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Characters: Tenth Doctor, Rose Tyler, Martha Jones, Donna Noble, Mickey Smith, Jack Harkness, Sarah Jane Smith, Jackie Tyler

Pairings: None

Summary: The Children of Time face two dimensional imprisonment at the hands of the most feared force in the universe. Crackfic inspired by a recent obtained poster on me hols and set in the 'Children of Wine' Universe, created by Makelovenotsense in her 'Time Was' drabbles where the cast of 'Journey's End' are subjected to terrible, terrible cruelties by an evil fanfic writer. But oh is it fun. You will read her drabbles. I am the Metaltron, and you will obey me...

The TARDIS was cruising happily across the vortex of time, heading leisurely back in the direction of Earth, the unusually crowded vessel containing some of the occupant's oldest friends, not to mention the Time Lord himself. Twice.

The ship, which was naturally quite sentient and capable of listening into all matters which occurred in her inner shell at the gathering of this so-called 'truth and dare' thing was just getting more than a little annoyed that the Doctor had never kissed her – his oldest friend and constant, never mind all those well looking humanoids he called 'Companions' and in two minds as to rudely drop them in the middle of a Slitheen Hunt or Dalek Fleet when she suddenly felt something.

Something so immensely evil, so filled with desire for control of her and the occupants within, that the TARDIS did something most would think a lump of metals and bolts inside a blue wooden box could never do – feel fear.

And then she was forced to land with a sickening stop.

The Doctor and Rose had been ready to tell the embarrassing story about that little incident in the Wild West with the red dress and General Custer's stolen trumpet to the others when the ship lurched violently.

"Blimey, that was sudden! Everyone alright?" Martha quickly helped Jack and Donna to their feet, secretly guessing the red haired woman had used the fall to aim in Jack's direction purposely, the Captain giving something between an awkward smile and amused smirk.

Sarah shifted Jackie to her feet and nodded. "Well I'm ok. Doctor, that wasn't a normal landing. That reminded me of our crash in 1911." A look from the uneducated made her smile. "Oh, long story – Egyptian Mummies, Orisan Gods, possessed madmen, burning priories... that sort of thing."

The Time Lords looked at each other with a knowing worried glance before the original glanced towards the doors. "Yeah, you're right, that was really not a proper landing, almost like the girl was trying to avoid something... Wonder if she succeeded?"

Rose and Martha both gave him the same stare, one thinking of the Cybus Universe entry, the other of visits to the end of time and the Master. All things considered, the group knew the only way to be certain of where they were, was to go outside.

The slight which greeted them was mind-numbing. With the Doctor's clone asked to remain inside to check the damaged TARDIS systems, the original braved the unknown qualities of beyond the double doors; and were met with sheer terror.

The place directly outside the ship was a reddish nothingness with simple white swirls about them, but the real fearful reality came from a rectangular window to an impossible world beyond. On one side, Iron Man cast a heroic pose as he slammed brickwork to dust, a second saw Luke Skywalker weld his trusty lightsaber with loyal Princess Leia and Han Solo at his side and at the third, a Dalek chillingly aimed its gun in their direction. All of these would be sights of amazement and terror – were they moving.

The Doctor leaned forwards, his eyes widening as the fearful truth loomed over him. "Oh no... no no no no..."

Rose was directly behind him, Jackie clutching her shoulder. "What is it Doctor? What we facing this time? I could get some soldiers from my universe, yeah? Or maybe Jack can get Ianto and Gwen to help, or Martha UNIT..."

They all jumped as a face loomed into view on the apparent screen, its features lined with contentment and victory as the Time Lord seemed helpless. "There's nothing I can do. No force can beat that thing, Rose. Cause that... that is the most evil thing in the entire universe." DonnaDoctor nodded, even her half-Gallifreyian mind quaking at the thought of defeating this foe.

Mickey was the first to speak. "Well... what is it then? What's more dangerous than the Daleks or the Cybermen?"

The Doctor was grave. "It's of a race of creatures who select unfortunate beings from other realities at random and traps them in an apparent two-dimensional state for the rest of time. And there's nothing I can do to stop it. Cause that Mickey Smith... is a fanboy."