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She stared at her potion; it was perfect, it was the right shade, and she had followed the instructions to the letter. But, she knew that this meant nothing, he would still find a plausible fault.

"Miss Granger," he sneered as he hovered in front of her desk - he looked down his crooked nose at her potion, seemingly dissatisfied.

"That will be five points from Gryffindor and detention, 8 o'clock tonight. Being head girl does not exempt you from trying even slightly with your work. And clean this mess up."

It was a regular thing now, she would get detention, and he would pretend to be furious with her for something she did in class.

Hermione sighed, and began to draw her wand - a raised eyebrow from Snape and a glare told her that magic was not to be used. She grimaced and walked down the back of the room to locate a rag and bucket.

Dinner at the Great Hall

"What did you do this time Hermione, you know that every chance he gets to give you a detention, he does, and you just sit here pretending that you are not being unfairly treated!" Harry said with an exasperating sigh.

"I honestly don't know Harry, not this time at least, all the other times he gave me a reason, not this time though. But he's a teacher, what am I supposed to do? He has every right to give detention or dock points..."

Hermione sat down and pulled out her potions textbook, she knew exactly why she had gotten the detention, but she wasn't going to share the reason with Harry.

"I mean every potions lesson you come back with another detention, you never used to get any, not one! I can't understand it, Snape seems to be giving you an even tougher time this year, you would think with the bloody war over he would let up a bit, but NO, full on snarky Professor with greasy hair to boot…" Harry had been focusing on his meal while he spoke, but then he looked up with a frown, "Hermione are you even listening to me?"

She raised her head from her book and gave a curt nod.

"Yes Harry. Professor Snape: snarky, greasy… tough," she mumbled while trying to keep her mind out of the gutter.

Both Harry and Ron had dropped potions when it came to their choices, they would need it to become Aurors, but Harry had once said that the minister that killing Voldemort could get anyone anywhere. All of them could have been in jobs by now, but Hermione had insisted that they all stay in school for their final year.

"You don't even seem fazed by the idea that in five minutes you are going down to that greasy git!" Harry continued, pushing his plate of food away.

Hermione looked up at that comment. Was it really five minutes to eight? If she didn't move now, she may be late ... and he wouldn't like that. Not. One. Bit.

She flew out of her chair and flung herself down the spiral staircase, she ignored the surprised looks of Harry and Ron - and everyone else for that matter.

Hermione was at the door to his classroom, composing herself, in less than a minute. She raised a hand to knock, but he was one-step ahead of her, like always.


A simple command and she could already feel the slight tingle from her head to her toes.

She pushed the door open to find Professor Severus Snape sitting at his desk with essays to mark; his black quill could be heard from across the room, scratching the parchment as he marked some unfortunate student's essay.

"Professor, I have come for my detention."

Her voice didn't betray her, this time.

"You should know what to do by now Miss Granger."

And she did.

She crossed the space between them and placed her hands on his neck, she slowly traced her fingers all the way over his back and round to his chest, before resting them on his shoulders.

"Do get on with it Miss Granger, I haven't got all night you know!"

Although her voice didn't betray her before, his did and she knew that she had him where she wanted him.

"But Professor, you haven't given me any instructions."

She asked while nestling her head in the crook of his neck, she lick a spot of flesh that peeked out from between his high collar robes, and blew on it.

"My..." he paused to clear his throat, while shifting in his chair slightly, "instructions Miss Granger are for you to sit on my lap."

"But, Sir I'm just a student!"

"Do I have to repeat myself Miss Granger?"

He asked knowing the answer already.

"No, Sir."

She moved across to his lap, and sat down.

They stared at each other for what seemed like hours, but in reality, it was only a few minutes.

"Hello Hermione, my love," he said, breaking the silence.