chapter 9: phase two, this can't be happening

A orange ball of fire rose over the horizon burning brightly through the forest trees, giving the allusion that the trees were on fire. Leresa sat quietly on cold hard floors of the cavern, watching as the sun was being raised higher and higher. The colors of nature danced in her sad eyes. Everything that had happened the previous night was forgotten and pushed aside. Leresa continue to watch the sun while mewtwo slipped on his cape, Preparing to venture out into the city to pick up a few medical supplies at the pokemon center for their travels. Now that Leresa was no longer able to attend a humans school she grew use to traveling aimlessly with Mewtwo. Mewtwo walked over to Leresa with a smaller size cape and handed it to her. Leresa took the lavender clothe from his grasped and threw it over her shoulders then slipped her arm through the sleeves on the sides. Mewtwo threw the hood over his head and took of, Leresa did the same, following close behind.

Hours later,they had reached the only city. Unfortunately this city was overpopulated with humans. Infested with crime everywhere he looked and was disgusted by how humans live. Greed and dishonesty filled his mind. Mewtwo, with his intellectual mind, could easily point out the different classes. The higher class humans were better drees in fine clothing and the women were over decorated with unnecessary jewelry. the men sported suits with customized ties. the humans of middle class were not too different from those of the lower class only difference was the middle class had more sense while the lower class lived off of drugs and violence. Mewtwo was disgusted by how human lived. He knew not all lived like this but majority of them did.

Mewtwo pulled his hood over his head further to avoid eye contact with any of the passing or curious figures. When they made it to the pokeomon center Mewtwo cursed beneath his breath. The center was over fiiled with humans. Too many humans and he couldn''t risk their secrecy. The only other place that possibly had the items her needed was a Minnie store with a pharmacy inside but it was located in one of the bad, crime infested neighborhoods. Mewtwo has many time in his life walked through crowded cities of human before but he never did feel comfortable doing it. As they walked by a group of men who obviously were high off of some drug, mewtwo noted to himself of the escape eoutes near by if anything were to happen. Mewtwo paid the men no mind and walked by them, but one of the men looked at Leresa and he smiled as he could point out her figure through her cloak. Leresa could feel his eyes follow her and she felt awakward and griped the back of mewtwo's cape. Mewtwo could sense her fear and glanced back at her. He couldn't blame her. This place could scar the most Innocent of creatures.

They finally made it to the store with out drawing any attention to themselves. They walked in. The store was no better than the street outside. But at least the place was almost empty. Besides a couple of human at the counter nobody was here. Mewtwo turned to Leresa and told her some of the items that they needed. She walked off in search of the items while Mewtwo searched another part of the store.

Minutes later,Leresa some how ended up in the back of the store in search of the item she was told to find, but she had no luck in locating these particular items. She then felt the presence of another being near her. She turned around to find the same man she saw earlier outside. The man just looked at her with a sheepish expression and wide grin. Leresa decided to just ignore him and tried to walk past him but instead he grabbed he by the wrist.

"Let me go." She growled in a low tone.

The man leaned down and whispered in her ear. "Not a chance. A fine thing like you deserves the finner things in life."

"what?" Leresa, strong as she is was, was no match for this steroid muscular man. she was defenseless and couldn't fight back. she attempted to scream but he covered her mouth with a clothe and tied it around her head. Next thing she knows she was being carried into the back storage room. He smashed her into the wall and pinned her down with his massive weight.

Leresa felt panic run through her."oh! Mewtwo where are you."

The man pinned both her hands above her head with one of his over sized hands and and used his other hand to reach in between her legs. Leresa gasped as she felt one of his fingers enter her. She kicked and screamed for him to stop, but he just continued his play. After a while, to her relief, he had ceased his teasing. but the worst has yet to come. Leresa had kept her eyes closed and could only hear something being unzipped. She didn't bother to open her eyes to the horror that may come. She then felt an over whelming stab of pain.

Meanwhile Mewtwo had found the items he was looking for but couldn't find Leresa. He searched the whole store for was nowhere in sight. but she was within his psychic presence. He sensed her Aura, but...where was she?

He then heard a scream in his head and recognized it as Leresa's. He followed the source of the sound and found it was coming from the storage room in the back. By now he knew something wasn't right. He threw open the door and froze at the horror that stood in front of him. An over sized man had Leresa pinned to the wall, raping her! The sick fool!

Mewtwo's anger lashed out so violently that the man was startled by his expression that he had dropped leresa. She fell hard on her butt then fell to her side wrapped in so much pain. A blast of psychic energy sent the man flying through the roof of the store and he flew past the setting sun,screaming in fear.

Later that day Leresa and mewtwo were back at the had palced Leresa in her nest to rest. The painful expression on her face remained for she was still hurt from that man's penetration. Mewtwo was worried on so many levels. That man could have caused critical or...permanent damage to her. STDs or possibly pregnancy. Metwwo shook his head,trying to brush away the thoughts. No. He couldn't bare the thought of her carrying a humans child. It wouldn't be right. A child conceived by rape. That something no women should go through. Especially one of his own kind,who he now had such a close relationship with and cared deeply for.

Though he didn't obtain the desired items he needed,he had far greater matters to worry sighed then looked towards Leresa. "I will have to run some tests when she wakes up. just to be sure."