Ed moaned loudly, the tongue was back, he liked the tongue, the tongue was a God. He was a bit annoyed though that it had only been a fleeting visit, over way too soon.

He jerked back slightly in surprise as he felt Roy's lips gently press against his but immediately reciprocated the kiss. He could feel Roy pushing harder at his response and he pushed back, moaning into the kiss as another wave of pure pleasure washed over him, a rather pleasant gift from the vibe. He could feel Roy smile into the kiss and he growled at his lover, annoyed that he was taking so damn long but not annoyed enough to ask for the vibrator to be removed.

Roy had taken full advantage of his moment of annoyance, slipping his tongue into Ed's mouth and stifling the growl almost as soon as it had begun. Roy plundered his mouth yet again, Ed's tongue not standing a chance against his lovers' need to dominate. He couldn't have really put up much of a fight with constantly having to bite back screams. When he could no longer breathe he moved his head just slightly and Roy must have gotten the message because he pulled back. Ed took in air in ragged breaths, exhaling almost immediately when Roy began kissing down his chin and neck to nibble on the vein below the surface and following that by biting Ed's collar bone sharply.

Ed couldn't stop the scream; it bubbled up and escaped him the second Roy's teeth had clamped down. It was too much, the pleasure and the pain, if something didn't happen soon he was going to explode. Roy was biting his skin rather harshly but Ed didn't mind, it was nothing that he hadn't felt before, anyway, he knew it would bring out the tongue.

True enough, when Roy released his hold on Ed with his teeth he started lapping at the slightly tingly bite marks, soothing the pain while cleaning away the small beads of blood that Ed knew must have been forming. Ed managed a broken sigh at the feeling before his breath hitched for what must have been the millionth time that night. Roy's tongue moved slowly lower, the pace torturously slow for Ed's liking. The blond moved slightly to try and encourage Roy towards his right nipple but Roy just changed direction away for a second before continuing down, letting Ed know just who was in charge right now. When the vibe hit at a new angle because of the movement Ed bucked, knocking Roy completely off course.

The tongue pulled back and Ed screamed in total frustration only to be surprised when Roy turned off the vibe. The sudden lack of over-stimulation was a little weird but Ed wasn't complaining. The only thing that was slightly annoying was Roy's failure to remove the vibe and replace it with something better but at the moment he could cope, the tongue was going to come back, at least he hoped it was.

"I was concentrating and you put me off." That was all Ed got by way of explanation and he was stopped from replying when Roy's tongue descended on his nipple. Any hope he might have still had, however small, of talking sense flew out of the nearest window to be trampled under the next visitors boot.

"Fuuuuuccccckkkkk!!!!!" The tongue was relentless, it slowly circled his nipple before pressing over the top making sure to cause full nipple to tongue contact. When the mouth joined in the fun, its lips closing around the nipple completely, the tongue continuing to flick over it as the sucking began, Ed began to babble nonsensically. "Ohdearfuckingshithellbastard" he struggled to breathe and moaned despairingly when the mouth and tongue left.

When the process was repeated on the other side, Ed was almost turned into a puddle of goo. Now all he could manage by way of speaking was a barely coherent 'ah fu' every now and again. It wouldn't make a debate topic but it kind of passed as vocal.

Roy pulled back after Ed's last attempt at conversation and Ed felt a loss. When Roy's tongue began slowly making its way down his chest, being very thorough while mapping his clearly defined muscles and stopping just above his navel, Ed's brain was screaming 'YES' but he couldn't quite seem to force it from his throat.

The tongue descended into his navel, twisting in slow semi-circles, back and forth, in and out. Ed's brain melted, he bucked up causing the switched off vibrator to move inside of him and managing to make it hit his prostate yet again which caused him to groan deeply in his throat. Had he been able to think he might have been worried about dying from sensory overload but at least he would die with a smile on his face and extremely happy.

