Jimmy Has Sex with His Teacher.
Jimmy just finished his art project and ran to turn it in at room. When he went in there she was lying on her side. Bare naked.
She had no idea Jimmy was in there and kept probing her fingers into her vagina. When she saw Jimmy she was shocked. "I'm sorry James but now that you have seen me you have to fuck me." Jimmy was stunned. "No problem ma'am." He said as he stripped out of his pants. he wasn't wearing underwear(he rarely did.) and left them on the floor.
Starring at his erect penis she grabbed a measuring tape. "Six and one half inches not bad James." He leaned in to feel her perfect boobs and she smacked his hand.
"NO FOREPLAY." She comanded as she threw im on her desk. "Sit up." He did. "Stand." Again he did. "Shove your erection into my pussy." He abliged willingly.
He kept plunging his dick into her pussy until she appeared to be getting bored. "Is something wrong ma'am?" Jimmy asked. "You're not trying to fuck me so hard it hurts." She starred at him. "FUCK HARDER." She said in a loud violent voice. "Okay." He said. He started fucking so hard his dick started to pain.
"Fuck my ass with your fingers." she said as she was bouncing. Jimmy started to probe her ass-hole and with mouch suprise she came. "James bend over the desk"
He did. "Close your eyes." He did again. He had no idea that she was now wearing a eight inch strap-on. "Get ready." She said as she violently fucked his ass.
Jimmy was moaning in pain and pleasure. And that pleasure doubled as she began to give him a hand job. "Oh fuck,fuck,fuck, OHHH FUCK." He screamed in extreme ectacy.
As Jimmys' cock began launching cum everywhere on . "Very good James come back tomorow afternoon." He was still cumming in short bursts. "whatever you say ma'am."

Next Morning Jimmy woke in the morning conctepated and his dick hurt.
That'll remind him not to FUCK WITH THE LAW!!!