Super Mario Land 4

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Mario was taking a peaceful snooze out on his red-colored hammock, feeling the nice, gentle spring breeze. As he turned on his side and continued snoozing peacefully, he felt something land on his head, landing firmly on his red cap. Grabbing the light object, Mario noticed that it was a note, and he opened it up, to see that it was, in fact, a letter.

"Dear Mario, I have something special for you. Please come by the Mushroom Meadows after you read this. Oh, and... bring all of your gold coins with you. Signed, you know who."

Mario scratched his head in confusion. Why would Princess Peach Toadstool send such an awkward letter to Mario, nonetheless, labeling herself as you-know-who? Although skeptic, Mario shrugged, and stretching his arms and legs, the red-capped Italian American plumber made off to the Mushroom Meadows.

A few minutes later, after a nice, healthy log, Mario arrived at the spot the letter told him to be. Mario held a blue bag with all of his gold coins in it, following Peach's instructions clearly. He began whistling as he looked around for Princess Peach, who still was not present. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a quick blur swooped the bag of gold coins from Mario, disappearing in a flash. Mario gasped as he took a step backwards in shock, looking around to hear a disturbing chuckle as another note appeared on the ground. Picking it up, Mario looked at the note, and opening it up, his eyes widened with shock as he read,

"Ha ha ha ha! You're such a gullible idiot! Who would have thought that the great Mario could be so gullible? Not that it matters, because I have tricked you, and now, with all of your gold coins in my possessions, I will be the richest man in the kingdom! Wa ha ah ha ha!"

Mario growled, clenching his fists as he knew who was the culprit. Not letting himself be tricked, Mario made off to the direction of the quick blur, following the wind patterns that showed the way, which pointed northwest. Mario was determined to bring a stop to the dastardly villain responsible for the cruel trick, and he swore that he would not stop until he rightfully got back his bag of gold coins.

And thus, begins yet another wonderful adventure of Mario, with many surprises in store for the red-capped Italian American plumber...

"You think we should tell him to not bother?" Dry Bowser asked Petey Piranha as they watched the pesky plumber dash by from behind a bunch of bushes.

"No. He'll ignore us, anyway." Petey Piranha pointed out as he pulled out a red and white bucket of yellow, buttery popcorn, munching on it.