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Chapter 3

"Well, I certainly wasn't expecting to speak with you," Tadaaki said, his silver peers meeting Yoruichi's briefly. "I thought I would be speaking with the actual CEO."

Yoruichi balled her fist in frustration at the eldest Fon's remarks, she hated the fact that she was forced to take over this business meeting because her mother suddenly decided to take an early lunch break and stuck her with this task. "Well sorry to disappoint you, but my mother had other, more important, matters to attend to. And technically Mr. Fon, I am the CEO of this company. Not only did I independentlyrun our American headquarters for two consecutive years, I did so successfully without suffering any financial loss might I add," Yoruichi countered with a tinge of bitterness in her voice. "So rest assured Mr. Fon when I say that I can easily handle a meeting."

"Of course, you were accredited that merit, running a branch office without aid is indeed something", Tadaaki stated, his voice dripping with dry sarcasm. Then an evil glint cast in his eye. "However, I must disagree with you on your self evaluation, though you did not sustain any marginal losses, there were other things in which you did lose," Tadaaki finished, his expression cold as he glared daggers at the Shihouin heiress for a brief moment. He remembered the past two years quite clearly, but from a more emotionally chaotic position.

Yoruichi bit her lip in frustration. She caught the reference clearly, knowing that Tadaaki was cryptically indicating to her losing her relationship with Soifon. 'Now he's really asking for it,' she thought as her hands tightened her grip around her business proposal. She was trying her hardest not to let his words get the best of her. Instead of telling Tadaaki off she opted for a different way of getting through this meeting. 'Low blow Fon, low blow', she mused. 'But if that's the way you want to play it, then fine. I'm game.' She opened up the manila folder laying in front of her and carefully scanned the amount of money the Otsuka Company was willing to pay her corporation in exchange for building them their first executive tower.

Yoruichi wasn't at all surprised by the fact that Tadaaki was only willing to pay her company the minimal amount for the job, just enough to open the door for future business dealings if the need persisted but not enough for Shinko Enterprises to actually make a profit. Otsuka's proposal offered a budget of seventy three thousand dollars to be paid only after the Shihouin had completed their building. That was a deal breaker right there. 'Does he take us for fools?' Yoruichi pondered, clearly offended. 'He's got to be kidding!'

As the young CEO read on, she spotted additional terms where Shinko Enterprises would only receive payment provided that the company would also buy into their stock as well as renovate the building when needed, wasting twice the manpower than the building was worth.

'There's no way in hell I'm agreeing to this kind of arrangement,' Yoruichi thought to herself as she scanned through the overall business profile of Otsuka's company. Otsuka had only been operating for four years and yet their profits were making them seem like a high class corporation. However, they were only willing to pay a low budget price for the best work in Southeast Asia? 'Cheap ass bastard', Yoruichi glanced briefly at Tadaaki who still appeared to be glaring daggers at the young woman. She returned the gesture.

"I take it everything is to your liking with my proposal Miss Shihouin?" Tadaaki started, his eyes never leaving Yoruichi's.

The young woman paused for a second; somehow that expression seemed familiar…

Yoruichi held back a laugh at Tadaaki's statement. She remembered now, how could she ever forget? A smile flitted across her lips and she almost lost it again at the thought of how similar the man's scowl was to Soifon's. "Actually it's not. This proposal is barely enough for the overall supplies that my company would use to build your new establishment, and that's just for supplies. That doesn't even figure the cost of manpower, heavy duty equipment, insurance, or retouching. If you're seriously considering offering us only seventy- three thousand, then the best we can do is to accommodate you with a smaller establishment that would actually be within your budget range. Unless, that is if you want to increase your offer Tadaaki?"

Tadaaki blanched before his face turned scarlet with anger. "What?! Ludicrous! There is no way I'm paying another dime for this project, my offer is more than reasonable. It stands as is!"

Yoruichi struggled at fighting back the grin that was threatening to form on her lips. She sensed her six fellow board members staring at her, curiously awaiting her reply. Without a second thought, she proudly shut the folder and shoved the proposal back to Tadaaki's side of the business table. "Then I don't think there's much that Shinko Enterprises will be able to assist you with Mr. Fon. Maybe you should contact Hirosho Incorporated; they're a partnered branch that specializes in low budget projects. Tell'em Yoruichi sent you and I'm sure they'll cut you a deal," she finished smugly.