The tongue pulled out of his navel slowly and began to descend again. Ed knew there was only one place it could be going now and he was almost panting with want. He needed Roy to hurry up and reach his target because he was slowly loosing his mind.

"Fuckshitdamn!" Roy's tongue circled the base of Ed's erection, lapping gently at the vein when he reached it. Ed's body tried to release at the sensation but the cock ring was still there, he was still denied.

Slowly, too slowly as far as Ed was concerned, the tongue made its way up his erection. When Ed moved to push into the wet heat accompanying the tongue, Roy's hands came up and held his hips still. The tongue would ascend an inch and then retreat back to the bottom only to ascend two inches and then retreat again. Every time the tongue retreated to the base the cool air would hit his wet cock and make it tingle slightly.

Every inch of Ed's cock was painstakingly covered by the tongue except for the tip. Roy seemed to be avoiding the area and Ed didn't know why. Just when Ed thought the tongue was finally going to reach the top it descended again but this time it didn't stop. It ran along the underside of Ed and followed through, moving Ed's balls around gently. The tongue didn't seem to be working well enough on its own so the mouth joined in.

"What the fuck?" One of Ed's balls was sucked into Roy's mouth and Ed let out his breathe quickly in an almost comical whoosh. This was new. Roy had never tried this before, it felt a little…unusual. It was nice but Ed really didn't know what to make of it. Roy released the ball he had been playing with and moved onto the other one. Clearly the older man was just experimenting because after a quick suck while running his tongue around it he let it fall from his mouth. Ed didn't know whether to feel a loss or whether he should be glad that that part was over. Roy's tongue moved back up his length and as if trying to make up for not quite getting the ball play right it headed straight for the tip.

"Oh fuck…YES!" The tongue circled the head and quickly went in for the kill. It licked up the slit, pressing a little harder than usual before the mouth descended and covered both. Even as the mouth closed over the tip and began to suck, the tongue continued to torture the slit. It was heaven and Ed was floating on a cloud somewhere. He shrieked in a rather unmanly way when the vibe was suddenly pulled from him with a wet sound. Ed felt its loss but figured that the vibrators removal meant something else would be taking its place and he would much rather have the alternative to the pink plastic.

The mouth released him and the tongue pulled away, Ed couldn't decide if he wanted them back or if he wanted his lovers' erection instead. He had just about made his decision when he felt something wet touch his already stretched entrance. It circled the hole slipping in and out quickly, barely staying long enough for Ed to moan. When it returned Ed pushed down to drive the wet muscle further in only for it to retreat again. The tongue was indeed a God and Ed had that thought reinforced when the tongue pushed in completely and then pulled out.

"Hmm, cherry" Ed's brain registered that Roy had spoken but he was unsure what he meant, not that it really mattered as he was hit yet again by pure pleasure when the probing muscle returned.

"Shiiiittttt!" The tongue worked its magic as Ed screamed out in pure ecstasy. He could feel the wet muscle move within him, it slid along his inner walls and he clenched around it intermittently. Every time it moved while he was clenched it just felt that much more enjoyable. The overwhelming joy continued and Ed knew that if he wasn't wearing the cock ring he would have reached his climax long ago, he may have even reached it more than once. The tongue was relentless as it thrust into him as deeply as it could, the muscle leaving saliva behind every time it withdrew making the next thrust that much easier, letting it go that extra millimetre until it just about hit that spot that Ed would never have believed a tongue could reach.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck." It was the only word Ed's brain could remember and it meant more than just an expletive screamed in the heat of passion. Ed's subconscious wanted more and it was telling his lover that in the most direct way possible. Ed whined needily when the tongue withdrew completely, it licked a quick trail up over his balls and up the underside of his length before quickly flicking across the slit and disappearing.

