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The trees were swaying their branches to the rhythm of nature's powerful forces. It had rained those past three days, and was promising rain again.

The roads were churned with mud from the horses' hooves and the infrequent carriage wheels that had crossed the path earlier in the day.

A sigh hung by the side of the road. It read "Daybreak Tavern, this way." A picture of a rising sun hung painted over the words.

The sun's rays seemed to reflect down upon the inn's words, illuminating them. They guided weary travelers off the beaten path with the promise of a warm meal and a dry bed upon which to sleep.


The innkeeper, a portly fellow named Charlie, was well used to the influx of travelers that visited the tavern. He and his daughter Bella were the owners of the tavern and the surrounding land.

Bella's mother, ReneƩ, was a traveling player who had fallen in love with Charlie and had hoped to be able to give up the life she had led. She had short, brown hair, bright blue eyes, and a small frame that could not conceal the energy and zeal with which she lived her life.

When she had found out she was pregnant, the restlessness of her people had overcome her again, and she had barely been able to wait until the child was born before leaving to continue her adventures.

She had never been seen again, but Bella, as she had grown up, became aware that her father had never stopped loving her mother.

It was evident in the way he spoke, sat, talked, and reminisced. Occasionally, Bella would wake in the middle of the night, hearing the eerie lullaby her mother had written when pregnant.

She had written the lullaby with the idea that the song could take her place, not realizing how little a song did.

And yet, that song was the closest thing Bella had of her mother. When she would awaken hearing her father singing in his melodious baritone, she would feel comforted by a sense of love, peace, and safety. Bella would lie awake in bed, sometimes for hours, just listening to her father sing.

Bella had grown up around the ever-changing inn. People were always coming and going, with few exceptions. One of these exceptions was Jacob Black, an orphaned son of a friendly carpenter and his wife.

Jacob had always been a constant companion of Bella, helping with her diabolical plots, making excuses to keep her out of trouble, and staying with her to make sure she did not get hurt.

When Bella was five, she decided she wanted to live with the squirrels, eating nuts and berries off of the forest floor. Jacob went along with the plan until Bella asked him to eat the nuts she had found.

He started to refuse, but one pleading glance and a promise to love him forever was all it took to get him to swallow them whole, or at least give the impression that he had. He felt that this was a small price to pay for her eternal love.

When Bella was twelve years old, she and Jacob shared their first kiss together, reaffirming their vows to love each other 'til death do us part.'

Jacob was one of the best equipped to handle her outrageous ideas, as he knew her inside and out. They would share the chores around the inn, Jacob helping Bella clean the rooms and Bella helping Jacob shovel the horse stables, neither minding helping the other.

Sadly, this happy existence was not to last.

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