Welcome to a collection of Drabbles on the various Doctor Who Companions of Old and New (and sometimes both!). Far as I know there isn't one of these yet, so I'm going to attempt and see how many of the companions (including those not in the actual series but perhaps in the books, comics and audio adventures by Big Finish) I can actually write for (plus their respective Doctors if needed). Hope you enjoy this first installment. I like constructive reviews and also I do take requests/suggestions for characters and possible pairings, so thanks for listening.

Like My Gun?

Characters: Ace, Rose, Daleks

Pairings: None

Summary: In her attempts to reach the Doctor, hardened Companion Rose Tyler meets the original Dalek Killer. Ace's POV, Pre 'The Stolen Earth' for Rose.

It was your typical battleground, cold wet and muddy, the sounds of streaming in the distance punctuated with fires of laser fire and harsh, stracco voices blaring out their typical mission objective.




So just another usual day for her, then. She let forth a wave of energy fire at the advancing Dalek lines, seeing three of them explode in a satisfying explosion. Spinning round she spotted twelve more, the large portion of her squad mates on this dirty backwater she'd misplaced the name of dead or dying. Another couple of friends she'd owed several Nitro-Nine controlled explosions for.


Ah, that's more like it! The Professor would be proud...

Thinking of her old friend and mentor blurred her thoughts for a moment, and too late Ace realised she'd missed the lone Dalek to her right which aimed its weapon...

...only to have its head blown clean off, crashing in front of its' grey torso and exposing the flailing mutant within. Ace turned slightly to see a blonde girl, perhaps a few years younger than her, dressed in a purple jacket and black combat trousers and carrying the biggest energy blaster McShane had ever seen.

"Nice Gun." Was all she said as the Daleks paused for a second, then advanced. "You lost?"

The girl seemed determined, a brief flash of fear on her face as she glanced at the evil pepper-pots like they meant something important to her. Ace almost knew that look, and for a moment she wondered if...

"Sorry, got a little side-tracked. Looking for... someone. Temporal charts off slightly; have to wait a bit... You fighting them alone?"

"If I have to, yeah."

"Need some help?"

"Always a good thing."

The two women pointed their weapons at the circle of Daleks as they moved into attack position.

"So, there's a lot of them."

"Never stops me. Name's Ace, what's yours?"

"Rose. Rose Tyler."

And Ace McShane permitted the briefest of smiles, the quickest of her old, schoolgirl 'What do we do now Doctor' glances before the pair fired back at the army of death.

And when it was over, Ace never saw that blonde girl again. Whoever she was and whenever she was from, Ace hoped that she would find what she was looking for, because she knew it must be important.

Note: During her adventures with the 7th Doctor (at least according to the Virgin Adventures), Ace McShane spent three years away from him as a Space Fleet Warrior, fighting in one of the major Dalek Wars before returning to the TARDIS, older and hardened. Since Rose was portrayed in her return to the series in much the same way, I figured it to make sense to have the pair of them briefly together doing what they do best.