Joker Deck

Card 02: Allergic

It was an old research file from the Spiders, abandoned and forgotten under a pile of random things. Machi found it by mere chance, a random coincidence. The yellow folder held several papers with information about battles and accomplishments all dealing with the same subject, the man's whose picture was attached to the first page of the report with a silver paperclip.

Machi took a moment to study the picture, he had green hair, and she soon decided that Hisoka looked far better with red hair. Of course, just as quickly as the thought came she dismissed it, pushing it out of her mind and out of existence. She didn't care if Hisoka looked good or not, though the truth was that he did, and there was no reason for her to form, let alone express, a preference for what hair color he should have. After all, that was none of her business.

However, Machi continued to look over the file fueled by curiosity. She didn't read every word, merely skimming through the small black font for anything that may stand out, then she found it. It was a simple enough piece of information which revealed that Hisoka was allergic to a certain type of rare berry. Machi didn't know how that information ended up in that file, which ended up in her possession along with some other boxes during the times when the Spiders were highly active, but she did know that it would be hard to resist the temptation to use her newly gained knowledge.

The Spiders were now inactive, their usual hideouts deserted, thus Machi had decided that it was about time to clean her apartment with the lack of things to do. She didn't even remember why she had taken those boxes to her home, possibly for safe keeping when moving from one hideout to another, but the boxes were not of high importance and were soon forgotten.

Machi placed the file aside and continued digging though the boxes finding an assortment of weapons, but nothing too rare. Her mission for that night was accomplished with a side of plotting, and her apartment was left sparkling clean. Tomorrow she would execute her revenge.

xoxox xox xoxox

There he was, sitting in her living room, listing all the reasons why she should agree to go out with him. Machi had it with Hisoka showing up every day at her door to ask her out. She was fed up with how he always invited himself in, but she didn't think too much about the fact that most of the time it took her several hours to kick him out, not because she couldn't, but simply because she didn't try. Of course she didn't notice that detail, such is the way of denial.

Machi smiled in satisfaction when Hisoka suddenly fell silent when she placed the refreshments on the coffee table in front of him. Because she had convinced herself that she did not want Hisoka to be there, she had never offered her apparently unwelcome guest any food before. "I made this cake myself," and it had turned out better than anything else she had ever cooked before, despite not being anywhere near calling herself a baking expert, and having to rush the procedure after obtaining all the needed ingredients in the morning to have it ready in the afternoon when Hisoka usually came by.

"For me?" Hisoka grinned, "I knew you liked me."

At this point Machi bit her tongue so as to not delay her vengeance by getting into an argument with Hisoka that would keep him busy babbling his usual incoherencies and prevent him from eating the cake. He always accused her of denial and she could never convince him he was the one in denial about her oh so obvious lack of feelings for him.

Hisoka took a bite of the cake; it was chocolate with some kind of fruit pieces in it. "Mmm..." He took a bigger bite, stuffing his face and adding with his mouth full, "delicious!"

Now Machi felt just a little bit guilty, but it wasn't like she was feeding him deadly poison. Though the report didn't say what the berries would do to Hisoka, it was only logical to think that his allergy was nothing deadly. Maybe his entire body would swell, or turn odd shades of red and purple, or perhaps he would simply sneeze non-stop, then start feeling lightheaded and sleep for a few days. Machi hoped for that last one, but in the back of her mind, she wondered if she had acted recklessly in her apparent frustration towards her failed attempts to get rid of Hisoka, because she would never admit she enjoyed his little visits. Cautiously hiding any hints of guilt, Machi asked, "how do you feel?"

"Great!" A moment passed in silence and Machi debated how she should feel about his answer; glad that Hisoka was alright, or disappointed that she couldn't teach him a lesson. He got up and walked a few steps, rounding the coffee table and stopping in front of Machi who bolted from her seat on instinct as if she thought Hisoka was about to collapse and would fall of she didn't catch him. Instead he hugged her, which took her by surprise.

"Let go," Machi tried to part from him but found that somehow she couldn't. "Hisoka, I mean it!"

"I just wanted to give you a thank you hug for the cake, but I already let you go." Hisoka spoke as innocently as he could, but it was obvious to Machi that he was hiding something.

"What is this? Nen?" Bungee Gum, it was all over him and all over her, binding them together.

"I'm not doing anything; last time I lost control of my Nen like this was because I ate some berries I'm allergic to. But I haven't had any more of those since that time..." He knew, all along Hisoka knew.

The realization hit Machi like a ton of bricks. Of all the rotten luck she thought she was having the worse that day. "Idiot! You ate the cake even if you knew about the berries?"

"The taste of gummy berries is hard to hide even with all that chocolate, but it was delicious," Hisoka grinned, he had won this round. Machi was stuck with him and there was nothing either of them could do about it.

Any feelings of guilt Machi had were replaced with rage, "idiot!" and she stomped on Hisoka's foot in anger. Then just as quickly as the outburst came it went away and Machi returned to being her cool, calm and collected self. She made a mistake, so what? Her plan backfired, so what? She had the worse luck, so what? None of it mattered; she would get over it and move on with her life, and for the moment being she would endure being literally stuck with Hisoka. Machi's luck was the worse, but only because she refused to admit how good it really was.

End of Card 02

Disclaimer, I don't own Hunter x Hunter or Gummy Bears, which is where the gummy berries are from, it was just a random reference. I'm not even sure why I like Hisoka x Machi; I can't point out a specific reason except that they're fun. Hisoka became my favorite Hunter x Hunter character at first having caught my attention simply because he reminded me of Axel from Kingdom Hearts; he later earned his spot on my favorites list on his own right. Usually I'm protective of my favorites like a true fan girl and rarely pair them up, and when I do, I'm picky. I think that maybe what made me approve of Machi was her cool, calm and collected attitude, the fact that she doesn't throw herself at the bishounen (aka Hisoka) and how well those two could contrast and interact.