Ed wanted to ask Roy what he was doing, what would be coming next so he could prepare but before he could voice his questions he felt the bed dip as Roy moved into position and then he felt his knees being lifted towards his chest and suddenly he felt something press lightly at his entrance and…

"'Bout fuckin' time shiiittttt…" He could feel Roy push into him, the vibe had stretched him and the tongue had lubed the way so there was only a slight pinching feeling accompanying the fullness, not that he would have minded the pain. Roy was seated in one thrust, his balls bouncing lightly against Ed's ass. The real thing felt perfect and Ed adjusted quickly, he moved back to let Roy know he was more than ready for him to begin. He felt Roy place his automail over one shoulder as the welcome intrusion pulled back almost to the point of leaving completely. When he had his leg settled on Roy's shoulder the older man slammed back in, hard and fast. A scream was ripped from Ed, his throat left feeling raw from the shear volume. Now this was more like it!


Roy tightened the grip he had on Ed's hips and repeated his motions, pulling out slowly and pounding back in with such force that Ed moved up the bed slightly. The force of the move didn't stop Ed from pushing back against him, his real leg snaking behind Roy's back and trying to pulling him closer still. Roy really loved how flexible Ed was.

"Oh fuck yes!" He also loved Ed's filthy mouth during sex and at every other time of day come to think of it.

He had been waiting for this, his length felt so hard and while he had been busy with his tongue he had felt the pre-cum dripping from the slit in a steady stream. He wouldn't last long but that didn't matter, he would last long enough to get the job done.

As he slammed into Ed, more often than not hitting his young lovers' prostate, Ed continued to scream and push back against him. The pace was frantic and Roy could feel the end fast approaching.

Leaning down Roy caught Ed's lips with his and with a bruising force kissed his blond lover. Ed responded meeting fire with fire. Teeth clacked together as they both parted their lips to allow their tongues to dance. Roy could feel Ed's head push forward more and more, trying to get Roy to push back even harder. The older man began considering letting Ed's hands free, he really wanted Ed to be touching him right now. His right hand detached itself from Ed's hip where it had managed to leave an indentation as proof of its presence. Slowly it worked its way up Ed's body, caressing every piece of skin it touched and causing Ed to gasp uncontrollably.

As Roy slammed into Ed again and again the kiss continued with renewed vigour, Ed biting down slightly on Roy's tongue and lower lip every time Roy hit the younger mans prostate. Roy's right hand worked its way slowly up Ed's arm and finally reached his wrist where it paused. Ed pulled at the restraints showing Roy that he wanted them untied, that it was time to let him free. As fast as he could manage it Roy untied the first strap, years of practice making it easy with one hand, he hadn't even needed to look. Once Ed's arm was free he attempted to help Roy with the second strap only for Roy to bat his hand away as it prevented him from accomplishing his task.

As soon as both of Ed's hands were free Roy felt them latch on to the side of his head as Ed made full use of his freedom. Ed grabbed a handful of hair in each hand and pulled Roy's head back just enough so he could speak, the pain felt really nice and Roy's thrusts sped up just that little bit more with the new sensation.

"Cock…ring. Off…NOW!" Ed loosed his hold just slightly so Roy's lips could again reach his and the kiss began again even more forceful than before. Roy almost forgot what he was supposed to be doing with his hand but Ed's length soon reminded him as it moved between their bodies, hard and neglected.

Roy moved his hand back down Ed's side ghosting over the skin and causing Ed to moan even louder into the kiss. Quickly he reached between their bodies and grasped Ed's length, squeezing a little tighter than he usually would and causing Ed to buck into his grip before pushing back down again. Roy ran his hand slowly up the rather impressive length and pressed his thumb into the slit causing Ed to pull back from the kiss again to howl in delight.

Roy smirked and decided that maybe it was time, they'd had quite a good night and there was always tomorrow morning to play some more. His thumb pulled away from the tip and ghosted over Ed's heated skin as it followed the rest of the hand down Ed's erection until it reached the black and silver cock ring still nestled at its base. His hand loosened its hold long enough for him to position it over the 'torture' device and then tightened again. Ed screeched as Roy's hand squeezed him again while slowly rising up the length, slipping the cock ring off and finally allowing Ed to release, Roy just hoped the younger man could hold out just a little longer.

