Authors Note:

Alright this is a little one shot that I've been thinking of the past few days…it's kind of like a song fic. I like how it came out…I've never been able to write a chapter of something this quickly and easily…

The song it's based on is Don't Wake Me Up—by The Hush Sound

I hope you like it…review please!

Sleep with a Ghost

I maneuvered my way through the crowd of sweaty people to meet Alice where she was sitting at the bar with Jasper.

I tapped her shoulder and she turned to look at me happily, but her smile turned into a frown as she saw my exhausted expression.

"I think I'm going to go," I told her. "It's getting late, and I have work tomorrow."

"Oh Bella, come on please stay. Your twenty-five, you're supposed to be out having fun." She looked at me with wide eyes and a pout forming on her red lips. "Plus, you don't have work till twelve so ha!"

I laughed at her logic. "Alice, I've already had about five shots and I know if I stay any longer I'm going to have a killer hang over tomorrow. I have to make a good impression at work tomorrow if I want that promotion."

She gave me an over dramatic sigh, "I can't believe you have work tomorrow…who work's on Saturday?!" She threw her hands up in the air to prove her point, almost smacking Jasper in the process.

I chuckled. "Hmm," I tapped my finger to my chin "Oh, I don't know, everyone except…you!"

She laughed and gave an innocent shrug of her shoulders. "Well, I guess we can't all be as lucky as moi."

I rolled my eyes and muttered under my breath, "Sometime's I wonder why I'm friends with her."

She smacked my shoulder, hard, "Hey! I heard that, you know your life wouldn't he half as exciting as it is if you weren't friends with me."

"You have me there, you are the master of schemes and all things crazy." I smirked at her.

"Seriously though, I'm going. I want to be conscious when Mike tries to put his hand up my skirt so I can slap him this time."

She threw her head back and laughed, "Good point. Go sleep. I'll call you tomorrow."

I leaned in and hugged her. "Sounds good."

"You okay?"

"I'm fine." Then I gave her a reassuring smile and hugged Jasper.

"See you later Bella."

You came to me

In seemless sleep and slipped right in

Behind my eyes on the back of my mind

We swam a sea of pretty sights and chandelier skies

I stripped out of my clothes and threw on an old baggy t-shirt. I crawled across my mattress and burrowed myself under the comforter.

The moment my head hit the pillow I let out a groan of pleasure. I knew there was a reason I spent about three thousand dollars on this mattress.

I felt like I was sleeping on clouds. "Heavenly," was the last word I slipped out before my eyes fluttered closed, and sleep took over me.

My night was dreamless as the time on the clock continued to change—moving slowly towards the inevitable sunrise.

I felt something smooth graze across the skin on my arm and a shivered. The silky object started to travel up and down my arm at a steady speed—leaving a fire in its place.

The object finally made itself known to be a hand as the arm it was attached to wrapped around my body and its large hand encased my two small ones.

I sighed in pleasure. I knew that hand, it was his hand—I had missed it so much.

I pushed myself backwards on the mattress to where I was sure I would come in contact with his strong body.

I wasn't disappointed, and he tucked me more securely into his body. My safe place.

He placed his head on top of mine and started to hum that familiar tune that was forever implanted into my mind.

The music consumed as I just lay there enjoying his presence. Not caring about time—it could have been days and I wouldn't have noticed.

I swore I could feel you breathe

It was all so real to me

I didn't want to break the perfect silence but I needed to say something. I needed to speak to him.

"I missed you," I sighed—my voice barley above a whisper.

"I missed you too, my love," I smiled to myself; tears threatening to pour out of my eyes.

"Where have you been?" I needed to know this.

"Taking care of business," he chuckled and I frowned. He always knew how to ruin a moment with his sense of humor.

I think he could sense my dislike of his comment as he whispered in my ear, "Does it matter? I'm here now."

"No, I guess it doesn't…but I'd still like to know." I said slyly.

I felt his body shake with laughter. "Maybe I'll tell you another time."

"Another time? Will you be here again?" I desperately hoped for this, I couldn't believe how long it had been.

His hand rubbed up and down my arm. "I'm always with you, love. But yes, I will come again, I'll try to visit more often."

I smiled a little. "Thank you."

"Your wish…my command." He kissed the top of my head.

Don't wake me up

I am still dreaming the story's undone

Unravel at the seams

"I wish we could stay like this forever," I snuggled further into his body.

