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Warnings: Implied Same-sex relationships, character bashing, possible OOC-ness, heavily implied rape, drug-use

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Chapter Four


Harry glided into the Great Hall, loving the natural air of power that hung around Draco, he wasn't sure when he'd suddenly become attracted to power, to excitement, and to causing trouble, but somewhere between nearly committing suicide, being abused by his uncle and becoming addicted to drugs, it had simply happened. In the muggle world, Kanyon, Gwennie, and Joey were the top dogs, or rather, they had connection with the Top Dogs and that ranked them pretty high up there, so Harry, by association…

"Your friends are gaping." Draco chuckled as he motioned for the group of Slytherins to make room for himself as well as Harry. "The Weasel looks like he might just pop." Draco had taken on a very self-assured personality sometime after he'd jumped up and followed Harry like a puppy. Shortly after admitting to himself that he wanted to be the Main Character in Harry's eyes, he decided that he wanted to make Harry pay for refusing him for this long. Draco was going to make Harry want him, Draco was going to make Harry need him.

"It looks as if he's had a spat with Wood." Harry said lightly as he locked eyes with Ron, and then Hermione, finding he was quite comfortable at the Slytherin table. "I suppose I'll be hearing all about it in the morning." He smirked and then gave a small wave to Hermione and Ron before turning his attention to the Slytherins who were looking at him with suspicious eyes.

Harry narrowed his eyes as he examined the Slytherins right back, he wasn't quite sure what to say to break the ice. He gave a flicker of a frown, the most of a frown Draco had seen grace the boy's lips since the school year had started, and then turned his lips up at the corners and gave a honey slow smile. "Feel free to call me Harry." He said and reached for a Cinnamon Bun, oh! How he loved sweets. "I think I'm going to be here an awful lot from now on."

The Great Hall had gone somewhat silent but something in Harry's eyes made the Slytherins feel at ease, perhaps it was the power-hungry, connection-establishing, sexily-bored look that gleamed in his eyes, but none the less, conversation resumed and introductions were made. Harry soon found himself squished between Pansy Parkinson, a girl he'd never liked and doubted he would ever like, and Draco Malfoy, whose body was quite warm and quite welcome at such an angle. He was chatting with Blaise Zabini, a fellow he found quite charming and two chaps by the names of Adrian Pucey and Marcus Flint. He found Flint quite appalling, and Pucey was a decent fellow but looked a little uncomfortable talking with Harry.

"So, Harry, what's with the sudden change in seating arrangements?" Blaise asked, his voice silky and surprisingly sweet after he'd realized Harry meant no harm.

Harry shrugged, and let his head loll to the side, give a smirk at just an angle he knew would make him look dashing, but effortlessly. "Well, Draco was stalking me, and so I did was all decent Stalkees ought to do and offered him a smoke. We got to talking and I decided he was not a bore, unlike my pals," the word tasted bitter in his mouth, "over there. So I invited myself along and he didn't seem to mind, and here we are."

Blaise laughed lightly and looked to Draco who scowled at Harry playfully, feeling a child who finally got the present they'd been wanting for three Christmases prior. "I wasn't stalking you! I was tailing you." He amended. "And you left out the part where you threw me down on the grass and ravaged me." He grinned.

"Ravaged?" Pansy's voice shot through the air like a horribly aimed arrow, deadly none the less, however. "Harry ravaged you, Draco? Oh, I really doubt he'd do something like that!"

Harry grinned. "I would hardly call it ravaging, Draco, though if you'd like, we could amend that now." He raised an eyebrow and then laughed along with the rest of the Slytherin table who were listening, if not actively participating.

"Well then, Harry," Daphne Greengrass called out, "do enlighten us of what really happened!"

Harry grinned and leaned forward, making sure to do it in such a way that he squeezed himself closer to Draco, if that was at all possible. "It was only an innocent little kiss; to seal a deal." He smiled broadly.

"What sort of deal?" Many people echoed but the voices faded out for Draco as he watched Harry out of the corner o f his eye.

He called that an innocent kiss? I mean, sure, Harry hadn't ravaged Draco (though Draco really wouldn't have minded) but the boy certainly hadn't delivered a sweetly coated peck to Draco's cheek. That would have been an innocent kiss. The kiss Harry gave him was sweet and bitter like chocolate, it was long, but not long enough, and, of all things, it was not innocent. At one point, Draco could have sworn that Harry's tongue was gliding across his bottom lip…

"Draco!" Pansy hollered and the blonde turned his dreamy eyes toward his pug faced friend, oh lord how he hated her.

"Yes, Pansy?" He asked sadly and caught Harry's amused eyes.

"You kissed Harry Potter." She informed him loudly and the noise in the Great Hall fell abruptly.


Hermione's eyebrows were closed in tightly together and her bottom lip quivered as though she might cry or shout. Her cheeks were red and puffed out slightly, like she was holding something in and thinking of a completely different matter all at once. She was staring out across the expanse of the Great Hall, watching as her best friend made nice with the bastards who had made their lives hell since they'd arrived at Hogwarts. What did those Slytherins have that she didn't? Charm? Wit? She narrowed her eyes as Harry scooted ever closer to Malfoy and all but snuggled against him. Perhaps it was something else she didn't have.

"What the hell does he think he's doing?" Ron hissed as he watched them, his forkful of food hovered just in front of his lips. "Has he lost his mind? Doesn't he remember all of the awful things Malfoy and his goons have done to, not just him! But us as well?"

Hermione brought her thumb to her lips and began to nibble on it in concentration. "I'm not sure, Ron. I think it has something do with this passing summer… I mean, you said he's been acting strange. It's almost like he's a completely different person."

