Bella Swan interviews Rosalie Cullen on the Bella talk show!

By Edwards Angel RosAlie

*Supermasive Black Hole is theme song plays and crowed applause*

Bella: Hello I'm Bella Swan and today I am going to introduce my friend Rosalie Cullen. Now let's welcome Rosalie!


Rosalie: Hello and thank you for having me. *ugh* Bella and I aren't well known for being the best of friends, but we have been getting along.

Bella: Uhh yeah we have. Now let's get to the questions. How long does it take to get use to being a vampire?

Rosalie: It depends on how prepared you are and getting use to your eyes changing color, your throat burning and trying to control your strength! It's hard. But in time you will learn.

Bella: It helps but I think I will talk to Jasper on that subject because he knows more about newborns. I also have seen you do stuff for fun like baseball. How do you manage to play without humans noticing?

Rosalie: Since Alice can see the future she lets us know when a thunder storm is coming. As you know when we hit the ball it makes a loud crackling thunder sound. So the storm covers it up.

Bella: Yes I have seen you play you move faster than the speed of light! As you said Alice can see the future. Do you know if will have a power or have a power at all?

Rosalie: Well we don't if you will have a special ability yet. Carlisle, Esme,Emmett, and I don't have a power. You may not have one like me, or you may have a power like Edward. Even if you do get a power you won't know immediately. It can take a week or it can take over a year. You never really know.

Bella: That's Helpful maybe if I do get a power, I'll be able to move things with my mind. But then I would probably break them 'cause I'm such a klutz!

*Both burst out into laughter*

Rosalie: That would be funny!

Bella: Ok. Who do you think would best to change me?

Rosalie: That's a hard decision to make. I personally don't think you should be a vampire. But it is your choice and we are still discussing that idea.

Bella: Thanks I'll keep that in mind. Oh well that's all the time we have for today. Thank you all for coming and I hope to see you soon.

*Bella does a shy wave. Rosalie waves and blows a kiss to the audience*