Edward: Hey what class are you in?

Bella: IDK

Edward: What do you mean you don't know!?

Bella: Um well the teacher is talking in a weird language.

Edward: Are you in French, German, or Spanish?

Bella: I'm in Spanish!

Edward: ¡hola!

Bella: Um what?

Edward: It means HELLO!

Bella: Ohh!

Edward: Very Good!

Bella: Um I think my teacher can see my phone!

Edward: Go then!

Bella: Never mind she just wanted me to answer the question on the board.

Edward: OMG you Idiot!

Bella: What did I do?
Edward: You almost got caught!

Bella: I did?

Edward: Yes!

Bella: OW!

Edward: What now?

Bella: I hit my knee againest the table!

Edward: You have got to be kidding me!

Bella: I think I'm gonna go to the nurse.

Edward: Why?

Bella: Cuz I hit my knee!

Edward: Oh just go to the nurse... Hang on I have a call coming in.

Bella: Hey who are you talking to?
Edward: Mom called on the house phone.

Bella: Oh!