Mario was sleeping in his red-colored hammock, outside of his wooden, humble house. As the nice spring breeze warmed the pleasant air, a letter came swirling down from the clear blue skies, landing on top of Mario's red cap. Waking up, mario grabbed the letter, and read it. He merely grinned as it was written:

"Waaaargh! You fat Italian stereotype! Don't think that you have ridden me for good! I'll be back, and when I do, I'm gonna take your money, and your house, and you girl, and your kingdom, AND YOUR STINKING PRIDE!!! NEVER FORGET WALUIGI!!!!!!!

Signed, Waluigi."

Rolling his eyes as he shortly bursted into laughter, Mario chucked away the letter, getting off his hammock and heading to Toad Town, to spend some time with Princess Peach after his well deserved rest from his amazing adventure.