cheeks wasn't good but the pain had been quite nice and he was starting to miss it.

"Ed" Roy all but purred his name and Ed's stomach did a flip, God he loved this man. He could feel one of Roy's hands lovingly stroking his ass and occasionally nipping it, when he suddenly felt one of Roy's dextrous fingers rub down his crack and just barely brush his entrance, his breathing shuddered slightly. This was almost like torture and he was loving it. He realised that his slightly sex-hazed mind had missed something, something Roy had said.

"Wh…what?" he never did sound very intelligent at times like these.

"I said, maybe we should move this to the bed. It's time to lock you up for being so naughty." Ed could hear the smirk without seeing it. Would it be the straps or the handcuffs this time? Roy rubbed his finger one last time over Ed's puckered hole, a little more forcefully this time and then tapped him lightly on one of his abused cheeks.

"Go lie on the bed while I get the box." Ed would have dived onto the bed if his butt didn't feel a little sore right now. Instead he tried to make his walk look sexy which he wasn't really pulling off, his lower half causing him problems from the front and the back. When he got to the bed he carefully lay on his back, wincing slightly at the throb from his ass when he sat on it. The throb soon dulled only to be replaced by a cool sensation from the silk sheets as he pushed himself into a comfortable position. He could hear Roy rummaging around for the box they had.

It contained all their toys and Ed considered it to be their most prized possession. He gripped the sheets at his sides, forcing himself not to touch his leaking erection. Just the thought of all those toys had his dick dripping like a leaky tap. Just when he thought he could stand it no longer, when his resolve was all but gone, Roy returned carrying 'the box'. He placed it on the table next to the bed and looked down at Ed.

"Well done Ed. You showed nice control not touching yourself. You get to not have the ball gag in." Ed smiled; he really didn't like the gag. It wasn't that he minded wearing it so much as he missed being able to scream. Being able to tell Roy 'yes, there' or 'harder, faster' was something he loved about their love making. He was just a very vocal lover, that was all, and the gag prevented him from expressing his appreciation to Roy.

"I kinda wanna hear you scream my name anyway." Ed caught Roy's smile and knew the older man had just about read his thoughts, he was good at that.

Roy pulled the leather straps from the box and Ed didn't know whether to be disappointed or not. Sure he would still be bound but the handcuffs just made it feel different to him, kinkier somehow. He could never explain his reasons behind the feeling and he guessed it was just personal preference. The straps must mean that Roy wanted to gain some movement from him that the cuffs would prevent, maybe the older man hadn't decided on exactly what was coming next. It wouldn't be the first time they had winged it.

The straps were made up of one medium piece of leather that opened out into a fork at one end. It would bind both of Ed's wrists to one rung of the headboard and allow him to move slightly; more notably it would allow Roy to turn him onto either his back or his stomach.

As Roy leant over Ed to begin strapping his wrists to the headboard, Ed noticed that Roy was still fully clothed. How in the Hell was that fair?

"Roy" Ed moaned out as he pushed his head forward in an attempt to grab one of Roy's buttons in his teeth. When he missed, his bottom lip came out in a pout.

"Yes Edward" Roy replied as he deftly finished attaching one of his young lovers' wrists to the first fork of the strap.

"Why are you still fully clothed? How is that even remotely fair? I think you should do a striptease for me." Roy caught Ed's other wrist as it began to grab for his shirt and lifted it above Ed's head so he could bind him completely. Once that was done and Ed could no longer grab or reach out with his hands, Roy leant down and kissed Ed softly, taking the young blonds pouting lower lip between his teeth and pulling back. He didn't do enough to cause pain or draw blood, just to cause Ed to moan in pleasure as he released it.

"Because Edward, I'm not the one being punished." And with that Roy pulled away completely to rummage in the box again.

Ed tested the straps by pulling gently on them. They were securely fastened around his wrists and around the headboard; Roy always could tie a decent knot. The one medium strap made it possible for Ed to twist and turn just enough to lie on his side and watch Roy as he looked for the items he wanted.

