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Some days were more interesting than others. But then again some days were more than boring.

Rose grabbed the smooth plastic packaging and tore the bag open, pulling out the long sleeved pink t-shirts. It was already getting chilly outside andit was time to show off their new winter wear at Henrik's.

Of course, putting them on display would be her job, she thought bitterly.

It wasn't that she didn't like her job. Well, actually she didn't, but then again, who does? Her job paid pretty well by the hour and that was more than she could ask for, having dropped out of school. But sometimes she just felt like something was missing….

" Rose, I ain't paying ya to nod off." She started and turned around only to come face to face with her boss.

" Yeah, sorry sir, wasn't feelin' too well," she lied, giving a fake smile.

He glowered at her. " Well, then get back to it." He turned and strode to the elevator.

She watched as he entered and the doors closed and heard a mechanical whirr as it ascended. She bit her lip and turned to the boxes once more. She gazed at all the different colors of tightly wrapped blouses and jackets.

" Right. Purple and blue," she muttered, grabbing a few packages, " and… pink."

Carrying several of each kind, she made her way to the elevator doors, looking to the side of the small tower of clothes so she wouldn't trip. Balancing them on one arm for a second, she reached out and pushed the button with the small faded yellow arrow above it. She tried to shift her arm back to the pile in time but it was too late. A few shirts slid off the top to fall on the floor; each landing with its own thump. Suddenly, the whole pile tipped to the side and tumbled out of her arms. Huffing and tucking her hair behind her ears in irritation, she bent and gathered up the packages. She heard a ding and glanced over her shoulder to see the elevator doors open.

" Oh, you've got to be kidding me."

Almost automatically it seemed, the doors began to slide closed. Quickly snatching the last few and tucking them under her arm, she managed to step in right before they closed. She stood there trying to balance them all and listened to the slow music oozing from the speakers. The doors slid open with a faint ding and she stepped out. Immediately she was shoved roughly and she stumbled back, her load once more slipping from her arms to lay scattered on the tile floor.

" Hey watch where you're goin' will ya?" She stared at the young man who had pushed her with shock. He looked like a teenager, wearing faded blue jeans and a holey shirt. He scowled at her and ran a hand through his short, sandy blond hair. Turning his back to her, he stalked off and she could hear him muttering about her under his breath.

Trying to assure herself that she was fine, she bent down and started to gather the packages when she felt someone next to her, helping her. She turned her head and saw a pretty blonde woman next to her.

What was her name? Maria? Something with an M but she couldn't remember. Trying to be inconspicuous about it, she reached for one of the packages on the other side of the woman, trying to catch a glance at her name tag.

"My name's Michelle."

She looked up from the tag and saw that Michelle was grinning.

" Sorry and thanks. You don't need to help me though I've got it."

Michelle's grin grew wider and Rose could see why. Glancing at her arms you could see she was already holding more than half of the fallen blouses.

" It's no problem, love."

They both stood and Michelle shifted her half into Rose's arms. " Your new here, aren't you?", she said, brushing off her ruffled brown skirt and tugging at the bottom of her white short-sleeved dress shirt, she smoothed her hair and smiled. Rose smiled back as she answered. " Yes, ma'am."

"What's your name?"


"Well, Rose, don't let blokes like that get the best of you. Working here you get more than your fair share of men like that."

She smiled once more. " How old are you, Rose?"

" I turn eighteen in a month."

" Really?" She sounded surprised as she gazed at her. Rose nodded, wishing briefly that she could rest her arms for a bit. "Well then it was nice meeting you , Rose, but you best be getting back to work. And you might want to be careful. Sometimes we get creeps in here and they always go after the pretty ones. Especially if they're young."

"I will."

She watched as Michelle turned and walked to the front of the store, her brown high heels clicking against the floor.

She walked to the small counter by the elevator, being especially careful that nothing else should fall. Putting the pink shirts aside she opened the rest, chucking the plastic in a small trash can next to her. She arranged them into piles. Blue, pink, and purple.

Grabbing the pink pile first, she took off, walking towards the middle of the store where a big display of winter clothes had been carefully arranged. She laid them out on the table, patting them to make sure there were no wrinkles. Picking up the yellow tank tops from the display she made her way through the crowd of customers. When she reached the counter she laid them down before making her way back into the crowd, trying to avoid the large groups of people.

She stopped near the back of the store and breathed a sigh of relief. There were hardly any people back here. They were too busy milling around the colorful clothes by the front where large red banners proclaimed various sales.

Picking off a few empty hangers from the stand she was next to, she laid some shirts that had fallen onto the floor onto the bottom of a shelf next to her. Picking one up, she slid it onto the hanger and put it back on the pole. Bending over, she stretched her hand out to grab the next one when she felt something, feather light, caress her backside. She jumped and spun around to see a large man standing behind her, leering at her.

