Disclaimer: I don't own Jane and the Dragon. The only character I'd be owning here is Luna. This idea just came outta the blue, so hate if you want. If I had to say were I got this from, it would be my little brother when he was just learning to talk.

Quote: "Our lives are made in these small hours/ These little wonders/ These twists and turns of fate/ Time falls away, but these small hours/ These small hours still remain" ~Little Wonders, by Rob Thomas.

Now that that's out of the way, enjoy the story! :)

Big Brother Dragon:

"No, no, no. You say it like this. Dra-gon. Emphasis on the 'r'."


"I said Dragon! Not Dwagin! Dra-!" The fire-breather's rant was hastily cut off when the three-year-old that he had been trying to teach proper pronunciation to had let out a happy cry of 'Dwagin!' and latched onto his nose in a tight hug. A small smile broke on his face as he looked down at the raven-haired child that currently was snuggling up against his snout. Little kids could be annoying at certain moments, but they just had a particular charm about them that made them easy to forgive, and practically impossible to ignore.

"Alright, class dismissed." Dragon ad-libbed as he noticed the familiar flicker of red appear around the archway.

"Bye Dwagin!" The little one called as she raced over to her mother, bright green eyes alive with child sparkle. Dragon gave a light groan, but didn't lose that small smile.

"Pepper has lunch ready, Luna." The young woman said, and the girl let out a giggle as she skipped around the arch to the kitchen.

"What were you doing, Greenlips?" Jane asked, giving Dragon a teasing grin.

"She still isn't saying 'Dragon' right." Dragon groused, crossing his front paws in a gesture of annoyance. "It's not that hard…"

"She is three years old, Dragon. How long did it take you to learn to talk? She'll learn as she grows up."

"Shortlives…" The reptile mumbled before asking teasingly "So, where is 'Daddy'?"

"Gunther is…"

"Right behind you." Came the slightly peeved reply. Jane turned to see Gunther strolling into the practice yard, with practice sword in hand. Dragon grinned a bit as he viewed the scene forming in front of him. Just like old times, before the two became husband and wife. They didn't really have time for this anymore, with trying to take care of Luna, but now that she was slightly more independent [meaning she was mobile], It was starting to come back into their schedules.

The day the little one had learned to walk was a decidedly happy day in Dragon's memory. The second he had seen Gunther, holding Luna with an outright grin on his face, he knew something concerning his beloved daughter. When the joyous knight had put the child on partially-steady legs, and she had actually started to walk over to the reptile, he instantly became all smiles.

There were times, also, when he had played the role of 'big brother'. When Luna was two, she happened to be playing in the entrance yard while her parents were supervising a delivery. There were also a few village boys accompanying this particular trader, and while the delivery was taking place, they pushed Luna down and took the homemade toy that she was playing with. As soon as the toddler starting crying, Dragon came over and blatantly growled at them as Jane picked up her distraught child. The boys instantaneously dropped the toy and ran like crazy, definitely not about to do anything like that ever again, along with walking back into the castle when Dragon was around. A few months later, Luna had started speaking. First Dada [Gunther was overjoyed], then mama, and then dwa'n, which later evolved into what he had been trying to correct; Dwagin.

Personally though, the whole process of birth had scared him. From the second when Jane had let out a yell and collapsed on the kitchen floor [she had been working with Pepper to prepare the evening meal], to when he was waiting, endlessly waiting, on the wall as he tried to listen in on what was going. Eventually though, he had to stop before he went insane with worry; listening on this was just as bad as seeing his best friend in pain.

When the full moon was high in the sky, he finally saw the little bundle of joy, named Luna like the full halo of silver over them as she was born [the whole thing with the connection between the name and the moon was somewhat lost on the reptile]. And, take a look at her now, she was walking and talking [not as good as he would have hoped, but it was definitely a step up from her vocabulary a few months ago]. She had even picked up one of the practice swords and tried to swing it around with her mother last week.

There was one thing Dragon could definitely say about this new youngling; if there was one role he didn't mind playing, it was 'big brother'.

Yeah, to me it was a sweet and funny idea. I could totally see Dragon playing the role of big brother or something like to Jane's child. Children just have a way of bringing that quality out in people. Anyway, until next time!