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Eric POV

Vampires do not dream, except in very rare occurrences. I had not dreamt in over a century, but I did today. My brain came alive with images of my lover. Sookie, happily skipping across the lawn, heading to the woods. Sookie, her face a mask of terror, staring at the disgusting male specimen in front of her. Then I saw him hit her until she began to pass out, my name the last word that escaped her lips.

I drug myself from my daytime slumber, my movements were slow so I knew the sun hadn't quite disappeared behind the horizon, but I also knew something was horribly wrong.

Then I felt it, or rather did not feel it. I could not feel Sookie, the bond was still very much in place, but it was as if someone had put up a wall right in the middle as I had slept. I could not tell if she was scared or in pain, but I did know she was alive. If she was dead, there would be nothing there.

My limbs were heavy, but I pulled myself off the bed and as fast as I was able, I pulled the sword that Ogier had given me from underneath the mattress and nearly pulled the doors from the hinges as I flew down the stairs and out the front door, just as the suns last rays were chased away by the night.

I took to the sky, scanning the woods beneath me, until I smelt the familiar and seductive scent of blood beneath me.

With a thud I landed in the middle of the clearing that Sookie had stood in in my dream and I knew it hadn't been just a dream. It had been Mordred and his godforsaken mother. They had taken my beloved.

I saw the bodies of the Were guards around me and I let out a roar that made the creatures lurking in the woods around me tremble and slink back into their holes.

I knelt over a little puddle of blood and laid the sword down on the ground beside me as Sookie's sweet, intoxicating scent caressed my nostrils. A single bloody teardrop slid down my cheek and dripped off my jaw, to mingle with her blood.

I took to the air again and began to curse myself for my carelessness. With the threat of Sookie being abducted by an evil fairy hanging over our heads, I should have had more than a handful of Were guards protecting her. I should have had Morgan send some fae to help protect her. I should have called Niall or had Sookie's fairy godmother watch out for her, but instead I had trusted Morgan to keep her safe.

Why the hell did I trust that fairy so damn much? I know how devious the Fae can be and I should have been more vigilant.

The fact that Sookie was supposed to meet Morgan but instead crossed the paths of the two fairies who wanted her in their clutches, did not bode well with me and I would have answers.

Landing on a ledge on the roof and crouching down, the sword held tightly in my grip but with no foe to stick it into, I looked into the night sky. The stars, my eternal coconspirators, were winking at me, as if to encourage me to devise a plan for my lovers return.

"I will find you, my love. I will save you and bring you home." I whispered my promise into the wind, hoping that somehow my words would reach my beloveds ears.

My child's voice coming from behind me broke through my dark thoughts, "Master, where is Sookie?"


Pam's POV

As I awoke from my slumber, I felt the rage and turmoil that my master was feeling. Wondering what the hell Compton had done now to irritate him, I stretched on the peach silk sheets that adorned my bed and then got up to retrieve my robe.

The night air was then filled with a deep mournful cry that I knew had come from my Master. It was then that I realized that he was in the worst kind of emotional pain, and no way could Compton spur a reaction such as this.

Quickly, I followed Eric's essence up stairs and through corridors, until I came to the door that led to the rooftop. Opening the door, I saw Eric instantly, naked and crouched down on a ledge overlooking the estate. There was a sword that I had never seen before (and I have seen all of Eric's swords) clasped between his giant hands. He looked like a Viking gargoyle ready to attack any who threatened the peace of this house.

Too late.

"Master, where is Sookie?" I feared the answer I knew he was going to give me.

He turned his head towards me and I took a small step back at what I saw in his eyes. I was filled with rage and whoever put my Master in this state would pay and pay dearly.

"She is gone," he whispered, "And I cannot track her. The bond has been impeded. She is alive, I know this."

"Well then, we must call in the cavalry." I answered evenly and with only the slightest trace of excitement.

He nodded and I could sense the gratitude oozing from him.

Gesturing him towards the door behind me I said, "Come, we might as well begin by calling Sookie's irritatingly devoted Shifter boss. Would you like to call him or shall I?"

He growled, stepping back off the ledge and stalking across the rooftop to go back downstairs. I watched him leave, admiring his naked form and thinking how he had ruined me for men, human or vampire. And now Sookie, had ruined him for any other woman.

We must find Sookie, or else I fear that I must watch my Master fade into oblivion without her.



I slid a cold beer down the bar to one of my faithful early afternoon patrons and was about to head into my office to grab some paperwork, when the phone rang behind the bar.

Balancing the phone on my shoulder, I answered, "Merlotte's Bar."

A voice, whose owner I once hated but now begrudgingly respected, snarled into my ear with barely contained rage.

"Shifter, Sookie has been taken."

"What?" I barked into the phone, "By who? When?"

"She was taken while I slept. I will fill you in on the details later but can I depend on you shifter, to fly here and help me find her?"

"Absolutely Eric. I would do anything to get Sookie back safely."

"So would I, Sam." His voice was quiet, betraying him and giving me my first and probably only glimpse at an emotionally vulnerable Eric Northman.

"Ok Eric, what do you need me to do?"

His voice resumed its tone that assured violence and results, "I will let Pam speak to you and explain the details."

I heard him hand off the phone, then the always condescending Pam proceeded to give me details about a flight I had to get on tonight and that I would be met when I landed tomorrow evening.

After I hung up the phone I quickly ran into my office, grabbed my keys and went back into the bar.

"Ok everyone out, closing up early today. Go on, get outta here."

A few surprised faces looked up at me as I began ushering the patrons out one by one. Ignoring the dirty and questioning looks that I received from the drinkers and the waitresses, I waited for everyone to finally clear out.

I went into my office and put together a makeshift sign with the help of cardboard and a red marker. Shutting off all the lights and making sure every door and window was locked up tight, I walked out the front door, locked it behind me, then stuck my little sign to the door with a few pieces of duct tape.


I didn't know how long I would be gone, or if I would even come back and I didn't trust any of my workers but Sookie to keep the place running in my absence.

Walking swiftly to my trailer, I looked up at the crystal clear sky and hoping my voice would travel to wherever she is, I said, "Don't worry Sookie. We will find you."

Claudine's POV

I knew something terrible had happened with Sookie, but I couldn't do anything about it. When I went to transport myself to where she was, I was stopped by a force that I could not explain. A force that bound me to my bed and seemed to strip me of my abilities.

I had been in a deep sleep when suddenly I bolted straight up in bed, wide awake, I felt Sookie's terror strike through me. Because it was daylight where she was, I knew that I might be the only one that could reach her quickly. But I realized I had failed when her fear was snuffed out and the connection I had with Sookie was replaced with a dull roar.

My connection with Sookie was nothing like what she had with her Viking. It was created by Fae magic and I could only really sense her when she was in danger. When that happened, then I could feel her emotions, whether she was afraid, angry or even peaceful, like that night when she had been sleeping when someone tried to burn her house down.

