Remember when we volunteered LouiseX to write a fic about the Planeteers going undercover as students again and she did that wonderful remake of Teers in the Hood? I mentioned that I was surprised (pleasantly of course) when she decided to take on the daunting task of re-writing an episode that so many people know so well. I thought she was going to do a whole new case that required the Planeteers to go undercover. So, since all is fair, she told me to write it. I had completely forgotten about that conversation, until I mentioned that I was stuck on another fic and she reminded me that I still had another idea in my head that I needed to get out and it was my turn to write an undercover fic. So here it is...hopefully it will unblock my writers block on the other fics (that's right, PLURAL...I've got 3 other ones in the works!). Enjoy...and thanks for the reminder LouiseX!

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"Planeteers to the Crystal Chamber."

The five teens drop what they are doing and assemble as quickly as they can.

"What's up Gaia?" Wheeler asks.

"Skumm is up to no good…again," Gaia states.

"Now what's he doing?" Gi asks.

"He's running a drug trafficking ring between two schools in the same town. One is a public school and the other is a private school, but the police don't know who the seller is or which school they attend."

Wheeler doesn't know if it's just him, or if the others also think about what Skumm did to Linka every time they face him. He's sure Linka thinks of it. And now this mission not only involves Skumm, but drugs again…he discreetly takes a step closer to Linka, brushes his hand against hers, links his pinky finger with hers, and gives it a squeeze, silently asking her if she's ok. She responds by squeezing back to acknowledge him and lets go, but still remains close enough to allow their hands to touch.

"So how can we help?" Kwame asks.

"Well, I thought that since you did such a good job the last time you went undercover in a school that this would be another great way to get to the bottom of this and help the authorities find the culprit," Gaia explains.

"I thought we already knew that Skumm is behind it?" Ma-Ti asks.

"WE know that, but there is no proof to take to the police. If we can find the person who is selling them for him, maybe they will give him up."

"Rat out the rat?" Wheeler says.

"It is not that easy. Skumm scares people. Even if we find the dealer, there is no guarantee that they will give him up," Linka says.

"That's true. But we have to try. And even if they won't implicate Skumm as the provider, at least we can get a major drug seller out of school," Gi points out.

"I figured we should split you up; two in the private school, and three in the public school."

Wheeler, wanting to protect Linka and make sure they weren't separated, spoke up quickly.

"Linka and I will go to the private school!"

Linka took a step back, not pleased that he was making decisions that Gaia should be making.

"Wheeler, this is Gaia's plan. We should do what she wants, not what you want!" She says as she crosses her arms across her chest.

"It's ok Linka…I'd like to hear Wheeler's logic behind why he thinks you and he should team up and go to the private school," Gaia says with a smile.

"Uhh, logic? Umm, well, as much as I enjoyed Linka's choice of apparel on our last undercover mission, I kinda wanna see her in a school girl uniform…and well, I've been looking for a good reason to wear a tie and jacket," he says, trying not to laugh.

How can he be so sweet and thoughtful one minute and then an immature pig the next? Linka thought.

"Wrong answer," Gaia says. "Funny, but wrong. You and Linka should be the ones that go to the private school because the majority of the students in private schools are white."

"That's not true. Haven't you ever seen Fresh Prince of Bel-Air?" Wheeler asks.

"No, can't say that I have," Gaia says, her patience wearing thin.

"It's a good show," Wheeler says quietly, to no one in particular.

"You two would blend in much better than the others. There's more diversity in the public school so they would not stick out as much."

"Yeah, that's what I meant to say," Wheeler covers.

"And you will be required to wear uniforms…and wear them properly…this means you Wheeler. Your shirt must be tucked in all the way, your jacket should be buttoned, and your tie must be on neatly; straight and tight."

"HA! Da right! There is no way he can do it!" Linka says.

"You've got a pretty strict dress code you need to follow too," Gaia continues. "I know you like your shorts…well, short…but your skirt has to be at least one inch below your finger tips when you leave your hands at your side."

Linka puts her arms at her side to see where that would put her skirt.

"Aw man!" Wheeler exclaims. "That's way too long!"

Linka wrinkles her nose.