He sighed. "Me too. I don't think can even comprehend how much I've missed having you in my arms. It's the only place I feel safe having you be."

I smiled. Why did he always know what to say? "Well, that's good, because it's the only place I feel safe."

"I'm glad we agree on something."

My face scrunched up and I got aggravated. "You act as if that's the only thing we've ever agreed on!" I practically shouted.

He laughed at this. "Shh, dear. It was only a joke. I know we agree on more than just that."

"Prove it," I breathed out because he began tracing his nose along my jaw; making it harder for me to concentrate.

"Hmm, well, for one, we agree that you are the most beautiful woman in the world," I could feel him smiling against cheek.

"False." I said in a monotone voice. "We don't both agree on that. And I still don't believe you when you say that."

"I wish you did," he sighed sadly. "Well, I think we both agree that I love you."

"Yes, that is true, and we both agree that I love you too."

"Hey! We agree on three things. That has to be a record for us."

I tugged my hand out of his grasp and slapped him. "Shut up," I said while trying to contain my laughter.

"You know I'm funny," he teased as his fingers began moving across my stomach; tickling me.

I began wiggling, trying to escape. "NO! I will never admit it!" I managed to stutter out between gasps of breath and laughing.

"Your laughing right now…you know I'm right, I'm extremely funny." He didn't stop his attack and I finally had to agree with him.

"Good," he said and I could hear in his voice how much he loved his small victory.

"Now that's four things we agree on."

Don't wake me up

Death is misleading and when I fall asleep

Sleep with a ghost

I finally turned around too look at him. I had put it off till now knowing that if I turned around and he wasn't there, I might die.

I gasped. He looked just the same; disheveled bronze hair, pale skin, perfect bone structure…and that heart stopping crooked smile.

I lifted my hand up and traced his features with my fingertips. "I can't believe it."

He smiled serenely at me and brought his hand up and molded it around my cheek. "So, beautiful," and he wiped away my tears.

"How are you here right now…how…I…" He took my face in both of my hands and stared deeply into my eyes.

"I don't know. I wish I did, because if I did I would be with you every night, every day." His face moved towards mine and his eyes held such love and determination that I was completely overwhelmed.

Oh you were a fire caught in a storm

Memories like embers keep us warm

You will leave me in the morning

Leave Me

His lips touched mine and it was like he'd never left me, left us, left everyone. My fingers moved up to grip his hair and pull mine tighter to me, his arms wrapped around me keeping me in a steel vice against his chest.

I gasped and his tongue entered my mouth. Our lips moved in perfect synchronization. His lips moved to my neck and down to my shoulder and across my chest.

Everywhere they touched was left scorching—everything was hot and I couldn't think. I couldn't live without this. I can't have him leave.

I hitched my leg around his hip and tightened my grip around his neck, burying my face in his chest. Breathing in his scent—the most prominent smell in my life.

He stroked my hair and just held me. Like he always used to when I was upset or angry.

"I don't want you to go. I want you to stay here with me, where you should be anyway." I cried.

"I know, love, I know. I want to stay so badly, but you know…you know I can't."

"Why? Why did you leave? Why did you have to die? I hate you, I hate you!" I screamed as I punched him reputedly.

"I'm sorry, I'm so sorry." He said, his voice thick with emotion and regret, as he held me.

The light had slipped through the window

The morning ripped you away

He held me some more and we just talked, about anything and everything. My job, our friends and family. Was I happy? Was I comfortable in my life? Any relationships?

No, was my answer to that question. Not yet, too soon.

"What time is it?" I questioned him when I felt something, a strange twinge—a pulling feeling.

"Its morning," he whispered unwillingly in my ear.

I shook my head quickly—"No, not yet." I refused to believe it. But the pulling was getting stronger and I knew it was true, he was going…or I was going, I didn't really know who wasn't suppose to be here.

"I love you," he said as he kissed me gently one more time.

"I love you too."

"Good luck at work today…don't let Mike feel you up." He said with that crooked smile I couldn't resist.

I laughed despite my mood. He always knew what to say. "I'll try."


Then a bright light blinded me and I shot up in bed gasping. I turned my head to look at the space beside me.

The room calm and cold

The quiet hollow

I am such a haunted soul

Your ghost is gone the bed is so cold

I sighed and ran my hands down my face—a few tears breaking the barrier I tried to create.

I looked at the alarm clock, "Crap," 11:30…work in a half hour.

I jumped out of bed and swayed…damn Alice, damn those five shots, damn you morning for waking me up.