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K: Actually I'm not !

A: No ?

K: No !

A: Damned ! Heavy sobs.

K: ORO ?


Six days had passed since Enishi had given Kenshin his warning about his coming to the dojo. Everyone was waiting for the upcoming battle.

Four more days to wait...

Kenshin was barely talking. He was so much aware of how his past was now a burden for all the members of his new family.

Sano & Yahiko kept working out attacks and defences plans, which - Kenshin knew - would not be of much use; Enishi would certainly have planned an attack that would surprise everybody.

He certainly must have planned his attack a very long time ago... elaborating his plan a little bit more every day since the terrible day he killed Tomoe.

A plan he had ten years to build.

Kaoru was still hoping that the letter sent to Misao would reach her in time to bring Tomoe's Diary back with her to Tokyo.

This Diary would prove to Enishi that Tomoe and Kenshin had strong and true feelings for each other. Although Tomoe could never forgive Kenshin for killing the man she cared for so much, she had come to fall in love with this man, who was now vowing to protect her whatever may happen.

She didn't want to see her new beloved killed. As the strong minded woman she had become she was now ready to plead his cause in front of all those who were fomenting plots against him.

Kaoru was sure Enishi could start forgiving Kenshin if he was aware of the real feelings that inhabited his sister.

The Diary had to come in time...in time to avoid the terrible fight, so that peace could finally come to the dojo and into Kenshin's heart.