I don't know how long I cried, but it didn't matter since I couldn't transport myself somewhere else and all attempts to mentally reach out for help were bounced back to my brain, causing a sharp pounding to begin at my temples. But I sat on my bed sobbing my little fairy heart out and looking out the window watching the dawn chase the night away.

Finally I heard the front door open and my brother walk towards my bedroom. And when he knocked on my door and didn't receive an answer he quietly opened it and peered in. When he saw me, he raced to my side and pulled me into his arms. As soon as he touched me, the invisible ropes binding me slipped off and I felt my body refill with my magic.

"What's wrong? I just got home, why are you crying," Claude questioned me frantically.

I shook my head, trying to regain my bearings. Then I pushed him back, swung my legs over the edge and stood up, pulling him up with me by his hands.

Looking as serious as he has probably ever seen me, I looked into his eyes and said, "We must go to Sookie, but I don't know where she is. I don't know what happened. I felt she was in danger and tried to go to her but was stopped somehow."

Claude's eyes widened but nodded that he understood what I was saying. His eyes began darting back and forth and I knew his mind was working quickly.

Finally he spoke, "We should call Niall and tell him. But I think we should go to the Viking. We know he took her to England. Whatever happened, we will find our answers there."

The phone rang on the wall behind us but I shook my head and said, "No time."

Then in a blink we popped out of my bedroom and were suddenly standing in a large room with a fireplace behind us and a wingback chair on either side of us. And half surrounded by wide eyed full fanged vampires.

"Oh shit." Claude said, taking a step back, while the vampire I knew as Pam took a step forward and licked her pretty lips.

"Pam!" A voice roared from behind her, causing the windows to rattle and my ears to ring.

I let out a deep breath, that I hadn't realized I was holding, when the vampire Northman stepped forward and threw a look at the others surrounding him. I followed his gaze and saw my beloved cousins former boyfriend, vampire Bill and two vampires I didn't recognize. A dainty and pretty female and a pretty scary man who seemed to be having trouble keeping a hold of the tiny dark haired lady at his side.

"Northman." I said carefully.

His eyes were dangerous blue flames, fixed on me and I knew I needed to proceed cautiously. He had one hand around the wrist of his now placid child and the other hand wrapped around the upper arm of Bill, his grip vise like. But I had a feeling if I said the wrong thing, he would release his hold on both of them.

"Claudine, Claude, why are you here?"

I took a deep breath before I spoke, "I know something happened to Sookie. I felt that she was in danger and tried to go to her but I could not. Something stopped me. It was only because my brother came home and found me that I was able to come here now."

He leaned down and whispered something in his child's ear and she seemed to perk up a little, which unsettled me to be honest. But when he released her wrist, instead of leaping for me, she turned to Compton, grabbing his arm and began yanking him towards the door. Eric then looked to the burly, scarred vamp who had a very precarious hold on the obviously hungry female, with a flick of his eyes towards us, he flung the lady over his shoulder and traipsed out of the room. Her eager little green eyes on us the entire way.

When the three of us were finally alone, Sookie's Viking looked back to us, "Sookie was supposed to meet Morgan today, but instead was greeted by Mordred and his foul mother in the woods. They took her and somehow blocked our bond so I could not track her. We are calling in reinforcements. In fact I was just calling you when you two popped in."

I nodded my head and smiled sadly, "This is troubling news but I am happy to see you are already working to get her back."

He gave me a disgusted look and said, "Of course I am."

Claude cleared his throat, drawing our attention.

"We should call Niall." He said.

Eric nodded then said, "You call him. I have a werewolf to deal with."

With that he turned from us, pulled his cell phone out of his pocket and dialed a number.

I pulled my own cell phone out of my pocket just as I heard the Viking say, "Alcide, this is Northman, we have to talk."

I speed dialed Niall's phone and took a deep breathe, ready to explain myself.


Amelia POV

I was sitting at the kitchen table drinking my Green tea and trying to drown out whatever Octavia was talking about. My head was stuck on trying to figure out the meaning of the sign posted on the front door of Merlotte's that I had seen when I had headed into work. Several times I had tried to call Sam but he never picked up and his truck was gone too. No one else seemed to know where he had gone off to either. I wasn't really worried that something had happened to Sam, I knew he could take care of himself. But one thing I learned from all this time living with Sookie, was that you could never be too careful.

Speaking of the blonde mind reading wonder, I hadn't seen nor heard from her since the night her and Eric had disappeared during Fangtasia's species mixer. Pam told me that night that Sookie had gone home with Eric and that hadn't come as surprise at all, in fact I had been relieved. Sookie and Eric had needed to seriously deal with all the issues they had between one another and frankly Sookie had needed to get laid, badly.

The next evening, I had been waiting for Sookie to come home, when Pam called me and told me that the three of them were going on some little English countryside vacation. I would be lying if I said that I didn't mind that Sookie hadn't been the one to call. I know Sookie had been through a lot these past few years and a getaway with her Viking was what she deserved and what she seriously needed as well. But I couldn't help but feel forgotten.

Figuring she would call soon, pouring out sincere apologies and great stories, I settled back in the chair and tried to tune back into Octavia. Just in time, I realized that she was trying to get me to go meet her family in New Orleans the following weekend.

I was about to make up a little white lie about having to do a favor for someone and I had my mouth open, ready to spew said lies, when the phone rang.

Jumping up, relieved for an interruption, I dashed to the phone and answered it.


"Amelia?" A very deep, sexy and familiar voice said.

"Eric?" I asked, a little confused, "What's up? Why you calling? You know Sookie's with you right?"

I snorted at the thought of the Viking not knowing where Sookie was. I was half expecting Eric to at least pity chuckle at my not funny joke. What I wasn't expecting was to be answered by dead silence.

I felt the hopeful smile slowly slip from my face and at seeing this Octavia's eyes grew wide with worry.

I took a deep breath and with panic leaking into my voice I said, "Eric, Sookie's with you, right?"

"Amelia." He said more softly than I had ever heard Eric speak before. I tried to bring my rapidly growing fear down a few notches.

"Tell me Eric."

He took a deep and somewhat shaky sounding breath and with that I knew something was very wrong. Eric didn't need to breath and he sure as hell never had collect himself before speaking.

"She was taken during the daylight today. Will you and the other witch leave tonight and fly here to help me find her and get her back?"

I quickly glanced at Octavia, who was looking as alarmed as I felt and then said, "Sookie needs us? Sookie's got us. When's our flight?"

With that, he handed the phone over to Pam, who, surprisingly, was just as serious as Eric, not one sexual innuendo did she insert into the conversation. She gave me all the information I needed about our flight and I quickly jotted it all down on a notepad that we always kept by the phone.

We hung up after she thanked me and Octavia for Eric. I turned to Octavia, repeating to her everything that Eric had just told me.

I was impressed at her self control, although I could tell by her eyes that she was struggling to maintain her composure as well.

She let out a puff of air and said, "Well, let's get packing quickly then."

I nodded and followed her upstairs.

"To England," she said, punching a hand in the air.

"To England and to Sookie, " I replied gravely.

