A Couch, and a Cat Nap.

The couch was battered, tattered, and worn.

The couch was probably the most comfortable thing that Yusei had ever laid on.

His eyes shut as the quiet that had been non-existent in the mansion for the past few days finally settled and Yusei relaxed, the sun shining in through the windows. The old leather was bathed in the warm light, the black absorbing the heat even more. Stretching his arms above his head as he sat back, he idly mused about just how much he looked like a cat. The fact that he was about to take a nap in a sunny spot only furthered the fact.

Using his arms as a substitute for a pillow, he sighed contently as he drifted for seemingly the first time in days.

"You look like a cat."

Flipping open one eye, he glanced up to find Aki staring down at him with a smile so small it was barely there. He grunted, only slightly annoyed about his nap being disturbed. In all honesty, Aki was under the same stress that he was with all of the people coming in and out of the house. They both liked their quiet, and they hadn't been receiving it.

With no one in the house, this was the only time they had.

He shuffled his body over to the side of the massive couch, enough room for Aki to squeeze in. She accepted the offer, the only gratitude visible showing in her eyes. Yusei would be the only one to look for it, and to find it. It was enough for him. Settling in besides him, she laid her head on his chest, wrapping her arms around his body as he threw one of his arms around her waist, pulling her closer.

She sighed as the warmth that always emanated from him slowly spread its way through her body, lulling her to the delightful realm of sleep. "This will be awkward when they come back and find us like this." Her voice was dry, and tired.

His chuckle was a deep rumble in his chest, and Aki felt invisible fingers trail their way up her spine, leaving her with goose bumps. "You're the one who wanted to keep it secret."

Her voice was affronted, "I never." She had turned her head to glare up at him. "I just said that we shouldn't go around announcing it." She buried her face back into his chest.


Silence fell, and the only sounds were their comfortable breathing, and the slight sounds that wafted in from the outside world of Neo Domino.

"You smell good."

He chuckled again, a grin flittering on his face, and he again felt the little shiver work its way up her body.

"And, you're warm. You make a great pillow."

"Glad to know." He mused gently as his hand at her waist came up and stroked her hair. "Go to sleep now. You need it."

"Hmph." She followed his orders though, her breathing finally evening out. He wasn't that far behind. Glancing at the clock, he could fuzzily make out that they had roughly four hours of uninterrupted sleep on the warm couch before people came back.

That would be an entertaining welcome home.

The sun was warm, and the couch was the most comfortable thing that either of the two had lain on.


First Yu-Gi-Oh 5Ds fic, and I've honestly only watched maybe four episodes... So if Yusei or Aki are dreadfully out of character please tell me so I can fix it. Just the ramblings of me on caffine when I'm supposed to be sleeping. Written in like 10 minutes, and I just want to get this posted tonight so I can go to sleep. I mean, who doesn't like sleep?

If you see any errors, tell me and I will fix it immediately. Spelling/grammar is not my strong suit.

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