Prologue :

The life of a teen can be hard at times and then again it can be full of wondrous surprises that unfold pieces at a time slowly unraveling your destined future. In a small town a young teen girl is walking nervously through the streets aware of the people around her, griping her bag as if were her lifeline. She noticed a group of men hanging outside a bar, smoking, laughing, having a good time unaware of her approach untill she quickly tries to turns the corner one of the men grabs her by her wrist and smiles down at her, scanning her body with a satisfied look. She quickly turns her head away from his fowl stained breath and tore free from his grip. The man tried to take her by the waist but she had already took off into the forest. The man ran after as his friends laughed, cheering him on as if watching a football game. The girl veered through lowed branched trees hoping to lose him but he broke right through them like a giant troll. The girl grew scared and ran faster, pumping her legs harder. once she was out of his reach she trips on a rock and falls face first in to the dirt. The man panted as he stopped to catch his breath then stared down at the girl with a wide grin. He let himself drop onto her body then turned her face and moved in for a kiss. the girl tried to resist but he was too strong. She kicked and screamed as she felt a hand reach up her skirt, her body began to shiver. Just when she thought he would kiss her the man was sent flying, whammed into a tree. She quickly looked to her right and stared up at her saver.A tall man in a brown cape stared down at her.

"Are you alright?"He asked the girl. she nods slowly.

The man that was shot slowly stood then ran. The man in the cape chuckled as he watched the human flee in terror then turned his attention to the black haired girl.

"I thought I told you to be careful."He removed his hood and there stood a cat like pokemon with pale skin and deep purple eyes staring at the girl with furrowed brows.

"I'm sorry Mewtwo, I didn't mean to cause you any trouble."

Mewtwo sighed then smiles."leresa I-" He paused then lowered his voice and said "As long as you are unharmed I'm happy."He helps her to her feet then examined her for any bruises or cuts that may have been inflicted on her by that mans rough dealing. Leresa looked up at him knowing he was going to ask her the same question he always ask when she gets in trouble.

"Where have you been?"

Leresa twirled her thumbs staring at them contently, afraid to answer his question and find out what his reaction might be this time. She whispered her reply in a low tone and Mewtwo leans forward.

"What was that?"

" I was at the book store in town.I was on my way back when that man -"

"Don't give me any excuses."He interrupted, keeping his tone comforting at the same time rough. He narrowed his eyes and stared into hers. He saw the fear in her purple eyes and soften his mood. He brushed aside her hair that covered her face revealing tears trickling down her cheek's. He wipes her eyes then pulls back her hair into a ponytail, held it in his paw for a minute then let it slide through his hand. Leresa stepped forward and rested her head onto his strong chest that she found comforting. Being in his arms always made her feel safe. Mewtwo wrapped his arms around her and gave her firm hug.

Out of all the humans in the world, even Ash, Leresa was the one he cared for the most. He would let no harm come to her and would do almost anything for her safety. Maybe it was because he had raised her since she was a little girl and she had always seen him as a father figure but Mewtwo never, once thought of having offspring of his own and having leresa around made him feel like she was his offspring. Weird thing about it is shes a human, but that didn't matter to him. She was an infant in need of nurturing and care. fifteen years later. she is now eligible to take care of herself but Mewtwo has grown so attached to her he continues to treat her as a little girl. unfortunately her teen instincts are kicking in and Mewtwo not sure he can deal with it.

"you act as though I'm still a kid. Im 16 now can't you treat me like a young adult for once?"

"As long as you are under my watchful eyes you will do as I say."Leresa turned her head the other way still in his arms. Mewtwo looked down at her and grins then lifts her head from beneath her chin. She kept her eyes focused on the trees, trying to avoid Mewtwo.

"Leresa,"He looks at him and stares into his eyes. After awhile she suddenly bursts out laughing. Mewtwo's grin turns into a smile, happy to see her laugh assured him things were fine now.

The next morinig....

Leresa, sleeping lightly, comfortable beneath her over stuffed blanket Mewtwo had made her awhile back in leresa's early years as a child. She was out cold under a tree. Unlike most humans Leresa was raised by a pokemon and adapted to living outside. Mewtwo slept on the other side of the tree using his cape as a blanket. The smell of the dawn filled Mewtwo's nostrils and he wakes to the sun rise over the lake before him. Last night Mewtwo was thinking of how Leresa was going to live on her own when the time comes for him to let her go. he worried she wouldn't make out in the real world on the other hand he knows he can't keep her forever.

Then an idea came to him. "school.... Leresa would go to school. Its where all human children go to learn befor they are released into the world to fend for themselfs."

With his mind made up he walks over to Leresa and lighlty shakes her. Leresa flutters her eyes open and stares groggily at Mewtwo.

"what is it?" she groaned.

"Leresa I can't keep you forever your becoming a young lady now."

"you finaly noticed."

Mewtwo ignored her reply. "your going to school."

Leresa quikly sat up."I'm going where?"

"To school." He repeated.

"But...why?" She furrows her brows.

Mewtwo knew she was going to react like this. "No questions you are going."

"But..."Mewtwo stood and walks away, not wanting to hear what she had to say. Leresa was always afraid to be around humans after her last close encounter, being drugged then rapped, she has never trusted humans. If Mewtwo were to find out that happened he would never let her go. But being in a large building full of humans she could never trust....