"It is like old lady length!" The always fashionably conscious Linka complains.

"No Linka, it's normal length!" Gi says. "You're just not used to it. Who are you trying to impress with those short shorts anyways?" Gi continues to tease as the boys snicker.

"No one! I never noticed they were 'short shorts' as you say. I just like the way they look."

"Me too!" Wheeler remarks with a grin and a waggle of his eyebrows.

"Shut up! Nobody asked you!" Linka snaps.

"Everyone calm down!" Gaia says. "Unless you've forgotten that you have a mission to do?"

"Sorry Gaia," they say.

"So where are we going?" Ma-Ti asks.

"Glendale, Arizona," says Gaia.

"Arizona?! I gotta wear a jacket and tie in the freakin' desert?!" Wheeler whines.

"I'm afraid so."

"Aww man, I'm gonna sweat my ba--"

"When do we leave?" Kwame asks.

"As soon as you're ready. You should shop for some clothes once you get there…Wheeler and Linka, you'll have to go to the school to pick up your uniforms. You all will be staying at a rented house. The owner is a 'snowbird' which means he only lives there in the winter to escape the cold weather of his hometown near Chicago. He is being so generous because his son is the principal at the public school that Gi, Ma-Ti, and Kwame will be attending. The story you will tell is that you're exchange students…except Wheeler, of course. You can just say you moved there from New York."

"And Linka is an exchange student staying with my family?" He suggests.

"That would work. I'll let you all figure out your stories. Good luck," Gaia says as she disappears.

"Man, this is gonna be rough…do you think we can still pass for high school age kids? I mean, Gi and Kwame are 20. I'm 19. Linka and Ma-Ti are the only ones that are old enough to still be in school."

"But we do not look any different," Kwame says.

"Yeah, I think we can still pass for younger than our actual ages…it's not like we've got grey hairs and wrinkles!"

"Da," Linka says as she grasps Wheeler's chin and squeezes his cheeks, causing his lips to pucker. "Look at this baby face! You could pass for a 14 year old if you needed to…The only problem you may have is that the 14 year old would be MORE MATURE!" She laughs as she gives his cheek a series of playful slaps.

"I don't get why we are not all going to the same school. Obviously the problem is in the public school," Gi says.

"'Obviously'? Why? How is it obvious?" Wheeler asks.

"Well, because the kids at the private school are probably more well behaved than the kids at the public school…they have religion class and morals."

"Are you saying that kids that go to public school don't have morals? Because I went to public school and I have morals," Wheeler argues.

"No, I just mean that the kids at the private school come from money…and their parents are probably more involved in their kids' lives. The kids in the public school probably come from broken homes and act out," Gi points out.

"I am noticing alot of 'probablies' in Gi's theories!" Linka says.

"Yeah. Wanna hear my theory?" Wheeler asks.

"Of course," Kwame says.

"I think we'll find the drug dealer in our school because those kids have the resources. Like you said, their parents probably have money because private school is expensive, which also means their parents have good jobs…but sometimes, having a good paying job means you have to put in alot of time. You can't assume that these kids' parents are involved in their lives. Maybe they've never home. Maybe their dad's are always out of town, and their mom's are always out doing social activities…It's not safe to assume that these kids come home from school and their moms have cookies and milk waiting for them and that when their dads come home from work, they go outside and play catch. If that's what you think life is like for the typical American family, you watch too much TV!"

"HA! Who would have ever thought that Wheeler would accuse someone of watching too much TV?!" Ma-Ti says.

"Ok, I see your point…let's make a bet…I bet we find the dealer in our school," Gi challenges.

"You're on! Losing team pays for winning team to go on a romantic dinner together at a fancy restuarant!" Wheeler says.

"Deal! Wait…what?" Gi questions. "That won't work because what good is a romantic dinner going to do for the three of us?"

"You? Who says I want a romantic dinner?" Linka adds.

"I say you do!" Wheeler says as he puts his arm around her. "And you three don't need to worry about that romantic dinner…you won't be cashing in on that winning bet because we're gonna win it!"

"We'll see about that," Gi says. "May the best team win."

"Don't worry...we will!" Wheeler proclaims.

To Be Continued...