The board members eyes widened to the size of saucers at their boss' rebuttal and they slowly turned their heads to view Tadaaki's reaction.

The man's face was painted crimson.

He was beyond seething.

"This is ridiculous! I demand to speak with the actual CEO of Shinko Enterprises, this instant! I refuse to further entertain some brat who decided to play substitute for the actual boss," Tadaaki growled as he stood up from his chair. His entire face flushed with anger as he glared at Yoruichi in contempt. "I should have known I couldn't do business with your kind."

"Excuse me? What do you mean by that?" Yoruichi demanded disregarding the appalled looks she was receiving from her mother's board members. Her mother's personal assistant eyed her warily, observing just how she was reacting to Mr. Fon.

"Miss Shihouin…."

"Stay out of this," Yoruichi grumbled to the woman before drawing her attention back to Mr. Fon.

"You certainly know very well what I mean by that. I refuse to do business with someone whose agenda is to turn my own daughter against me," Tadaaki snarled.

Four words: No. He. Just. Didn't.

"Please, it's not my fault that you're some control freak who gets intimidated when someone has their own ideas that doesn't exactly fit into your standards!" Yoruichi growled back.

"Yoruichi, I don't want to play this game with you. I demand to speak to the real CEO of this business!" Tadaaki demanded slamming his fist on the wooden table.

"Well that's just too damn bad Tadaaki because I am the CEO of Shinko Enterprises, and the CEO of this business is telling you that the amount you're offering is barely enough to cover any of the work that you're requesting! If you don't want to supply my company with the necessary funds then by all means, feel free to take your business elsewhere because we don't need it," Yoruichi snapped ignoring the fact that the front door to the business room had opened letting in Naoko who was shocked at how her daughter was behaving.

"Fine then we will," Tadaaki shot back signaling to his board members to get out of their seats. "And you can forget coming anywhere near Shaolin. She's much better off without you around!"

"I seriously doubt that," Yoruichi shot back her arms crossed as she glared at the eldest Fon. "Especially considering the fact that you keep her on a leash and lack the ability to tell what your own daughter is feeling. Face it Tadaaki, you've never been able to understand Soifon."

"Yoruichi!" Naoko shouted standing in front of the door way.

"I apologize Naoko but my company will no longer be able to do business with your's," Tadaaki announced walking past the elder Shihouin with the three members of his board in tow.

"Tadaaki wait," Naoko urged while glaring at her daughter momentarily.

"Perhaps another time," Tadaaki said as he walked out the door with his board. The large door shut within seconds.

Yoruichi could feel the atmosphere thicken as she looked at her mother from out of the corner of her eyes. She didn't need to speak with the elder woman to know that she was upset.

"Everyone you're free to leave," Naoko announced allowing her board members to walk out of the room. Each member eyed Yoruichi hesitantly as if they already knew she was doomed.

Yoruichi started to head to the exit as well until her mother grabbed her wrist.

"I didn't mean you could leave," Naoko pointed out her golden eyes meeting younger ones with contempt. "I thought we agreed that you'd keep your personal life out of the board room."

"Mom he practically asked for it," Yoruichi started.

"Regardless to what he did that's not the way you conduct business. How could you just blow such an important deal?" Naoko sighed as her arms crossed and favored her daughter with a disapproving glare.

"Mom its not like we needed the money. We have over five thousand clients around the world. Fon's company was just pennies in the bucket," Yoruichi pointed out.

Naoko heaved a sigh. "You're missing the point. Regardless of their funds, the Otsuka company had potential. Even though yeah he was a little bit to up tight, when Fon was vice president of this company he was someone I could actually trust without having to second guess his decisions all the time."

"Now I know where Soi gets that uptightness from," Yoruichi remarked, a smile on her face as she noticed a smile forming on her mother's as well.

"It's a pity Tadaaki was so uptight your father and I almost drove him crazy with the constant lack of signing our paperwork on time. I'm surprised he actually stuck around here for ten years," Naoko grinned remembering when Takaaki was with her company.

