I grumbled incoherently under my breath as I watched Edward put my other suitcase in the trunk. A suit case that I wasn't even allowed to pack or look in until we had reached our destination, wherever that was.

"Valentines Day" I spat quietly to myself, squinting as the sun slightly began to shine through the clouds. I looked down at my feet and started shuffling the snow around, pretending the cold wasn't bothering me.

"Don't worry, you'll love it!" Alice said behind me as she came out and sat beside me on the front step. I grumbled again. "Oh Bella, stop it, don't ruin my fun" She said nudging me in the knee.

"Almost all packed" Edward said enthusiastically as he sat down on my other side.

"Great" I said, forcing a smile to the both of them. "Can't...wait" Sitting in between the two of them I knew I was out numbered. No point in running, they could give me a ten minute head start and they would catch up in .5 seconds. I shivered against the cold, pulling my scarf up around my chin and sighed, watching the stream of air escape my mouth. Alice nudged me again before she got up and went back inside, yelling at Jasper about some sort of dinner reservation, which made me picture the two of them in the woods, sharing an elk around some candles. Oh boy, I laughed to myself.

Edward wrapped his arms around me in attempt to heat me up but he just brought the cold with him. I shivered again at his touch.

"I'm sorry" He said, flinching back.

"Nooo" I whined, pulling his arms back around me. He laughed as he took me back in his arms, pressing his nose into my hair, breathing unnecessarily , sending a cool chill down my neck. I shivered again, and grabbed onto his arms tight, hoping if he tried to pull away I could somehow attempt to stop him, but he didn't pull away this time.

"Edward.." I said, staring at the car, which was packed full. Edward had made an attempt to tie the trunk down to keep everything in. "Where are we.."

"Secret" He interrupted, smiling back, laughing to himself.

"Fine." I grumbled. "but you know I don't like secrets, or having Alice pack for me" I said as I struggled out of his arms, irritated by the continued secrecy that went on around me. Even if this was some sort of special event, I hate when things are made into a big deal because of me. Edwards more of a "go big or go home" kind of person, and I was starting to realize, he's never going home.

"Where are you going?" He asked as I opened the front door.

"Inside" I spat back. "I'm cold"

I could hear him laughing on the other side of the door, which irritated me more. Laugh at Bella, everyone always does. I walked through the living room, trying to avoid all the red. It looked like Valentines day threw up in the house, and for some reason this didn't bother Esme. I turned the corner only to find myself in another uncomfortable situation. Not for me though, I didn't mind.

"Bella!" Esme exaggerated as she peeked around Carlisle, who appeared to have his hands all over her. "Carlisle!" She hissed quietly, pulling away from him. This situation made me laugh. It's not everyday that they publicly show their affections, but it never once made me doubt that they loved each other. I could see it in how they look at each other, how they talk to each other, how Carlisle lingers when he hugs her after coming home from work. He loved her, and she loved him.

"Bella" Carlisle said, acknowledging me, as he made his way out to the living room.

"Can I get you anything?" Esme said, hands flying through her hair, making it perfect again.

"Valentines Day.." I grumbled again, walking past her.

"Whats that dear?" She questioned.

"Food" I said as I opened the pantry and grabbed some cheese sticks and started stuffing them in my mouth, perfect excuse not to have any sort of conversation. I had all sorts of excuses for these kinds of situations. Food was one of them. Another was sleep. Shower worked sometimes, but Alice didn't seem to have a problem standing in the bathroom with me, promising not to look as she continued on about whatever was on Perez Hilton at the time. Fashion. Boys. Celebrity's. She liked to predict what was going to happen, and then see if any of it came true. I'm not exactly sure if she can actually see these celebrity's futures, or shes just so obsessed with them that shes figured out their patterns, who's going to break up with who. It blows my mind, really.

"Alright, but don't eat too much, you'll want to save room for later" Esme smiled at me.

"Later!!?" I choked, making my eyes water.

"Mom!" I heard Edward rush into the kitchen. "Secret, remember" I glanced back to Esme who now had her finger to her lips, as if to hush herself.

"Valentines Day" I grumbled, pushing my way past him and up the stairs. I could hear him following me but still tried to slam the door behind me, and he caught it in time, which I already knew he would.

"Don't be like this" He said, still smiling as he sat down beside me on the bed, wrapping his arms around me.

"Promise you're not making a huge deal out of this" I pleaded, throwing myself back on the bed.

"It's Valentines Day.." He said, looking back at me. "I want to make a big deal out of it."

"If this has anything to do with important milestones in my life as a human then I refuse to go" I grumbled, grabbing his arm and pulling him back up beside me.

"Well it's not only that" He said, wrapping his arms around me as I laid my head against his chest. "It's because I love you, and it's valentines day. I'm guess you've never celebrated valentines day with anyone, have you?" He asked, stroking his hand through my hair.

"Well, no" I said, not counting every valentines day through elementary school where you had to tape a paper bag to the end of your desk and everyone in the class gave you a cheesy valentine.

"Me either" He said, pulling the heated blanket, which was a gift, up around my body. "Which makes you my first" I could hear him smiling. I knew somehow he would turn this around. The words "my first" holds so much meaning.

"Well..." I sighed. "If I can't be your first in other aspects of your life yet, I might as well celebrate...Valentines day... with you" Knowing he won anyways, I couldn't help but smile back.

"Good." He said pulling me closer. I twisted out of the warm blanket and turned to face him, bringing my nose up to touch his. "I love you" I whispered. He closed the space between us, pressing his lips against my neck, making his way up to my jaw, and finally ever so softly on my lips. My heart started racing as I reached my hands up into his hair, twisting, pulling him closer against me, deepening the kiss. Knowing he was going to eventually pull away, I held on tight, fingers interlocked behind his head. He finally reached up and placed both hands on either side of my head, and pulled me away, breaking the contact I was fighting so hard to keep. I gasped for air, finally realizing that air was important to. He leaned his forehead against mine and looking me in the eye.

"I love you" He said, his cool breath washing over me. By this point I couldn't tell what was making me dizzy, lack of oxygen, or Edward. I bit my lip and thought to myself "Edward... I could live without oxygen, but I could never live without Edward" I quickly sunk forward, planting one more kiss on his lips.

"Good" I grinned. "Now...why did Esme say I needed to save room for later?" I asked, having full knowledge that he had no intentions to ever tell me.

"Secret" He laughed, as he brushed his nose against mine.