Title: What Really Matters

Author: SP

Disclaimer: I don't own anything. Jonathon Levine and Sony, someone like that.

Rating: T

Summary: Just a little drabble, Luke reflecting on his summer.

Author's Note: [pokes people] So, I'm thinking everyone should write for The Wackness. Let's make this into a fandom, shall we?

Summer, 1994. I fell in love, got my heart broken, traded weed for therapy, and moved to Jersey.

Even though a lot of that shit was wack, and even though it sounds corny as fuck...I'm glad it all happened.

Now, when I see a pretty girl I'll jack off thinking about her, but I sure as hell won't fall in love with her.

Now, I know that Dad isn't Superman, and anything I need, I gotta get for myself.

Now, I know that I was right. You're fucked if you only see the dopeness; the wackness is what really matters.