Eric POV

All the most important phone calls were done. Now I had to wait. Wait for reinforcements before I could do anything to bring my Sookie back. I was not good at waiting, I had patience for my lover only. But when it came to her safety, her incredibly delicate life, I had no patience, no lenience and absolutely no sense of humor.

Bill, my child and I, were led to a study by Hamish, who had become even more silent since I told him and Maybelle what had happened to my lover.

The giant Scot gestured absently towards the desk and Bill quickly sat in the chair and fired up the computer in front of him. Pam sat down primly in the chair across from Compton and she pulled out her cell phone and began making more calls. They both had thrown aside their mutual dislike for one another as soon as Sookie went missing. It had been an unspoken truce between the two of them.

Initially, when I had told Compton, he said it was my fault and then very stupidly attacked me. It had taken me seconds to restrain him. With my hands wrapped around his throat, I exerted just the right amount of pressure for him to know I was not playing this game with him now.

He had quickly regained the little sense he had and told me that him and his skills were at my disposal, as if they weren't already. I turned my attention back to the hovering Scotsmen.

"Is there something else Hamish?"

He tapped his chin thoughtfully a few times, then nodded his head somberly and slyly gestured for me to follow him back out into the hallway. I obliged and shut the door of the study behind me, knowing, without a doubt, that my child would be listening to us with one ear and the person on the phone, with the other.

Folding my arms across my chest, I nodded my head at Hamish.

His brow furrowed in a gesture that I was sure was very reminiscent to mine at that moment.

"I was wondering why, after you threatened her the other night, Cora chose to visit our little abode last night, after you and Sookie had retired for the evening."

My body went rigid when he spoke Cora's name and I looked hard at the Scot.

"Cora was here last night?"

He nodded, "Aye, that she was and the night before too. I didn't think too much of it, just kept an eye on the hussy. Now with your little lass gone, I am starting to think she may have something to do with it."

I nodded my head slowly, "It would be very like Cora to want to get rid of a human I had bonded with."

"I was aware of an unusual relationship between you and your bonded before the two of you even arrived here. So it is very likely that Cora already knew of her as well, before Sookie ever set foot inside The Belle's Arms."

I was clenching and unclenching my fists, fighting to maintain control of myself.

"What does she do when she comes here?" I asked through my grinding teeth.

"She comes to see that one vamp that came with you."

"Bubba?" I asked, knowing full well that Pam would rather stake herself than willingly spend time with Cora.

The pieces of the puzzle began to slip into place.

Hamish nodded, "After what you discovered was going on between him and the one who arrived last night, I am amazed you didn't send him home, or punish him at all for that matter."

I let out a frustrated sigh, " Obviously, you have no idea how important and beloved Bubba is to the southern vampire population. Besides, he only responds to positive reinforcement."

Hamish shrugged his massive shoulders, "Seems to me, that lad is more trouble than he is worth."

"Enough." I growled, mere moments from attacking him, "I have more important matters to attend to."

With that, I turned my back on him and returned to the room where I had left Bill and Pam. I had the faintest inclination that the Scotsmen was pleased by our exchange. I also had my suspicions that Hamish had told me this new information in the manner that he had, in hopes that it would light a fire in me. If this was his plan, he succeeded.

"Pam." I said more sharply than I had meant to but gave no sign of noticing, she just looked up at me with those cold eyes. And behind those eyes, I knew her faithful gears were turning like a well oiled machine.

"We must find Cora. I think she has something to do with this." I finished.

Pam nodded and stood, "Where do you suspect she is?"

I furrowed my brow and cross my arms over my chest, "She is probably still very near. If she fed Mordred information to get Sookie out of the picture, than she will want to collect her reward soon."

"Reward?" Bill said from behind the computer monitor.

I nodded solemnly, "Yes, Cora has never been one to accept rejection gracefully. I believe she sold out Sookie. She probably thinks I will not to be that upset by her disappearance and won't waste my time trying to get her back."

Pam smiled devilishly and said, "She does not know what my master has become since meeting our sweet little telepath."

"She does not." I replied quietly. My words seemed to hang in the air for a few moments before I told both of them to follow me.

"I want to speak to Bubba first. Hamish says she came to the manor to see him last night. I want to know what he told her." I said while the three of us made our way to the great hall.

"Well isn't Bubba just having the time of his undead life," Pam said, not even trying to hide her irritation.

The three of us entered the great hall together and found Maybelle and Hamish alone. Hamish was sitting in one of the wing backed chairs before the fireplace, his axe across his lap. He was gliding a sharpening stone across the blade of his axe and I found the familiar sound somewhat comforting. Maybelle was standing in front of the fire, her back to us, she seemed deep in thought.

"Have either of you seen Bubba this evening?"

Hamish shook his head and then turned his attention back to his task. Maybelle turned from the fire and I was a little taken aback by the emotions I saw playing across her features. She looked incredibly sad and vulnerable for the briefest moment before her usual mask of serene boredom slid back on.

There was uncharacteristic tension around her lips as she said, "Yes Eric. I saw him this evening. Him and that tramp that dares call herself a vampire were trying to hunt down a feline meal. I saw them shortly before you found me and told me of Sookie's abduction."

She clamped her mouth shut in a way that I knew meant she wanted to say something else.

"What is it Maybelle?" I snarled.

If she knew something about my lovers whereabouts, there was no way, she wasn't going to tell me.

Maybelle held up a hand to halt my advance, I hadn't even realized that I had taken a step towards her.

Hamish had froze with the sharpening stone mid stroke and his eyes were still but sharp as he watched me.

I brushed a hand impatiently through my hair and let out a frustrated sigh. Everyone around me seemed more disturbed by this small noise coming from me, than the threatening growl I had directed to Maybelle.

I looked deeply into the eyes of Maybelle and Hamish, "I want my bonded back. If either of you know of anything that may help us track her, tell me now. If you do not tell me and I find out later that you withheld information from me, you will both regret it."

Hamish stood up with vampire speed at my words, it seemed he didn't want to speak, unless it was to let his axe do the talking. I let him know with one look, that his sudden move hadn't surprised or unnerved me in any way.

"Sit." Maybelle's usually sweet voice was laced with a sour note as she spoke to Hamish.

For a moment I thought Hamish would ignore her and leap towards me, but at the last second, he relaxed and sat back in the chair. His eyes danced from my child and Bill standing behind me, to my challenging gaze.

"Eric," Maybelle began, taking a tentative step towards me, "I cannot help but feel partially at fault for the taking of your bonded. They were my guards that failed at protecting her and because of that, I failed you."

She shook her head, as if contemplating her regrets once more.

"No Maybelle. She was my bonded, therefore mine to protect. If you did not provide good enough guards, I should have seen to it. But I was careless. Between your Were guards, our presence, her fairy godmother and Morgan herself, I foolishly thought Sookie would be protected."

"I wonder why you and Sookie trusted Morgan so much and so easily. You have never been one to trust the Fae, no matter who they were." My child's voice spoke absentmindedly from behind me. When Pam spoke this way, I found it best to pay particular attention.

