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I Can't Get No (Satisfaction)

This was depressing.

She was distant



Almost as if

She had changed.



Even now,

I'm not so sure.

What happened

Between us.

She was no longer


She was that no good


Everywhere he was swarmed.

Much like I was

During the first

Few days of fame.

But it had been accused

That he always had

Danger following him.

No matter what.

So what did she

See in him.

The Danger.

The Fear.

I still don't understand.

No matter

How long

She's with him.

It breaks my heart.

But maybe,

Just maybe,

Faith was intervening.

I glanced over

At her

One last time

Before I moved on.

Or at least

That was what

I told myself

I would do.

Now I sat here

With Jessie

On my side


She was nice

And charming

And pretty.

But she wasn't her.

I smiled though,

Trying to look

As innocent

As I could with her by my side.

It was hard.

She wasn't Sonny.

She never would be.

Sonny had moved on.


They did share

The same sense of


Which made me feel,

A tad bit better.

But I couldn't help but notice

That I was living

A whole fallacy

Of a love life.

But that was a tenet

I had often kept

To myself

To ruse people with.

But that's really

Just it.

I can't get any satisfaction

Without Sonny.

But I settled for


And I'll just have to deal

With her.


Until I get

My own satisfaction


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