Harry Potter ran down the corridors of Hogwarts castle laughing. He had stolen an old game Snitch, which he was now trying to catch. He darted past some of the students who called out to him. He turned a corridor and ran into a black figure and fell backwards, he landed on his rear-end.


Harry stared up into the stern face of Severus Snape. He gave him a small smile, but this did not win the man over. Out of all the people at Hogwarts, young Harry's innocence rarely worked on the Potion's Master. The teacher bent down and hauled the small boy up by his arm.

"What have we told you about running through the corridors, Potter?" Severus asked.

"Not to do it, but Severus I was chasing the Snitch! I almost had it, and then it went too high, and then I had to run, and then all the students came out of there classes, and then-"

"Where did you get a Snitch?"

Now Harry was quiet. He knew he was in trouble. The old Snitches were kept locked up. He had been curious, so he'd broken in and stolen one. He didn't think one would be missed, there were so many. He gave the teacher another smile, but again the man didn't buy it.

"I-I found it!" Harry answered.

"You know I can tell when you're lying Harry, so why do you do it?"

Severus didn't call him by his first name often. Harry just gave a small shrug but didn't answer. They walked up a flight of stone steps. Harry had a feeling they were either going to Grandpa Albus or Minerva. He hoped it would be Albus; the old wizard wasn't nearly as stern as the witch was.

"Maybe I should go get it-" Harry began and he tried to pull his arm from Severus' grip.

"I don't think so young man. You need a time-out. You're going to spend some time with Argus," Severus said.

"NO! Not Filch!"

Harry was allowed to call the staff members by their first names, but he rarely did with Argus Filch, not unless someone prompted him to. The man was bitter and usually took his problems out on everyone else. Whenever he had to watch Harry, he would force him to sit in a corner the entire time.

"Argus or Mr. Filch," Severus corrected now.

The boy however just pouted. He stared down at the floor angrily.

He had grown up in the castle, or at least that was they had told him. For some reason, he couldn't remember the first six years of his life. He could only remember the last six or so months and soon he would be seven. He didn't understand why he couldn't remember his younger childhood at all.

He felt as if he had woken up on Christmas morning at Hogwarts. He couldn't remember the time before then, he didn't remember his sixth birthday, or any birthday before that. Albus explained that many people often forgot their early childhood, but Harry didn't think he should have forgotten everything completely.

He was more or less a happy child, but sometimes at night he had really bad nightmares. Usually it featured a very large man beating him. Just the previous night he had dreamed about being thrown down the steps into a small room. It had been very much like the castle because of the stone walls, and yet he knew it wasn't Hogwarts. It was the cellar of a houseā€¦ but how he knew that, he didn't know.