He heard the loud sigh come from Ed as the ring was removed completely and he dropped it onto the bed before moving his hand back to Ed's hip. He could feel the coil inside him tightening and he needed to lose control. His pace quickened even more and there was no longer any real rhythm to his movements.

Roy could feel Ed's hands leave his hair and work their way to his shoulders, suddenly there was the sharp pain that came with Ed's automail digging in. His younger lover raked nails and metal over Roy's skin and the new stimulation that came from the pain was enough to throw him over the edge but he wanted Ed to cum first. His hand snaked back between them and he grabbed Ed's erection, squeezing and stroking with a shaky hand.

"Ahhhhhhhhhh fuuuuuccccccccckkkkkkkkkkk. ROY!" Ed screamed out his name as he shot white fluid all over Roy's hand and both their chests, the flow seeming to go on forever. His inner walls clamped down on Roy and he managed just one more thrust before he too was screaming, hot cum filling his lover. He rode out his release and could feel the sticky substance already leaking from Ed's ass there was just too much of it.

Roy removed Ed's leg from his shoulder and collapsed, having enough strength left to make sure he fell to the side of his lover, but only just. They lay panting on the bed both too tired to even move and clean themselves up.

From the corner of his eye Roy saw Ed lift one shaky arm and remove the blindfold, some of the blonds' hair getting caught around the elastic thanks to the force of their movements. Ed cursed under his breath and Roy watched as the blond dropped his arm back to the bed and sighed, leaving the blindfold attached to his hair. Somehow Roy found enough energy to turn onto his side; he leant over and carefully removed the blindfold while staring fixedly down at his lover.

"What are you looking at?" Ed asked before yawning. The younger mans face turning to look at him.

"Nothing much, just the man I love." Ed raised his eyebrows at the corniness of the line but smiled when Roy bent forward to kiss him on the forehead.

"You can be a real geek at times Roy." Ed's hand moved slowly over the bed sheets until it reached Roy's and he intertwined their fingers together. Roy made a small laughing sound, his smile growing at the love he saw in Ed's eyes.

"So, shall we go clean up?"

"Um…no. I'm too damn tired Roy and I ache." Ed's eyes closed as if to prove how tired he really was.

"Oh thank you" Roy gasped out in pleased exhaustion. "I don't think I could have coped with standing and if you're okay sleeping knowing this stuff is gonna dry to us then who am I to complain." Roy flopped onto his back on the bed letting out a relieved sigh. Ed scooted closer to him turning so he could curl himself into Roy's side. With one arm slung over Roy's chest, one leg possessively wrapped around Roy's leg and without unhooking their fingers, Ed snuggled against the older man. They both breathed deep as if breathing in each others scent for future reference. Roy pulled the covers up over both their cooling, naked bodies and pulled Ed's smaller frame as close as he could manage given his current lack of strength.

"Anyway…" Ed began as Roy angled his head slightly down to look at his blond mate. "This way we can enjoy some shower sex in the morning." Roy smiled broadly as he switched off the bedside light; he knew there was a reason he loved Ed.


For some reason I had real problems writing this part. I don't know why but it didn't seem to come to me as easily as the first two parts did and I'm not completely happy with the way it came out either although I do love the last few lines. It changed completely from how it started on paper and the little pictures I drew in the margins of Roy and Ed 'at it' were quite helpful in working out positions lol (Stick figures) Hope you liked it and thanks for reading. Oh and I'm sorry, I'm pretty sure you can tell which part I'm apologising for.

That is my longest oneshot (supposed to be) ever, 10828 words. I think I need a break ^_^ Thanks for reading. Only spell checked and re-read once so apologies for any mistakes.