From unfortunate coincidences to foolproof plans that inevitably backfire, Machi's luck is better than she would ever admit; but the luckiest is most likely Hisoka. A collection of HisokaxMachi stories.

Joker Deck

Card 01: A Little Kindness

"A little kindness can go a long way," Hisoka didn't remember who was it that said that, maybe it was Gon, or maybe it was someone else. Hisoka didn't know and quite frankly, he didn't care. All that he knew was that the waitress who had brought him his food a few minutes ago had spoken that quote when a man from a near by table declared from that start that she should not expect a tip, even if she had not asked for one and was simply giving him a menu as her job dictated.

Honestly, Hisoka didn't care, it was none of his business, but the greedy man's ranting about the restaurant's prices was interrupting his meal. Or maybe what really bothered Hisoka were his comments about the bad company which obviously referred to him. Either way it didn't matter, such filth was not worth killing, especially in the middle of a meal.

However, Hisoka felt the need to carry out some kind of revenge, a little something to ruin that guy's day. Then a bit later, when the bill was brought, Hisoka got an idea. He left a ridiculously large tip because he knew that it would annoy the greedy man to no end seeing that the bad company he spoke of was rich enough to throw away money on such things.

After Hisoka left the restaurant with a sense of satisfaction, seeing the greedy man's veins become apparent on his forehead when the waitress started to literally jump with joy after receiving the tip, Hisoka did not think about the event again. It was unimportant, insignificant, and thus Hisoka forgot about it ever happening.

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"Machi-san! Wait up Machi-san!"

Machi didn't know why she put up with that girl, but for some mysterious reason she did. "Slowpoke."

"I know, I'm not as fast as Machi-san."

Machi sighed and shook her head, "I told you to stop calling me that, I'm not much older than you."

"Actually, I believe I might be a couple of months older but that's not the point. Machi-san is my sempai in skills and strength."

"Everyone is your sempai in skills and strength!"

"Machi-san has a good sense of humor too!" The girl laughed as if Machi was really joking.

Machi simply shook her head and continued walking down the rural soil road with the odd wannabe-hunter following her. The girl had showed up out of seemingly nowhere asking for 'the great Machi-san' after apparently having tracked her down by asking the customers of the cafe used worked at, and following several trails of clues.

The girl paid good money to be trained and the agreement was that the customer would choose the location of her training. However, before they could reach their destination, the sun reached the center of the skies and hunger arrived at their stomachs. "Over there!" The girl dashed towards a red haired man sitting under the shade of a tree.

"Hisoka?" Machi soon followed, disregarding his presence as a mere coincidence. She sat several feet away with her customer and started eating lunch, while Hisoka watching her closely, but remained unusually silent. Between eating lunch and avoiding Hisoka's insistent stare, Machi didn't notice her student slip away.

The girl was now leaning over Hisoka who continued to stare at Machi with no reaction to the proximity of Machi's client. "Don't give up so easily, I'll give you a sign as thanks." Needless to say, her whispered words confused Hisoka. Then the girl stood upright and loudly declared, "the great Machi-san is training me! Then I can become just like her!"

"Good for you," Hisoka muttered and continued looking at Machi who kept shifting continuously as if she could not sit still. But she refused to go sit somewhere else, Hisoka would not make her move by simply staring, Machi refused to give him that satisfaction.

"Then I can steal Hisoka-chan away," cue playful giggles from the ex-waitress and choking noises from Machi.

Machi forced the piece of sandwich down her throat with water and got up from her spot. "This guy?" Sure the girl had mentioned that she wished to become a strong woman like Machi to capture a man's heart, but she never mentioned who he was.

Hisoka began to look back and forth between the two women, taking new interest in the situation, given Machi's reaction. "I have an admirer?"

"It would be a rip off if I agreed to accept the payment for this. He's not worth wasting your money on and I honestly don't think you could handle the training anyway," Machi tried to explain, remaining cool, calm and collected, on the outside at least. Inside she was taken by surprise, still confident, but surprised none the less.

"I would think you'd just take her money and let her worry about how she spends it," Hisoka pointed out.

"This is none of your business," Machi retorted.

"I guess you're right, I'll take Machi-san's advice and will no longer waste my time trying to steal Hisoka. I guess that means the contract is cancelled, sorry Machi."

"Never mind," Machi should have been angry that she just lost good money, but somehow she didn't really care about the cancelled contract or being dragged out to the middle of nowhere without getting anything in exchange in the end. Her mind was elsewhere, but not even Machi herself could precise exactly where.

"I guess I'll be going now, bye!" The odd girl dashed away, only looking back once before disappearing in the distance. A little kindness can go a log way, and so can gossip. Thus it was a rumor about Hisoka's crush that determined the method that would be used to repay him, by bringing Machi to him, the rest was a bonus.

"Was that jealousy?" Hisoka finally broke the silence when the odd girl was out of sight.

"Of course not, I just felt sorry for her," it was a lie and a rather obvious one on Machi's part.

"Why would you care?" Hisoka refused to drop the subject, not that it was surprising.

Machi took a deep breath and blurted out the first thing that came into her head, a well known saying, "a little kindness can go a long way." It was silly but she felt she had to say something, anything, because leaving that annoying question unanswered would just make it more annoying.

End of Card 01

Disclaimer, I don't own Hunter x Hunter. This is my first Hunter x Hunter story, though I have written many other fanfics for various anime series and video games. I'm currently revising all my fanfics to make sure they don't have any mistakes, if something slipped by, please let me know. Comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated, or you could just review to let me know you read, that's good too.

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