I nodded, "Yes Pam, I was thinking the same thing. I fear Morgan wasn't quite what she seemed to me and she may have influenced the both of us to trust her."

"Never trust a damn fairy." Hamish said gruffly from his chair.

"Claudine and Claude went to go speak to their grandfather off the premises. I don't think he was comfortable with the idea of meeting them in a house that had a few dozen vampires residing inside. As soon as Claudine returns, I hope we will know more." I said with a confidence I did not fully feel.

Maybelle waved her hand through the air impatiently, "Until then, we must prepare for tomorrow night. I called Abner and after your bonded revealed the fellowship members within his nest, he was all too willing to help us find your Sookie."

"That is good of him." I replied.

Maybelle shrugged, "I think it helps that he is easily bored and is often looking for something to amuse him."

"I am so pleased that he finds Sookie's distress so entertaining." My jaw was clenched so tightly that I had to force myself to relax it before I shattered the teeth within my skull.

Maybelle was standing in front of me now, having taken tiny steps towards me since I had first snarled at her.

Bravely, she laid a hand on my forearm and spoke calmly, "It doesn't matter his reasoning, he wants to help and you will need quite a lot of help, if these faeries are as bad as I think they are. There are people you called tonight that will be arriving tomorrow night, correct?"

I nodded and she continued, "What kind of eclectic mix of people should we be expecting?"

"Two witches, a shifter, a few Were panthers, a large number of werewolves, a few more vampires from Shreveport and Victor Madden. He was DeCastro's idea of sending me reinforcements." I finished with a snort.

My child's voice floated up from behind me, "Master, everyone that you called this evening is more than willing to do what they can to get our Sookie back. I am sure we wouldn't even need the help of Victor Madden."

I turned my head towards her and silently thanked her for her words before turning back to Maybelle and saying, "We must find Bubba. I hope Cora is fool enough to still be with him."

I bowed my head to both of them and was just about to take my leave with Pam and Bill when the distinct pop of a fairy appearing made me freeze in my tracks.

I slowly rotated back around and standing between our two small groups was a man whose skin seemed to emit a golden glow. Behind and slightly to the left of him was Morgan, her head bowed and her eyes glued to the floor, an obvious gesture of subservience.

The man followed my gaze and when his eyes rested on her, the blue of his eyes that was so bright, like the clearest of days, turned into the color of the deepest depths of the ocean. Anger flashed across them and I knew he was trying to contain his rage.

Slowly, I lowered myself to one knee before him. Behind me I could feel my child and Bill following suit. Hamish and Maybelle seemed more wary but after only a moments hesitation, they too kneeled.

"King Arthur."

I spoke with a reverence not usually reserved for the Fae, except for my beloved. But Arthur has been a symbol for all supes, well for all beings for that matter. A symbol of honor and integrity, of greatness and courage.

He turned back to me and his gaze was so intent that I felt like he was very easily looking into my soul and discerning whether or not I was worthy. Worthy of what I did not know.

"You are Eric The Northman?" His gaze continued to bore into me and he had yet to acknowledge any of the other vampires.

"Yes." I replied.

"You are the one that my descendant Sookie loves so much?"

"I am the one that loves Sookie and will do anything in my power to get her back."

For an instant his blue eyes flashed with what appeared to be satisfaction. Then he held out a hand, palm up and gestured for me to rise.

I did so, then took a few steps towards him. As I grew closer the glow coming from his skin seemed to intensify. He wasn't much shorter than myself and was built for wielding a broadsword while galloping after his enemies on horseback.

His hair fell to his shoulders and it was not the white blonde that Sookie and I shared, but a much warmer color. He turned back to Morgan for a moment, the candlelight danced across his face and I espied a streak of shimmering gold on his forehead and leading into his hairline. This was what remained of the wound that Mordred had given him on that battlefield so long ago. And while in my dream, Mordred's wound continued to fester and hinder him, Arthur's seemed almost to breathe with the magic that flowed through his veins.

With a surprising amount of difficulty I pulled my gaze from his face and followed his line of vision.

Morgan was now, very nearly trembling under Arthur's unwavering glare.

Knowing I would be unable to continue the search for Bubba at this time, but needing to speak to him as soon as possible, I turned to Bill and said, "Compton, leave us and find Bubba."

Bill's eyes blazed up at me and he had just opened his mouth for what was sure to be a childish and selfish remark when Arthur's voice filled the room and it sounded none too pleased, "William Compton, go find this man that your Sheriff seeks. We shall be here when you return. Do not fret, you and I will share words."

Wisely, Bill kept his lips tightly shut. He nodded at Arthur, sent me one last petulant look then left the room.

I turned back to Arthur and looked at him questioningly. I knew he would reveal the purpose of his appearance soon enough.

"My sister," he began, practically spitting out the words, " has betrayed us."

My eyes snapped back to her and I nearly roared, "What?"

Arthur nodded his head slightly, "My sister purposefully did not come to Sookie today. She basically placed your beloved into Mordred's hands."

This time I did roar and I wasn't the only one. All at once, Pam and I let out growls that ricocheted off the walls and bounced back to cause Morgan to quiver even more.

With my fangs bared, I tensed up, preparing to pounce on Morgan. Pam was silently communicating that she would grab her from behind. Before Pam and I could strike, Arthur held up a hand for us to halt.

"My sister is mine to punish. You have more important things to think on."

I began reigning in my violent thoughts, but allowed myself one more flash in my mind, of crushing her birdlike throat with minimal effort.

"Why?" I asked, my voice was beginning to sound strained and tired to my ears.

"She did it because she knew it would awaken me. She knew how important Sookie is and how important she will become."

"I do not care to listen to or decipher your vague statements now. Tell me, how can I get my love back?"

A small smile spread over his lips and I was, for a moment, struck by how very beautiful he really was.

He turned from us and strode to the vacant wing back chair across from a still kneeling, Hamish and Maybelle. He gestured for them to rise as well, they did and Hamish resumed his seat on the chair with his axe slung over his lap. Maybelle perched on the arm of the chair beside him and gazed in wonder at the newly awoken ancient king.

Morgan followed Arthur and now stood submissively behind the other chair. When he sat, he took up a position very reminiscent of the kings of old. Feet planted far apart but firmly on the ground, a hand braced above each knee. And his back seemed almost too straight for someone that carried enormous weight upon his shoulder.

"Not only did my sister deliberately disobey my orders and block my attempts at warning Sookie,-"

"You tried to warn her? How? When?" I interrupted insolently.

I received a haughty look from Morgan for my insubordination, which I returned with a 100 times more menace. Arthur looked as if he had paused for me to speak, rather than being rudely interrupted. After a moment of looking at and then being briefly transfixed by his eyes, I knew it to be true.

"Like Morgan, I can visit people in their dreams. I tried to warn Sookie in a dream and I also tried to stop her as she headed towards the woods. But due to my state at the time, she easily pushed me out of Sookie's mind."

"You did all this while you slept? How?" I asked.