The look on Roy's face was one of perfect concentration and Ed giggled slightly, Roy looked just too adorable. Ed felt a sudden desire to reach up and stroke away the concentration lines on Roy's forehead but obviously there was no way he could manage it. Instead he traced every line on his lovers face with his eyes, he traced the very dim crows feet that were just beginning to show at the corners of Roy's eyes, he traced the furrows on Roy's brow and even caught sight of some grey hairs around Roy's ears. When had Roy gotten older?

He didn't remember the last time he had truly looked at Roy but he was sure that when he had Roy hadn't looked quite so old. Ed knew that Roy wasn't that old, it wasn't like he was going to suddenly need a walking frame but it did bring to mind a question. Just how much longer could they continue to screw like bunnies?

He was brought out of his thoughts when Roy emerged from the box triumphant. His lover let out a pleased 'yes' before looking at Ed. The look made Ed wince just slightly. Roy's eyes looked positively evil and Ed began to wonder just what kind of punishment Roy had in store for him.


Roy had found just what he was looking for; oh this was going to be so much fun. He looked towards his young lover and smiled gleefully at the quick look of…what? Fear? Apprehension? That crossed Ed's beautiful face. It had been a while since they had gone completely wild and although Roy didn't think Ed really wanted that, he could make it at least a little interesting.

"Now then Edward, shall we begin?" Roy saw Ed gulp but when Roy's hand reached down and stroked Ed's side, the young blond moved into the touch and not away. Roy hid his other hand behind his back as he moved to sit on the bed next to Ed, the hand already touching his lover gently ghosting over Ed's hip and stomach. He could feel the muscles in Ed's abdomen quiver under his touch and he could hear his young lovers breathing becoming shallower, more gasps than actual breaths.

He leant down and gently placed his lips to Ed's. The kiss was slow and gentle at first but as his hand came up from Ed's abdomen to fist in his hair, he felt the younger man pressing harder and he returned the favour. He ran his tongue along Ed's lower lip and Ed readily allowed him entrance. Their tongues battled for dominance, sliding along each other. Roy won the battle and proceeded to map Ed's mouth from roof to molars.

While he was plundering his young lovers mouth, his hand that had been hiding behind his back moved out to slip behind Ed's head. He pulled them both back from contact with Ed and just as suddenly as he had pulled them away there was something new to replace them. He pulled the blindfold over Ed's head and covered the blond's expressive golden eyes. Ed pulled back from the kiss and Roy knew that he must be a little confused, they hadn't used the blindfold in quite a while, preferring instead to see the others face in that moment of pure bliss.

In an effort to distract Ed from the sudden blackness Roy moved his hands back down to gently land on Ed's shoulders. He knew Ed could only feel it in one shoulder but that didn't stop the older man rubbing circles into both. He heard Ed gasp slightly as he began moving his hands slowly down the smooth chest in the beginnings of a massage.

Roy stared down at his younger lover while he allowed his hands to move over his skin in any pattern they liked. The small gasps and moans as they hit sensitive areas on the young mans body made Roy smile, and it was a genuine smile. He loved that he could do this to Ed, that he could bring this strong man to his knees with just one touch. If he never became Fuhrer he would still be content, the power he held over the famous Fullmetal alchemist would be enough for him.

Roy's hands were slowly finding themselves drawing closer and closer to Ed's almost desperate need; Ed's breath hitching when the older mans hands skimmed the hair surrounding its base. Using just his finger tips Roy moved one of his hands up the shaft, gently running his index finger over the slit when he reached the top. Ed moaned low and deep, his hips pushing up in an attempt to get more friction only to be denied when Roy pulled his hands away completely.

"Bastard" Ed growled out, the younger man trying to turn himself so he could gain at least a little friction from the bed itself.

