This is to Copier. I wish you would have signed in to leave your review, so I could have replied to you. Anyone else can ignore this. This isn't a chapter. I am hoping that Copier will continue to follow this story so that he/she can read this. If you do, leave a review so I know when I can delete this chapter.

This story copies the boy named freak!

So I went looking for the story you were talking about. I've never heard of it before now, but I wanted to see what you were talking about. My story is different from The Boy Named Freak. In that story, Harry grows up believing that his name is Freak. In my story, Harry knows what his name is.

the abuse

This is a story about Harry getting abused... if I was copying someone, I would be copying everyone who has written a Harry Potter is abused story. There are a lot of them on !

the hair pulling

This is something I used to do to my younger brother when I was six (kids can be cruel) and he was four. If he made me mad, I would pull his hair. It was a mean thing to do. When I was writing this story, I remembered what I did when I was a little kid and decided to add it, except make it worse. I never ripped his hair out, I just pulled it. I've had my hair pulled as well, and it hurts a lot. I wanted to portray the Dursley's as monsters that would do that to a little boy.

the fact that the dursleys beat harry after he hurts dudley with the magic

I didn't want Harry to be abused for no reason, so I wanted to pick a reason besides the magic that would make the Dursley's so cruel... and so I had him do something to Dudley with it. Think about it, the Dursley's (Vernon more than Petunia because she grew up with it because of Lily) are probably scared of the magic because they don't understand it. So when Vernon sees Harry push Dudley, it scared him and all reason went out of his head. Parents are very protective of their kids, and the Dursley's didn't want Harry in the first place.

the starvation

The Dursley's starved Harry in the books. Maybe not as much as I had Harry starved in my story, but they did starve him. Did you read Chamber of Secrets at all? So if I stole this, it was from the books.

the fact that harry doesn't go to school

Harry never went to school in The Boy Named Freak. I had Harry pulled of school to show why he slowly grew bitter. At school he could do whatever he wanted, he could play, he didn't get beaten and the teachers liked him. So when the Dursley's pulled him out of school because of his nosy teacher, he got even more depressed then he was before. He didn't have his escape anymore.

the dursleys calling harry abnormal

This is something else that the Dursley's probably called Harry. Petunia called Lily that, and Vernon called the powers abnormal and freaky, so there is a chance that they also called Harry an abnormal freak. So if I was taking that from anything, it was from the books.

I've only read two (well now three) Harry Potter abuse stories. One of them was when Sirius takes Harry from the Dursley's when he was eight and one where Harry was locked in a cage at the age of seven. I think on this site, you're going to find stories very similar to others. There are 395,070 Harry Potter stories.

So yeah, before you accuse me of stealing idea's, get your facts straight.

BTW after reading The Sequel to The Boy Named Freak, I think I understand now why people aren't really reading this story. The abuse in it was hard to read. So if anyone decided to read this note anyway, I promise that that's it in this story for the time being. When Harry remembers his past there will be some scenes, but it won't be so bad and it won't be until after his third year. For now, even though Harry is still going to be very insecure, and he'll still have nightmares, I won't go into detail about them. I only wrote the scenes because I wanted people to understand why Harry turned into a bitter child who would try to kill himself when he was only six-years-old. Kids at that age would never consider something like that.