One side of his mouth crept up in the faintest mischievous smile, "Because like Sookie, I am a telepath. And an incredibly strong one, but I was significantly weakened while I slept. It is a trait that was passed down to me from my father."

The spell that appeared to be weaving around Arthur and I, seemingly intertwining our auras, suddenly snapped when Maybelle spoke.

"Can you hear our thoughts?" I could see the wariness that grew behind her eyes and her hand was creeping towards Hamish with a slowness that was uncharacteristic for a vampire.

"Any beings." He said, turning his head to Maybelle, his eyes drilling into her "But after centuries upon centuries of being able to do nothing but listen to people and their thoughts. I choose not to listen at all."

Then slowly, he looked back to me, "Except you. Your thoughts I had to listen too. And now I am reassured."

He smiled at me again as I heard his voice speak in my mind, "Now it is your turn to be reassured."

His presence in my mind, trickled over my brain like warming massage oil.

He began to speak out loud again, in a voice that clearly did not wish to be interrupted again.

"As I was saying, not only did my sister disobey me but she also ensured that we could find Sookie. Morgan never meant for her to be lost to you forever. But alas, she put her in danger anyway and for purely selfish reasons. That is not easily forgiven, but she knew of the consequences and did it anyway."

Before I could allow myself a moment of relief at this news I asked, "Just how has she ensured that we will be able to get her back? They have blocked our bond and we do not know, as of yet, where they are hiding. I assume Mordred and his mother cannot enter the Fae world?"

Arthur nodded than stood again and four pairs of undead eyes followed him as he began to walk around the room, weaving around and among its occupants. Pausing next to Pam for a moment, he swept an appreciative look over her perpetually at the ready body. Then he smiled into my child's eyes. If her heart wasn't cold and silent in her chest, it would have fluttered.

I was becoming incredibly impatient with his silence and was about to demand that he tell me exactly how to find my bonded when he turned away from Pam, a lock of her hair twisted around one of his fingers, looked directly into my eyes and said simply, "The necklace."

Within a second a puzzle pieced slipped into place within my mind, "It is enchanted."

He nodded again while looking back and down at Pam, with an expression on his face that I could only describe as hunger.

Stepping away finally, he seemed to release my child from some sort of bewitchment. She shook her head as is she were shaking away a dream. Without her needing to tell me, I knew he had been inside her head. Between the starved look he had given her and the fact that he had been asleep for over 1,500 years, I could very easily imagine what he had said to her. And she did not, at all, look opposed to the idea, nor would I expect her to be.

He walked back towards the fire and stared deeply into the crackling flames. Any other being in existence, I would have thought a fool for being so at ease amongst a group of incredibly antsy vampires. But I had the impression that Arthur is much more aware and much more powerful than he appeared to be.

As he passed by me, he gripped the back of one of my upper arms and steered me towards the fireplace with him.

He began to speak softly, everyone else could hear him and he knew it. But he seemed to want me to know that his words were spoken for me.

"My sister placed a spell on the necklace that you gifted to Sookie, so we would be able to track her."

"Track her how?" I asked, my eyebrows raising in a gesture of skepticism. Could it really be that simple?

I had not forgotten that Morgan was in the room still. I was aware of every nervous shift or shuffling of feet that the betrayer made, but I was still somewhat startled when she spoke up.

"Simple scrying Viking. Tomorrow night I will use the pond in front to find her."

"Why not tonight?" I interrupted gruffly.

She tilted her head and pursed her lips, looking, for just a moment, lost in thought. Smoothing the front of her skirt with a hand that still trembled under Arthur's gaze, she let out a soft sigh, as if she were so put upon.

It took all the control and patience that I had accumulated over a millennium, to stop myself from ripping the answer from her throat.

She was acting like she were the one violently taken from those that loved her. And what must my darling Sookie be going through. I repeatedly tortured myself with images of her being beaten and worse. I longed for the connection of the bond. I wanted to feel the pain and fear she felt, I did not want her experiencing this alone. I knew that the bond must be blocked on her end as well and that thought nearly drove me mad with guilt. I could not imagine the fear she felt at knowing I could not feel her and hence probably could not find her.

I had known for centuries how deceptive the Fae could be. But because of who Morgan was or more specifically, who she was related too, I had foregone my natural caution and had therefore paid the consequences. Or rather, Sookie had.

With her brow furrowed in contemplation Morgan spoke, "The spell I cast calls for two more witches to help reveal where she is being held. And specifically the two witches that live with her."

"Why them?" Pam asked and I could feel the wave of protectiveness that washed over her as she thought of the vivacious Amelia.

Morgan turned her once again serene face to my child, "Not only do they both possess great power but their connection and everyday proximity with Sookie made them ideal."

Scoffing I said, "So in other words, we have to wait?"

Her unapologetic eyes challenged me and I almost laughed outright at her but Arthur speaking softly near the fire drew my attention.

"Morgan is powerful enough to have conjured a spell that she herself would have been able to track Sookie. But she wanted to ensure I would be awake for a time, for her own selfish reasons."

"Besides just awakening you?" I asked tersely.

He nodded.

"For what other reason?" I pressed.

But this time he shook his head and said, "I will explain later Viking. We have company coming."

I heard them in the hallway as well. Three vampires approaching and I knew two had to be Bill and Bubba. I prayed the third was Cora.

The door was flung open and Bill entered with a sheepish looking Bubba and a very pleased looking Cora in his wake.

Before I could stop myself and before I even knew what I was doing, the chair behind me was in pieces and in one hand I held a very large and sharp wooden shard from said chair, pointing straight at her heart, in the other hand, I held her throat in a vice like grip.

"You soulless bitch. What did you do?" I snarled inches from her face.

The fear that had seized her face when I had grabbed her, melted away and it was smug once again.

In a voice that one would use on a child and definitely not on a 1,000 year old killer, she said, "What's wrong Viking? Are you sad your little pet is gone?"

"I have told her nothing of today's events." Bill interjected. I did not spare him a glance but I could feel the look of complete abhorrence he was sending her way.

I kept my eyes glued on her face and almost gently, pressed the stake into her, causing a drop of blood to trickle down her chest. Fear once again spread across her features..

In a calm and quiet voice, I asked again, "What did you do?"

In a pointless effort to save herself, her traitorous story tumbled from her lips. I almost sighed thinking about how Sookie would never break no easily, "Morgause approached me. They knew about our relationship and promised me that once you were free of the lure of that half breed slut, you would welcome my return."

"Fool! You have no idea what would become of me if she perished," I spat at her. Speckles of blood-tinged salvia spattering her face.

Pushing the piece of wood further in until I felt the easily penetrable wall of her breastplate, I said, "What did you tell them?"

Quickly she responded, "I only told them of her arrival and of our interaction. I asked Bubba a few questions but he was mostly useless."

I smirked and said, "Apparently not completely."

I switched my iron hold from her throat to wrap it in her mane of dirty blonde hair. Her bloodcurdling shriek ripped through the night as I flew both of us mindlessly through a giant stained glass window. I barely registered the shards of colored glass shredding my clothes and slicing my skin.