"Patience Edward, good things come to those who wait." Roy gently grabbed Ed's hips and held him still, his younger lover reluctantly giving up his battle for the moment. Roy was very impressed with Ed's willpower, even Roy was feeling the need and he could usually go far longer than Ed in holding out. His own fingertips tingled where he touched Ed's skin and slowly he drew them up Ed's sides, eliciting small giggles from the blond as he ran over ticklish spots. Roy pulled them forward and aimed for Ed's slightly tanned chest. Ed's nipples were already standing tall and proud but Roy knew Ed went wild when he played with them and he wanted to know just how much stimulation his lover could take before cracking.


This was torture pure and simple but oh God it was good. Ed could feel Roy's fingers ghosting over his skin and it was maddening. He wanted more, he wanted Roy to really touch him, give him some actual contact but the bastard was prolonging this…this…bliss. He could feel his skin tremble in Roy's wake and he moved slightly into the touch, only to be denied every time.

Roy's fingers were heading over his chest, causing small goosebumps to rise where they had touched. It was becoming harder and harder to breathe properly, every breath he took was stuttered and short. The feelings were always this intense when they used the blindfold; he wasn't sure how he was managing to hold out under the torture.

Ed gave a sudden and lust filled moan as Roy found his nipples and ran his fingers slowly over them. Ed always got so much pleasure from them that Roy always sought them out whether they were just having a quickie in the office or were taking their time and enjoying things at home. When Roy's hands left his body completely, Ed arched up but there was nothing for him to reach out for. He knew Roy was still there because his weight hadn't left the bed but for now that was all he knew.

When he felt the tongue around the sensitive nub, he took in a shocked breath and moaned wantonly. The pure, unadulterated pleasure that coursed through him at that initial contact of tongue to skin was surmounted by nothing else. As Roy expertly laved his nipple, using just the right amount of teeth to make the feeling exquisite, Ed could feel his resolve starting to crack.

Sparks of fire ran through him from his nipples to his groin and back again. The muscles in his chest and stomach contracted at faster and faster speeds, his heartbeat began to race even more and he felt like butterflies were partying in his gut as well as on his skin. Just when he could take it no longer and he could feel the end drawing closer, Roy pulled away denying him his release.

"Argh, fuck Roy. Just get on with it already." Ed pulled at his restraints, wanting to get free and prepare himself so he could just push Roy down and impale himself on his lovers' dick and ride him to his high. He didn't dislike what they were doing but Roy seemed to be getting extra pleasure from his discomfort.

"I've told you Edward" Roy leant down and suckled on Ed's neglected nipple, running his tongue over the sensitive nerves on the tip and gently nipping with his teeth as he pulled back, releasing the nipple with a pop. "Good things come to those who wait."

Ed was panting heavily, he wasn't sure how much more he could take but he so wanted Roy to suck his nipples like that again. And if he could just encourage him to move a little further down and finally show some attention, hopefully like that, to the rather large protrusion down below it would be really nice.

Ed felt Roy leave the bed and he strained to hear what his lover was doing. The only thing he could really tell was that Roy was rummaging through the box again. He absently wondered what exactly Roy was getting to torture him with next but thought it might be better to use the time he had to try and steady himself. He wanted to be a little more in control or the next time Roy so much as brushed against him he was going to drown his lover in cum.

Ed managed to steady his breathing and just about felt in control when he felt Roy sit back on the bed, he heard some clacking too and then felt an extra weight landing next to his legs. He tried to move his leg to feel the objects, he knew there were at least two, but Roy's hand on his inner thigh stopped him.

"Do you want me Ed?" He had lost all coherent thought the second Roy's hand had landed on his inner thigh and it took Ed a moment to process the question. He had to fight to regain the power of speech before he could reply with any semblance of intelligence.

"Of…of course I want you." Ed replied when he finally managed to find his voice.

"Do you think you've been patient enough?" Ed didn't even stop to think; of course he'd been patient.

"Yes! Damn it Roy just fuck me!" Ed heard Roy chuckle slightly, no doubt laughing at his impatience. Ed didn't really care; he might even allow him to get a few short jokes in if it meant getting a dick up his ass. Coherent thought fled again when Roy inched his hand higher up Ed's thigh. Just a little further and…


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