"You mean you were going to drive him crazy by always being late on your paperwork because of your secret rendezvous with your lovers. And if I remember correctly Mom, your girlfriend was angry with you because you would be late on your deadlines then throw the paper work on Tadaaki," Yoruichi teased.

"Why Yoruichi I don't know what you're talking about," Naoko replied innocently.

"I wonder if you still do the same thing now, considering you suddenly decided to take lunch and assigned me this bum deal to oversee," Yoruichi went on noticing her Mom's face return to it's playful mood once again.

Naoko rolled her eyes and made for the exit. "Regardless of that, I expect you to get this deal back before your father returns from America."

"What? You can't be serious," Yoruichi gasped eyeing her mother skeptically. She had no intentions of seeing Mr. Fon ever again.

"Yoruichi just get that deal back, that's all I'm asking," Naoko said as she pressed the button to the elevator. Within a matter of seconds the elevator's door opened allowing Naoko to step in, she looked over her shoulder with a catty grin on her face. "Also take care of that paperwork that's been on your desk for the past three days."

Yoruichi eyes opened wide at the thought of being stuck doing paper work. "What? Mom it's the weekend I'm…"

"I know you can handle it," Naoko winked from the elevator as the doors slowly closed.

"Oh I'll get that paper work done alright," She grinned already planning to ditch work today. She figured her mother wouldn't be to upset that she avoided work once again, she'd deal with the consequences later.


"Looks like downtown is still as busy as always," Yoruichi muttered to herself as she slowly navigated her way through afternoon pedestrian traffic. She walked along scanning the numerous shops with see-through windows as she passed by each of them. Looking in an Italian restaurant she noticed a couple dining and in a toy store a child begging his mother for a new toy. The goddess was just about to take her eyes out of window shopping until she caught sight of a familiar raven haired woman with two long braids that had golden hoops attached to the ends of them.

"Soi?" Yoruichi thought out loud noticing her girlfriend standing in a bridal shop dressed in an all white gown. Without even taking as second glance Yoruichi stepped into the shop seeing the vast number of dresses as well as a young blonde woman who was standing at the register.

"May I help you ma'am?" the clerk questioned eyeing Yoruichi closely.

Yoruichi was just about to say something when she was cut off by the constant arguing of Soi's as well as Mrs. Fon's voices.

"This isn't what I want!", Soi growled, despising the very idea of getting married. Nevertheless, she made up her mind to put her best foot forward in hopes of helping out her father's company. She balled her fist in frustration, upset at the fact that the one person she did love left her behind and yet she couldn't deny that she was still in love with Yoruichi even though she was hiding it from her family. 'I can't believe I'm doing this,' she berated herself while holding her head in frustration.

"This gown really isn't that bad," Sayuri noted walking around her daughter carefully. She turned her attention on the clerk that was helping them. "I think you can put this one aside as well. I'm very impressed by the design of this one."

"Of course Mrs. Fon," the short auburn haired woman nodded.

"Don't I have any say in this at all?" Soi growled while glaring daggers at the elder Fon.

"I guess not, she's the same as always," Yoruichi joked interrupting the two Fon's.

Soi felt her entire body grow cold at the sound of her former lover's familiar voice. She slowly turned around immediately recognizing the long violet haired woman standing in front of her. "Yoruichi…" she breathed her voice barely a whisper as she eyed the other woman.

"What are you doing here?" Sayuri demanded glaring daggers at the Shihouin.

Yoruichi disregarded Sayuri's question and stepped closer to Soi. "You look beautiful Soi. I guess your dad was right, but why would you choose to get married?" She embraced the other woman feeling her heart about to burst at the close contact she now had with her lover.

Soi could feel her entire body flush at Yoruichi's embrace. For a brief second she felt as if her world was finally calming down until she noticed her mother's disapproving look on her face. Within less than a few seconds Soi's entire demeanor changed to angry one. "Get away from me!" Soi shouted pushing Yoruichi away from her. A tinge of venom could be heard in her voice as her eyes hardened glaring daggers at Yoruichi who looked completely taken aback by Soi's behavior.


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