My rage was bringing my bloodlust to such a peak that it was calling out for, demanding retribution. And I would only be satisfied with complete annihilation.

She was screaming like a banshee behind me, her fingers ripping and scratching at my immovable arm attached to her. I flew over the trees and up towards the moon.

Higher and higher we climbed, until the icy chill from the elevation finally seeped into my undead body.

I pulled her up to eye level and she stopped screaming, her eyes growing huge with fright. But before she could plea for her worthless existence, I slammed the shard of wood through her black heart and let out a cry so great and full of my anguish that I hoped it would some how echo out into the night and reach Sookie.

Floating for a few moments, I watched the ashy remnants of Cora float up and away, towards the stars that had watched my vengeful act. Turning away from the moon that seemed to glow brighter with my anger, I flew back to the manor house and saw five faces watching my approach from the broken window.

Pam, Bill, Bubba, Hamish and Maybelle stepped back as I swooped in and landing soundlessly on my feet. I was about to turn back to Arthur and demand a few more explanations when my child's sweetly teasing voice seemed to break through my red haze.

"Well, you ended Sookie's winning streak."

I spun around and raised a brow at her questioningly.

She crossed her arms and began to pout, "I really wanted to see Sookie go three for three with the ex-girlfriends."

I let a ghost of a smile appear on my lips as I thought of my fierce warrior woman.

"I am more than glad to have done it for her," I responded quietly.

Just as I was turning to resume my conversation with Arthur, preferably in private, Compton stepped in the path between the newly awoken king and I. His face was set in its usual self righteous and superior mask.

"Why did you do that Eric? She could have been useful. We could have used her to get to Mordred." He spat at me.

Pam and I exchanged identical eye rolls. She and I had long agreed that Compton had some sort of mental block against simple logic.

I opened my mouth to respond, but before I could, Arthur's voice rang out clear and obviously chiding, "You may understand the deceitfulness of vampires, but what would you know of the Fae's trickery? That woman was a pawn and had served her purpose for both sides. She was useless to everyone."

I watched Bill, hoping against hope that he would make a fatal error with this King. It wasn't just Bill's demise I wished to see, but I was incredibly curious to watch Arthur in action.

But unfortunately for Pam and I, Compton decided to err on the side of caution. His jaw clenched tightly, but he gave Arthur a nod of submission before turning from us all and retreating to the door.

With his hand on the knob, he half turned his head back towards us, but with his eyes never leaving the floor, he said in a voice that echoed with defeat, "I will retire for the morning. Tomorrow evening I will do whatever I can to assist you in the safe return of Sookie."

"Damn right you will, " I growled to him. He did not even look up from the floor to send me a hateful glare.

I nodded towards Bubba, "Go with Compton, Bubba. I will speak with you later. I trust you can keep and eye on him and keep your plotting in line Bill?"

He nodded his head woefully once and motioned for Bubba to follow him. With his hands tucked into his pockets and his very own brand of 'ah shucks' flowing from him, Bubba half smiled in apology to me and he disappeared out the door behind Compton.

Arthur had stared after Compton for a few moments, his eyes moving along the wooden paneling, as if he watched Compton through the walls.

"I do not like that one," He seemingly spoke to himself. His eyebrows furrowed together in a fashion that was often seen on my own face.

Suddenly he clapped his hands together loudly, causing all of us to twitch slightly. He whirled to face us head on, a large friendly smile plastered across his face. Striding back towards us, he stopped in front of Maybelle. Hamish tensed silently behind her, but did not move otherwise.

Sweeping into a elegant bow before Maybelle, who reflexively curtsied in return, he said, "My lady, would you be so kind as to bestow your gracious hospitality upon me, with a room where I may rest?"

Maybelle responded with her easily given consent and when she gracefully gestured towards the door to lead him to a guestroom, he requested one last private moment in which to converse with me. She nodded prettily and hooked her arm through the one that the Scotsman presented to her and exited in a rustle of taffeta, leaving Pam and I alone in the room with Arthur and Morgan.

Arthur went to Morgan and to my surprise put an arm over her small shoulders. He leaned down and whispered in her ear, but of course I heard, which I am sure he meant me too.

"Go, you have much to do and prepare, my sister. Show your worth to me." She nodded her head and he laid a kiss upon the top of her head. Sending me a smile that promised results she popped away.

Arthur then turned to my child and asked her leave us also. She looked to me for direction and I nodded my assent knowing any messages I may need to convey to her could easily be done so, silently. Obediently she withdrew from the room, but not without a certain sway to her hips and a coy look over her shoulder that was most certainly not for me. I was not surprised to see Arthur was watching and enjoying her exit.

Once we were alone he beckoned me over towards the shattered window that exposed the night sky.

He looked around at all the shattered ground around us and out the window as he spoke, "My sister wants the time that we have, before we go to find Sookie, to try and convince me to leave my slumber forever and step into this new world."

"And will you?" I questioned, incredibly curious for the answer. There was so much I could learn from him that my mind nearly reeled from the thought. For a moment I almost understood Morgan's selfishness, almost.

Instead of answering me right away as I had hoped, he waved his hand in small circles over and over, towards the broken glass. Thousands of pieces of colored glass began to levitate. Then with one flick of his wrist, all the shards flew to what remained of the window. The kaleidoscopic pieces slipped so quickly and accurately into place that I took an awed step back.

Arthur stared up at the now restored window, the image of a knight riding towards a castle seemingly transfixing him. There was such a look of sorrow on his face that I almost put a hand on his shoulder to comfort him.

He let out a deep sigh and turning his head slightly to look at me, he said, "There are many things I could learn in this new world. Many pleasures that I could experience. But it is not the kind of world I wish to live in. I could not rebuild my own Camelot in this world, and Morgan knows that. I will return to Avalon." He slipped his hand onto my shoulder and with a small smile continued, "Perhaps you and Sookie could create your own Camelot one day."

I returned the smile, "Yes, perhaps one day we can."

Arthur removed his hand and began to slowly walk to the door, his hands clasped together behind his back.

Abruptly he spun back around to face me and for the briefest of moments, a sheepish expression flashed across his face.

"Pam is your child, yes?"

I slowly nodded, not exactly sure where his question was leading, but still having a very good idea.

His lips curved in the same kind of devilish smirk I reserved for Sookie, "Would you be at all opposed if I enjoyed her company for the last few hours before sunrise?"

I was unable to stop the wide grin the spread across my face, "No, I would not be opposed to the idea at all. Please enjoy yourself, Pam has always been awfully sporting."

He nodded slowly, his smirk still in place, " That I can easily see. I will leave you then. Until the evening."

Holding out his hand in a gesture of camaraderie, I firmly grasped his forearm. Our eyes locked and we silently made a pact.

He left the room without another word, to be shown his room by Maybelle and then find Pam I assumed.

I let the silence of the room and the silence within the bond wash over me for a few moments. Then I went to seek the cold comfort of an empty bed.