Ron nodded thoughtfully, surprisingly setting aside his anger for once and trying to think straight for the well-being of his friends. He opened his mouth but was cut off when Pansy Parkinson, shrieked loudly. "You kissed Harry Potter?" Her voice floated across the expanse of the Great Hall and nearly everyone shut up, the faculty included.

"Who kissed Harry Potter?" Oliver Wood, who had apparently become interested in the Harry, said and sat straighter, trying to find who Parkinson was shrieking at.

"Wood, cool it, you don't have a chance." Ron mumbled and craned his neck and, to his horror, found Parkinson staring at Draco Malfoy, of all people.

The Great Hall's silence got thicker and then a daring Ravenclaw boy shouted. "Wait… Draco Malfoy kissed Harry Potter?"


Harry smiled broadly at sudden commotion, or rather, lack thereof, this is exactly what he had in mind. Well, not exactly, but quite nearly. Just as long as it got people talking and gave him something to do, it was what he wished for. Back home, back with his friends, they'd always been the talk of the town. At first it had bothered him, but that feeling disappeared pretty quickly, now he was addicted to the feeling of spotlight.

Draco blushed pleasantly and leaned into Harry and smirked. "Actually," he said in a loud voice, not yelling, but his voice still carrying across the expanse of the Great Hall, "Harry Potter kissed Draco Malfoy." He smiled widely at the sudden outbreak of noise in which all eyes were on the contradictory 'couple'.

"If I didn't know any better, Harry, I would say you were enjoying all this." Blaise said with a small smile as he leaned forward and plucked a soft scone from a basket. "I never figured you for the sort o guy who loves to be in the spotlight." He said and buttered the scone carefully.

Draco turned away from the many conversations he'd been eavesdropping in on and gave Blaise a confused look. "Have you not noticed that everything always centers around him?" He asked slowly, not angrily, but slowly.

Blaise shot him a look and said, "Of course I've noticed. It's hard not to. But that's not what I was saying; I was saying that he didn't seem like the sort to enjoy all of that attention."

Draco's eyebrows shot up at this. "How can you not enjoy attention?" Draco asked rhetorically. He went silent for a moment and quickly reviewed his memories of Harry's attitude, back when he'd been 'Potter'. He narrowed his eyes on Harry and asked, "You didn't like all that attention, did you?" He didn't wait for an answer before he asked, "But you do now?"

Harry pretended that he was actually paying attention to what Pansy was saying, and Draco didn't push the matter. He did, however, stare out of the corner of his eye at the brown haired boy. Now that he thought about it, he wouldn't put it past Harry and his friends to conjure up something like this. He winced at the idea that this new Harry was simply an actor.


Later that night, after Harry had dished it out with Hermione and Ron and finally managed his way up to his dorm room and his oh-so comfortable bed, he lay on his back, staring up at the top of his canopy. He narrowed his eyes at the offense fabric and considered what Draco had said. No, Harry hadn't been fond of any sort of attention until recently, but whose business was that? Harry frowned deeply and turned onto his side. Only his, he thought before he drifted off to sleep.

Harry did his best to lay completely still, focusing on keeping his tears brimming at his eyes and not on his cheeks, he didn't look up, but he couldn't make himself close his eyes. He tried to ignore the pain of being violated in such an intimate way, to be taken complete advantage of, the pain of being so completely helpless and pathetic. He turned away from the unwanted trail of kisses and kept his legs clamped shut tightly.

"Don't act like you don't want it." The person above him spoke breathlessly and planted a foul smelling kiss on Harry's neck, smirking against Harry's dark skin as he did so. "But if you really want to be stubborn, I'll allow you that weather you want it or not, I'm going to give it to you."

Harry didn't bother to hold in his tears this time as the man above him growled in what was meant to be a seductive manner and ran his disgusting hands up and down Harry's chest, sliding them beneath the thin t-shirt he had borrowed from a friend. He squirmed under the man's touch and cried out, knowing no one would hear him over the loud thrum of the music. He bit down hard on his lip, until it bled, as the man leeched at Harry's neck while simultaneously slid his hands lower on Harry's person.

"Please… please…" Harry cried into the carpet of the floor, where he'd turned if face in effort to ignore the sickening sight of the man's eyes devouring him.

"Please?" The man smirked against Harry's now bare abdomen. "That's right…" he murmured as he stripped Harry of his jeans, "beg for it."


Harry's eyes flew wide open and he found that his chest was shaking with sobs, heaving in and out as he tried to calm himself, tried to forget what had happened. But soon he just let the tears flow, staring up at the canopy, green eyes stark against the dark veil of night that filled the room. It wasn't as though he'd forgotten completely about it; he knew what it had done to him. That man… the man who had… Harry chocked on another sob and covered his mouth in anger, wishing he was quieter. It was all his fault that Harry was like this. So cold and brash and so different than the boy who had spent his best years in the very bed Harry lay in now, finding it to be the only good thing about this school.

Head whirling with thoughts and ideas, his mind's eye recounting all the awful things he'd said and done and how Harry contrasted Harry: The Golden-Boy. Harry had never wanted to turn into this… he wanted to change and for everything to go back to the way it was… he wanted so badly to…

"Oh, fuck." Harry said aloud, and rolled from the middle of the bed to the left side, he reached out from the canopy that kept him out of sight and fumbled for the nightstand draw handle. Inside his long fingers scrambled in blind effort until they closed around a small case. Harry pulled that through the sheets, shut the drawer, and shot up the only thing that would stop him from being miserable.


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