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Anemone are perennial herbs. The leaves grow from the base and can be simple, compound, or attached with a leaf stalk. Terminal inflorescence with two to nine flowered cymes or umbels, or solitary flowers that, depending on the species, can be up to 60 centimeters tall. The flowers are bisexual and radically symmetric. The sepals are not persistent in fruit, and can be white, purple, blue, green, yellow, pink, or red.

The meaning of the Anemone flower is "forsaken" and also "dying hope".


Harry James Potter refolded a black pair of jeans for the third time; his green eyes carefully making sure the seams were even as he chewed at his bottom lip in concentration, intent on folding the jeans perfectly, just as he had his other clothing articles. He was packing for his return to Hogwarts, an event which had been highly anticipated at the beginning of the summer, but had lost its gleam more towards the middle. He left the next day.

Tap, tap, tap.

The noise came from the direction of Harry's window, he spun around, jeans still in hand. His green eyes were wide and oddly bright as a grin lit up his much changed features. At the window were three faces, pressed in close and all frozen in strange faces. Two males, and one female, all older than Harry. He sauntered over and flung open the window, allowing them entrance.

"Are you done packing?" The female asked, a young woman named Gwyneth who they had christened Gwennie in attempt to lessen the nose-wrinkling effect saying her name had. She stood taller than Harry, just as skinny, though. Her hair long and tangled from the wind, her nose was pointed and her face incredibly angular; impish.

"Geez, you sure don't have much stuff." The shorter of the males commented, a boy named Joey who had been the one to 'discover' Harry. He stood around 5' 11" and was rather round in all areas, though the weight looked good on him. His skin was dark and spotted with the occasional tattoo, he wore a frown as he studied Harry's full suitcase.

"So… you're really leaving?" Asked the oldest and tallest of the trio, Kanyon, as he studied his feet with a pitiful expression on his face. He stood at 6' 3" and wore blue jeans, worn in the knees, and a grey t-shirt which promoted a band he'd started a couple years ago, his face was dotted with metal bars but he was tattoo free, at least, in his visible areas.

"Well, I've gone every year for a while now… I don't really have a choice." Harry said and smiled at the three friends he'd gained over the summer, the three bad influences. "But no worries, you guys won't miss me too much!" He laughed loudly and quivered from the inside out.

"Anemone; don't say that!" Gwennie wailed and through her whole 90 lbs. into Harry, his face flushing with emotions. "I don't know what I'm gonna do with you…" she sniffled a little and lowered herself onto Harry's perfectly made bed. "Joey and Kanyon think so, too." She sniffled again and wiped her nose on the hem of her sleeve.

"He knows that, Gwen, he might be dumb but he's not that dumb!" Joey laughed and grinned at Harry. "Besides, he'll be back."

"Of course I'll be back, in fact, in a few years I won't ever have to go back." Harry said proudly and settled the jeans into the suitcase, which was stacked perfectly. "Then I'll be around so much, you'll get sick of me." He punched Joey in the shoulder playfully.

The group of adolescence settled around the room, in their usual places, chit chatting about the latest; who got arrested for what, who slept with who, who remembers sleeping with who, whose pregnant, whose sick, whose dead; the usual stuff. At the end of their talk, it was late into the night and they'd smoked their way through three packages of cigarettes, and two packs of a more creative sort of smoke.

"Well, Anemone, I guess I had better get going. I've got a hot date, you know." Gwennie stood up, stretched, and gave Harry a peck on the cheek. "I'm going to call and write lots, I promise." She climbed down the room and shimming onto the lawn, down a drain-pipe.

Joey stood up next. "I'm her hot date, so I'd better be going, too. But, man, I'm gonna miss you. If you don't call me, or write me, or whatever, I swear to god I'll fuck you up." He gave Harry a one armed hug and bounded down the roof, taking numerous shingles with him.

Kanyon stood and slunk over to wear Harry was nestled on the floor, leaning against his bed. He slumped next to his younger friend and sighed. He lit up the last of the cigarettes and inhaled deeply. "Anemone…" he began and then shook his head. "Harry, are you alright?"

Harry nodded slowly, the effects of what he'd done early wearing off slowly. "Yeah, I mean, it sucks to be leaving again but—"

"No. I mean… are you okay? Before you got mixed up with us, and the stuff we do, you were a pretty screwy kid already. I mean, well, when Joey found you, you were attempting suicide, so you weren't okay then. And after that you mixed up in some pretty hard-core drugs, and after… um, after Danny… um, you know." He cleared his throat uncomfortably and wiggled away the awkwardness. "After that happened, you sort of went off the deep-end. I just wanna make sure you're not gonna leave us and go crazy?"

"Kanyon, I've got some really cool friends up at the Detention Facility, and so I'll be fine." Harry said confidently. "And I'll try not to wig, 'kay?"

Kanyon nodded and stood up, pulling Harry with him. "Well, it's been a great summer. I'm sure the next one with be even better." He walked to the window, still holding onto Harry, when the wind blew gently on their bare arms, he wrapped his arms around Harry's waist and then kissed him sweetly, achingly sweetly, and pulled away with misty eyes. "Anemone, I'm gonna miss you so much."

"Yeah, me, too." Harry replied and watched as his boyfriend skidded quietly down his roof and walked down the street to go join a party. Any party, Harry knew. It wouldn't make a difference to his crowd, as long as there were drugs, loud music, and booze, it was fine.