I knew there was no way in hell he wasn't coming for me. Between the way he looked at me like a starved beast and the fact that he had been asleep for longer than Eric had been in existence, I knew Arthur needed some serious tension release. And I felt whole-heartedly up to the task.

Leaving the two of them alone, I made my way to the guest room I was using. I slipped out of my clothes, but left on my black undergarments. After being asleep for that long, he must be introduced to the garter belt.

The words he had spoken silently to me, replayed in my head as I slid into my white silk robe.

"What must a man do, to be graced with the pleasure of your exquisite company?"

I had stared at him, unsure how to respond to him at first. During my human life I had heard tales of Arthur and his great knights. But what does one do when propositioned by a legendary warrior and King?

One accepts.

I had concentrated on the warm blue of his eyes and thought to him, "A man must be a man and take what he desires."

My head had filled with his warm laughter and all he had said in response was, "Indeed," Then he had turned back to Eric, breaking our connection. If it had been possible, my breath would have been taken away by him.

As I pulled a few pins from my hair to let the blonde locks flow freely, I heard a confident and brisk knock on my door.

I walked over to it and brushed my fingers through my hair a few times before opening the door to the man, the entity, who had filled the stories from my childhood.

He stood with his hands clasped behind his back and his feet planted at shoulders width. Appearing every inch, a man ready to deal with some serious business. But then again, I guess it was some pretty serious business.

"Pamela." He spoke my name simply, but his voice seemed to caress my skin from the inside, warming the blood in my veins.

When I stepped back from the open door to invite him in, he entered before I could do so. I closed the door and turned to him, he stood in the center of my room, seemingly studying his surroundings, his eyes stopped on the clothing I had just shed and laid over the back of a chair.

Looking back to me, his eyes swept from my loose hair to the stocking covered toes peeking out from the hem of my robe and then back up again to lock onto my own eyes. The look in his eyes was so ravenous that if he were a vampire, I would have been looking for the first weapon.

Swiftly he came towards me and kneeled. His head was bent towards the floor and the sweet scent of heather wafted up to my nose. It was as if he had spent the entire time he was asleep, laying in a sun soaked field filled with the flower.

His hand snaked into the opening of my robe and wrapped around my calf as he raised his head to look back up at me, his chin now nearly level with my breasts. Softly curled golden locks framed his face and skimmed his shoulders. Brushing a lock to the side I saw the shimmering line of gold skin that started above his left eyebrow and ran to his temple before disappearing into his hair.

He began to run the hand that had been gently massaging my calf, up my stocking clad leg. When he reached the point where lace turned to flesh, I felt a jolt of heat shoot from his fingertips and enflame the long cold flesh beneath them.

My head lolled back bonelessly and a rapturous sigh escaped my lips. His hand continued to snake up my body, igniting every inch he touched with the heat that seemed to flow from his skin. Slowly, he stood until he towered above me. Cupping the back of my head with his large hand, he lifted my head to meet his eyes again.

The blue orbs of his were inches from my own and the instant our eyes met, I saw a flash in my own mind of a clear blue sky meeting a serene sea, the sun shone brilliantly on my face for the briefest of moments. And then I was staring into his eyes again.

Lowering his own head, he pulled gently on my hair, causing my next to arch back in a fashion similar to what a victim takes when a vampire feeds. He inhaled deeply along the line of my neck. When he spoke, his breath was like a warm breeze, fluttering my sense.

"You do not often take men as your lovers do you?"

I attempted to lift my head to respond but his iron grip kept my head in place.

"No I do not, most human men I find weak and annoying."

"And vampire men?"

"They are all more self assured then they have any right to be."

A chuckle rumbled deeply within his throat and through his lips, vibrating through the flesh of my neck. And then without another word, he lifted me up and threw me over his shoulder. If I were Sookie, there would have been a fair amount of yelling about cavemen and being her own woman. Thankfully, it was me and I basked in the fact that finally, another man was going to thrill and undoubtedly, fulfill me.

He strode over to the edge of the bed and in a flash he pulled me from his shoulder, holding me before him with one arm under my knees and the other firmly gripping across my back. All humor seemed to have left his eyes and now they burned down at me with a look that was nearly violent with lust. I thought he was about to kiss me and possibly devour my lips at the same time, but instead he tossed me from his arms and I landed with a sigh amongst the peach silk. I stretched seductively across the bed, arching my breasts towards the ceiling.

Snatching my left ankle, he dragged me towards him and then rested the imprisoned ankle on his right shoulder. His fingers delicately traced a line up my shin, over my knee and along my thigh, until I felt him snap the garter from the stocking. Gently he rolled it from my leg and pulled it free with the tiniest of whispers.

"Close your eyes," he breathed against the cool flesh of my calf.

I hesitated at his command. The only man that got away with throwing out orders, as well as the only man allowed to make me feel vulnerable during sex was Eric. Since the sex had stopped years before, replaced by even more orders, I wasn't quite sure about allowing myself to be that helpless again. And while Eric and Arthur were seemingly made from the same type of warrior mold, he was still of the Fae and not to be trusted.

But then again, I had known of the existence of Arthur, knew his tales by heart, since before I knew of the true existence of the Fae or had ever laid eyes on my maker. And on top of that, nothing but sickening goodness radiated from this man.

Meeting his eyes, I sent him a hard, warning look. He held my gaze and waited patiently, not even acknowledging the danger that radiated from me. I let out a sigh of human proportions, rested my head back on the pillows and closed my eyes.

Instead of being greeted by blackness, my world instantly became bright, blindingly so. My eyelids shot back open and I stared at him with a whole new level of wonder. His lips curved up in a sweet smile, intriguing me and convincing me to let my lids slide closed again.

At first the light was so intense and hot, opening my eyes again was instinctual, but after a moment, the heat gave way to a comforting warmth that spread throughout every inch of me.

"This is a gift to you." His rich, caramel like voice whispered into my mind.

"Why?" The word was almost unable to escape from my lips, as I saw myself, within my minds eye, standing on a cliff, overlooking a sea that was bluer that any blue I had ever seen. The salty air whipped around me, sending locks of my hair flying all around me. It was nearly impossible to tell where the sea and the sky met on the horizon, for their clear and perfect blues were nearly indistinguishable from one another. It was as if I was truly standing in the sunlight, for the first time in centuries.

Arthur's began to speak again, his voice mingling with the wind and skimming on my skin with invisible caresses.

"It is a gift of light, for the protection and friendship you have given Sookie. So many people have hurt, used and attempted to kill her over these past few years, that I truly believe that without you, the Northman and her witch friend, she would have perished long ago."

I took one last look at the dazzling scene before me, than opened my eyes to the real world around me. Arthur was no longer hovering above me, but was now laying alongside me, all of his clothing stripped from his glorious body. His hulking presence seemed to command the air around him. A lesser woman would probably have been too much in awe of him to know what to do with him. But not I.

With my preternatural speed, I pushed him over onto his back, with no resistance from him, and straddled his immense frame. His blue eyes sparkled up at me with a hunger that I recognized was within myself. A hunger to connect with a being that was as close to an equal as possible. With Eric, I was his child, I would always be his inferior, no matter what action I took against that particular fact. But with Arthur, who was still obviously more Eric's equal than mine, it was the closest I had ever been to that desire.

