The Cracking Dawn Part 1

Where is the Jedi and the Force?

Where is the Republic we defended?

Why has the chosen one betrayed us?

When will this Empire fall?

How did it come to this?

What have we done to him to deserve this slaughter?

My name was Ahsoka Tano once a Padawan of the Jedi Order, and everything I've ever known is dead.

My name now is Umbra Styx, a bounty hunter, and I have asked myself these questions for over 20 years.

For me nothing matters any more, not Skyguy, not the order, not the force, not even life.

This galaxy is dead, all that matters now is surviving through the this eternal night.

Now were am I? Oh right I'm passed out drunk on a cantina floor on Nar Shaada, I always had several drinks before a hunt, hunting is the way of my kind. My prey now is a Corellian smuggler, goes by the name of Han Solo.

While most bounty hunters actually hunt their prey, I wait for it in the shadows of the smugglers moon, mostly because I keep blowing my credits on booze and I can't actually afford a starship, I did have the Twilight but a freak accident involving a hydrospaner and Corellian Ale blew it up.

But when I capture Solo I'll finally be able to afford a decent ship and a large number of good weapons and equipment. All I have now is a blaster and the cloths on my back.