Sine, Cosine, Tangent

I still don't own TWEWY or its characters. No way could I ever come up with a character nearly as awesome as Sho.

When Sho woke up, he was lying face-down in the middle of Shibuya's Scramble Crossing. The thought that everything he had just experienced might have been a dream came to his mind, but only for a moment. Even in Shibuya, people would normally notice a guy lying on the street, or at least bat an eye. People seemed to stare right over Sho.

He fiddled in his pocket for a moment, and found the black pin with a skull design on it. When he looked at the pin, voices rushed in simultaneously.

"Crap, forgot to write that essay. Well, no sense worrying about it now."

"So, wait... the girl I like likes my best friend, he likes her best friend, but the friend likes CAT, and I'm not sure if CAT is one guy, twelve guys, or possibly even a girl... I hate this."

"That movie looks good... but I'm wondering whether the commercials showed all the good parts. I'll just wait for the DVD."

And other such garbage. It was clear that Sho was reading people's thoughts. Then, something hit Sho.

"Wait, does that mean that during my life, at any given moment where I was thinking something, some Player might have been listening to my thoughts?" A chill went down his spine.

This was interrupted by a vibration in his pocket. Right... the mission would be given to him through a text message. He opened his phone, and checked his inbox.

"Question: How many subjects can fulfill the mission before being erased?

Hypothesis: 12 of the subjects will survive. 2 of them will be unable to find a partner in time, and 4 will be erased by Reapers.


1 cellular phone

1 player pin

X Pins

X Psychs

1 partner


1. Survive Noise.

2. Find a partner.

3. Reach 104.

Subjects have 60 minutes."

Well, it certainly was concise. A pain coursed through Sho's left hand. He looked at it, and saw a timer, slowly counting down from 60:00 downward. The mission had officially started.

Suddenly, Sho saw two familiar looking things. Green frogs covered in tatoos.

Noise. How did you fight them again? ...Right, pins. Sho fumbled through his pockets some more, and found a handful of pins, each with symbols on them.

"All right, morons," Sho taunted. "Let's see how you react when I shoot bullets out of this PIN!" He waved the pin in the air. Nothing happened. The two frogs jumped on him.

"What the... GET OFF ME!" What did he do wrong?

Oh... right. He needed a partner. Where did that Mitsuki girl go?

Sho ran to the Hachiko statue. That seemed a good meeting place. A few Players would be there, right?

Well... they were. But not the one he was looking for. Sho ran back to the Scramble Crossing. No other Players there...

Where the hell was she? Maybe she was already at 104, waiting for him?

He ran north to check... and ran face-first into an invisible wall.

"Hey. Want past this wall?" a voice behind him inquired. Sho turned around. The owner of the voice was wearing a red hoodie and baseball cap under the hood.

"Are you a reaper?" Sho asked.

"Find yourself a partner." Somehow, Sho knew he wouldn't get an answer, but he was probably right.

Well, unless the girl found a way past the wall, she probably wasn't there. He went east, to the mall district. He didn't expect to find her there, but he said that he would partner up with her, and Sho Minamimoto wasn't the sort to go back on his word.

Okay... he was, but he wasn't the sort to go back on his word to a hot girl.

Finally, he saw her. She appeared to be... staring at a wall? That didn't seem like her at all. Not like Sho knew her, or anything, but she seemed like, well... more of a cold, calculating bitch. He shouted to her.

"Hey... you're Mitsuki Konishi, right? Come on, let's form a pact. Right now."

"No... no, that would not be prudent." she said slowly. Something seemed wrong. Was she holding in tears? That definitely didn't seem like her, from what little Sho knew. "I would be... a liability to you... and my presence would make you unable to complete the Game. Just leave."

Sho grabbed her by the shoulders, and turned her around to face him. "Look, I said I'd form a pact with you, remember? Right before the Game began." Something definitely seemed wrong. She seemed to be staring right through him. "Just tell me what happened. Something's different about..."

"FINE! They... they took my vision, all right? I can't see anything. I think I remember you from your voice... you're Sho Minamimoto, right? But I can't see you. The thing that was most important to me was to be able to navigate my way through the game. But I don't even know the mission... I can't formulate any plans..."