As I guided my fingers along the solid contours of his stomach, his own hands were making there way up my arms, over the silk of my robe. Heat just radiated from every inch of his flesh. He was warmer than your average human male. And when I felt his length hardening between my thighs, I knew he was harder than the average male as well.

When his hands reached the lapels of the robe, he gripped the silk tightly and snatched the garment down, leaving it to pool around me. He traced an unintelligible pattern on the pale flesh of my torso and every touch of his fingertips seemed to thaw the skin beneath, leaving it flushed and quivering. Then with both hands, he reached up and cupped my breasts gently, his thumbs delicately rubbed the black lace that covered my painfully hard nipples.

I felt a pleased rumbling come from beneath my fingertips as I moved them lazily about his chest. My nails every now and then scratching his skin gently but with promise of less tender caresses.

He licked his lips and I immediately licked mine in response, in a challenge.

The rumbling turned into a growl and just as I was about to goad him on further with a bold and blatantly disrespectful remark, he ripped my bra from my body in one powerful yet incredibly elegant tug. A blast of heat that came from his body, swept around my nakedness and I looked down to see a single bead of blood tinged sweat trickle down between my breasts.

Arthur sat up on his elbows and without breaking eye contact, that was nearly violent with passion, he leaned his head forward and licked the drop from my skin. He let his tongue follow the path it had taken, consuming a small amount of my essence. As I felt his arms come up and wrap around my back, I let my head fall back into his knowing hands. His fingers laced through my hair and then yanked my head back with a brutish force that had me groaning with need.

The same moment his lips touched the flesh of my neck he softly began speaking, the light brush of his mouth seemed to electrify every place that it touched.

"You vicious and dangerous temptress. Did you know that the sirens are jealous of you, while the Valkyrie's are inspired?"

Breathlessly I replied, "As a matter of fact, yes I did know."

Lifting his head from my neck, he looked into my eyes and with a mischievous smirk appearing on his face he said, "I see, my words mean nothing to you. You are woman you is only convinced by the actions of others."

"Indeed," I responded with false boredom lacing my voice while nodding my head thoughtfully.

Without another word he shoved me onto my back with a force that would have had a human woman slapping him silly. I licked my lips and slowly traced my hand in a circle on stomach, arching my body towards him in invitation. His lips curled up into a dirty leer and suddenly I felt very much like the slave girl sent to pleasure the tyrannical king.

He ripped my black silk panties off and I spread my legs obligingly. Slipping his hand around my waist he yanked my body towards him. I felt his hardened length press right at my entrance and was expecting, anticipating, his invasion. But instead of immediately impaling me with his poor starved sword, he hovered over me, his blue eyes bright and seemingly glowing down on me.

It was then that I noticed that his skin, not only was near scorching to a human touch, but now every inch of him was covered with a golden sheen. While the sweat, that he had miraculously brought out of me, was red with the blood that flowed through my veins, the perspiration that he emitted was the same hue as the beautiful scarred skin on his forehead.

I traced my fingers along the smooth skin of his chest and in a voice filled with reverance I whispered, "Magnificent."

His head dove down to capture my lips in a kiss that would have sucked the life right out of me, if there had been any left. I felt his tongue scrape roughly and purposefully along one of my extended fangs. His blood poured into my mouth and I moaned in rapture at the potency of his flavor. It tasted how the sunshine that he had shown me felt, there is no other way to describe it, liquid sunshine and melted gold. Rushing through my veins like an rogue ocean wave, I felt his strength come roaring out of the blood and into my being. My limbs tingled and the skin on them seemed to vibrate.

"This will give you an extra advantage tomorrow. I think your Master will need you in prime condition for battle." His commanding yet soft voice spoke in my mind.

His statement held implications that would have me on high alert the following evening. Did he know something that we didn't? That seemed incredibly likely.

When he mentioned my Master I instantly thought, that perhaps something would happen to make him unable to defend himself or Sookie.

Just as I was going to brush away that thought for a more appropriate time, Arthur wiped my mind completely blank when I felt him thrust deeply inside of me with no warning.

Surrendering to his long starved lust, I knew that things would never be the same after tomorrow.

Eric Pov

The silence that filled my chambers pressed into me accusingly, demanding a reasonable explanation for it's sudden reappearance.

Overwhelming silence had faithfully surrounded and followed me for over 1,000 years. But our blood exchange in Rhodes had muffled it, the fire of her life force constantly began humming in my mind. And when she had yielded to me finally, to become my lover and my companion, the silence had disappeared entirely. She had filled my solitary existence with laughter and purpose and now someone was threatening to permanently end that connection. It would not stand.

I sat on the side of the bed that she had occupied these last past few nights and in my hand I held a note that my darling Sookie had written to me before her abduction.


Just wanted to remind you that I am off to meet with Morgan this morning. I still can't believe I am going to meet King Arthur! I feel silly even writing that, someone pinch me! I will be back before you wake up anyway, but I wanted to leave this just in case, to tell you I love you and that I will miss you so very much.

Yours Always,


Bloody teardrops marred the white paper as I ran my thumb across one word over and over again. Always. The line she had drawn underneath was meant to bring to mind what she had said to me last night.

"It would hurt you if I chose to die instead of becoming of vampire……..then I don't want to hurt you that way."

Now the line seemed to challenge me to make it true. I stared at the words for a few more moments before leaning down and gently taking in the last traces of Sookie's sweet scent that clung to the paper. Folding the note, I slid it into my pocket as I stood and walked back to my side of the bed where I had laid the sword.

I stared down intensely at the weapon. Thinking of the battles it had been through, as well as the men it had been through, I prayed to the Gods that it would faithfully help me through the night to come and in return I would thrust it into the heart of the creature that had taken my beloved.

Picking up the sword and holding it in front of me with both hands, I saw a flash of Sookie in my mind as I had last laid my own eyes upon her. Sleeping peacefully and so exquisitely, wrapped in my arms and because she had trusted me so completely to keep her safe, she hadn't the faintest inclination that she soon would be in the clutches of such vile beings. She had trusted me and I had been so easily duped by the damned fairy, the legend that surrounded her and its connection to Sookie that it all seemed to have bewitched me into believing and trusting her far too easily than I ever would logically trust a fairy.

My fangs slid down with anticipation at the blind fury that was growing within me, the rage that would strengthen my will and sharpen my mind. My body called out for violence, for vengeance and for the return of my beloved. I smelled the blood before I watched it begin to trickle down my left arm, from my hand that gripped the blade too tightly.

Closing my eyes I concentrated on the broken bond and sent a promise to Sookie, hoping that somehow, someway, she would be able to feel something from me and have a small amount reassurance that I was coming for her.

Then releasing the hand that held the blade, I watched as large gash on the palm of my hand quickly healed itself. And then I said to the night, in an offering of sorts, " O, from this time forth, my thoughts be bloody, or be nothing worth."


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