" Well, hullo there, sweetheart," he said in an oily sweet voice.

"Can I help you with something?" she replied, biting her lip and edging away from him slowly. He grinned at her and she felt scared all of a sudden. He was large and looked strong . He was wearing a business suit but the tie was knotted clumsily at his neck and his collar was rumpled. She caught a whiff of alcohol. She wanted to bolt to the front of the store and scream for help, but he would probably grab her and drag her back before she could say anything.

Trying to keep him in her line of vision she glanced to the side. No good, everyone was too busy ogling the fashions to look her way. Where was Michelle?

The man suddenly loomed in front of her, sneering at her. "Why, I think you could."

His arms shot out and his hands gripped the metal pipe of the stand, trapping her between them. He pressed himself against her and she gagged as she felt his erection press against her hip. She turned her head away when he attempted to kiss her.

"Oh , come on love, don't be that way." His breath reeked of alcohol and she coughed. His hand gripped her chin so hard she could tell there would be bruises. He twisted her face towards his own as she struggled, her hands clawing at his arm.

" There's no one can help you, love," he growled and abruptly smashed his lips against hers, their teeth clashing painfully.

Oh god, why wasn't anyone helping her? His hands slid over her breasts, fondling her through the thin material of her blouse. Tears formed in her eyes and her face grew red from frustration and lack of oxygen. His hand slipped and she wrenched her head away, gasping for air and trying, unsuccessfully, to push him away. He grinned at her and, one hand gripping her arm tightly, started to undo his belt. Her mind was a haze of panic. Surely he wasn't going to rape her right here where everyone could see?

"I think you'll find you're wrong about that."

A hand enclosed around the man's wrist, pulling him away from her. She stumbled back, half falling into the clothes rack and gripping the pole behind her. A young man was glaring at the businessman, his hand clenched so tightly around his wrist that his knuckles were white.

He had messy brown hair and large brown eyes and was wearing a white dress shirt that was drenched with rain. Odd; It was so sunny outside. His hair was dripping slightly and he was wearing blue pin-striped slacks.

" Get out of here."

His teeth were gritted from anger and his eyes shone with a dark rage that even she shuddered to see. He shoved the man away and he stumbled, glaring at first him then her.

"Whore," he muttered, turning away and staggering off.

" Are you alright?"

Her rescuer stood in front of her gazing at her with concern.

" Yeah, 'm fine."

Relived, she pushed herself away from the rack and wrapped her arms around his neck, hugging him. She buried her face in his shoulder. He smelled like ancient books and something else that she couldn't quite place that was comforting and familiar somehow.

"Good." He pulled back from her, smiling softly at her. His right hand reached into his pocket and pulled something out. He put his arm behind his back and she heard a whirring sound. Out of the corner of her eye she saw the drunken businessman trip and pitch forward, slamming into the ground and cursing heavily.

"Thank you, really," she said, turning her attention back to him.

" It was my pleasure." He was still smiling, but it seemed diminished; sad somehow. She tugged at her shirt nervously before smiling at him. "I'm Rose."

"Lovely to meet you, Rose." He gave a little laugh.

"What's your name?" she asked.

His smile faded away completely and he gazed at her intensely. " Oh, my name's not important, really."

She brushed her hair from her eyes as she looked him up and down. She hadn't really noticed before but he was really cute. Handsome, even. Immediately she fought to keep from blushing. After a long moment he cleared his throat and looked away, as though breaking off from some thought.

" Best be off then, places to see, people to meet an' all that." He took one last long look at her and his hand came up and tucked her hair behind her ear, brushing across her cheek. Turning away, he started to walk towards the exit.

" Would you like to go out?" she blurted, flushing.

He turned back to her, looking astonished. " What?"

"Would you like to go somewhere with me? To, um, thank you and all. I mean we could go on a date, you know. That is, if you want to."

His mouth twisted up into a rueful smile. " I can't."

" Oh. Okay, then." She turned around, trying to look busy with the clothes. Before she could lose her nerve she turned back and called out to him. " I get off at five if you change your mind." She bit her lip as he turned, holding the door open, and gave her a wave, grinning slightly. She watched as he left and rounded the corner.

Sighing, she turned back to the clothes and smiled.


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Also in case your confused:

The idea for this just kind of came to me. One day I was thinking what if Rose had met the Doctor before she had actually met him? What if he goes to see her after dropping her and the human doctor off in the parallel world? He knows he shouldn't but he wants to see her one last time. So he goes back to before she had ever met him. But Rose had never told him that one day at work she was asaulted and her friend Michelle had almost been too late in saving her. What if after a visit he never sees her again? She goes back to work, same old life, day in and day out, blurring into a monotonous routine. And then she meets the Doctor and is constantly, or almost, busy trying to fight off creatures and stay alive while helping him. And then he regenerates. Would she remember and what would she do?

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