Yes, this story is over but I would like to address something that is kind of bothering me. There was a reviewer, I deleted there review just recently but this is the review:

2010-10-06 . chapter 1

Wow are all your fanfictions this unpleasing,you should stop being a author just like many other people should.i dont see what other people see realy please dont bother updating this story or anything else in that matter.*lol*

Well I'm not one to condone flames, I honestly think most flamers are authors who don't want to be known, thinking they may be flamed back or just people going around decided to flame people just because they don't enjoy the story. Now I will never disable my anonymous reviews because there are people who probably don't want to sign up just to leave a review and then there are authors who may not feel like signing in just to leave a review. But flames? Come on people, let's be realistic here. Flames aren't very helpful in any way at all and can actually hurt first time authors and make them not want to write any stories anymore. All I can say is that I am not a fan of flames and in my own opinion I believe that if you know you don't like something why bothering even reading it? I'm not a Sasuke x Sakura fan but I would never read a SasuSakura story just to flame their story because I know that there are some really good SasuSakura stories out there.

But I'm a SasuHina fan and if you have a problem with it and you know you DONT like that pairing, why even bother searching it and reading it? It's completely useless in my own opinion. Now if you're curious and find a story that you actually like then that fine, and even if you didn't like the story you don't have to harrass the author and flame the story. It is very disrespectful to me.

So with that said, flamers are annoying to me and if you have nothing nice or constuctive to say don't say it at all. I just wanted to voice my opinion about this because I've gotten flamed before in a few of my old stories and they were all by anonymous reviewers.

But a special note to those who actaully do like my stories, thank you very much for all of your support, it keeps me going and helps me continue writing. Thank you.