Sho sighed. She was probably right. Having a blind partner could cause some serious problems. But it was too late now... "Look, we both need a partner. We can't get past the wall otherwise. And without a partner, we're Noise food. We don't really have a choice."

Konishi sighed. "Your funeral..." She reached out her hand. Sho grabbed it, and the pact was formed.

Sho smirked. About damn time. "Now, how about we take care of that wall?"

"Actually, how about I take care of you?" an unknown voice asked. The two players jumped, and turned around. "It's pretty sad, having to pair up with a blind girl. You really couldn't find anyone better? Oh, forgot to introduce myself. I'm Koki Kariya, a humble Reaper. And you seem to be easy points."

Sho stared at him for a while. Was that supposed to sound... threatening? The man had orange hair tied behind his head, and appeared to be holding a lollipop. Sho couldn't think of somebody less intimidating even if he tried. "Reapers can't attack players directly. That's one of the rules, remember?" Sho reminded him. Really, there was nothing to be scared of.

"Well, yeah, you're right. But I can do this." Kariya waved his hands dramatically, and something like a wolf appeared in front of him. The wolf-thing walked on two legs, and had claws that seemed big enough to rip someone in half without conscious effort.

"This could ease my boredom for a few seconds. Let the battle... BEGIN!" Kariya announced melodramatically. The wolf slashed at Sho and Konishi, but Sho grabbed her by the arm and jumped out of the way.

"Come on, use a Psych!" Sho shouted at his partner. "You might not be able to see, but you have to have something!"


All right, so she was useless. But just having a partner at all should help him use pins, right? He tried the one with the bullet on it. He raised his hand, pointed at the wolf, and a series of energy blasts came out of his hand, and shot at the Noise. It seemed unfazed. Sho tried shooting lighting bolts, fire, and everything else he had. It did some damage, but being the only fighter made it much harder. The wolf charged at him again. Sho ducked out of the way, but it slashed Konishi, and Sho somehow felt it too.

So, this was how it would end. Sho would lose his one chance at another life because he let his hormones get the better of him... damn it. Then, he saw a movement that seemed unnatural. Konishi herself wasn't moving, but her shadow was.

Could that shadow be...? Yes, of course, it had to. "Mitsuki, your shadow! That's the key! Your shadow is your Psych!"

Konishi was confused, but her shadow wasn't. It rose out of the ground, and grabbed the wolf. The shadow grabbed the wolf, dove to the ground... and they both sunk into the concrete.

This was their chance. Before Kariya could react, Sho grabbed Konishi by the arm, and ran back west in the direction of 104.

Kariya gave a half-hearted applause, while shaking his head. "I'm impressed... looks like he was right, after all. I got two, Yodai got two, and there were two others that were erased because they couldn't find a partner in time. The Game Master claimed that his hypothesis was always spot-on. It might be that he's not just full of it... but he's still an arrogant prick." He sucked on his bean paste lollipop for a while in contemplation, then walked off.

"Pact confirmed. Wall clear!" the red-clad Reaper shouted, though nobody really noticed.

Sho and Konishi finally ran to 104. No other Reapers or Noise had attacked them on their way. Sho wasn't sure if they could survive another fight, and he wasn't eager to find out. The timers didn't seem to be on their hands anymore.

Sho, despite the fact that he was still angry at himself for partnering up with Konishi, tried to stay positive. "That wasn't too bad at all, Mitsuki! Your shadow really knows how to throw a punch! This game should be a cinch. Some Old Horses... can... horses can..." What the...

"Some Old Horses Can Always Hear Their Owners Approach, right? You told me that before the game began." Mitsuki finished for him.

"Yeah, that." Wait, what? No... there was no way.

But of course, a voice in his head told him. All through your life, you only really cared about one thing. Your life was all about numbers. What else would they have taken away from you?

It all made sense... but Sho didn't want to believe it. First, Outer... parenthesis... exponents... every mathematical formula and mnemonic that he had learned through his entire life was missing. Numbers were what defined who he was... and now they were all gone. So, what was he now?

End of Day 1.