I woke up with the familiar arms around me, cuddling as usual. His ice cold chest felt good on my abnormally hot body. I sighed into his chest completely content.

"Bella are you alright?" I could tell he was worried by the tone of his voice. I could now distinguish his moods by his voice, from the many times he's saved me I knew he was upset.

"Yes, Why?"

"You feel warmer than normal" here we go, sometimes he gets too upset over some things. "It's probably just a cold or something." I mumbled as I snuggled closer to him. He kisses me on the forehead and I closed my eyes, reveling in his closeness.

I twisted in his arms and felt a sharp pain in my stomach,nauseating me. I pushed his arms away and in my haste to get to the bathroom, i broke a lamp and tripped over my rug, but thank god I reached the toilet in time.

Edward was right behind me, holding my hair and rubbing my back. I sunk to the ground and suddenly Edward stiffened. Only then did I realize I had cut my foot from the lamp. "Uggh...I'm sorry, why dont you go back in my room..."

I didn't want him to suffer. "Bella that is the farthest thing from my mind right now. He swept the hair from my face and swiftly pulled it back into a ponytail, his fingers grazing my sweaty neck. His chilling skin soothed my steaming skin.

He slid me over to the wall so it would support me and he went to examine my foot. "Edward dont, it's just a cut." He didn't listen as I tried to downplay my injuries. Still feeling nauseated I gave up protesting.

I don't know how he did it but he managed to pull the glass shards out of my foot and wrapped it in some gauze without biting me. I'm sure it took an incredible effort but once again he was a hero. He came over to my side and began to pick me up when I shook my head and again threw up in the toilet.

"Okay, I'm taking you to Carlisle" "No, I'll be fine"

"Bella..." he said, his tone disapproving. "Just get me back to bed and I promise If tonight I'm not feeling any better, we'll go to Carlisle." He seemed to accept this and lifted me up, laying me back down on the white sheets, his hands lingering on my legs for a few seconds and he lay next to me to wait out the day.

As he walked over to the other side of the bed his brow was furrowed and his angel like features distorted. "Whats worrying you? I'll be fine..."

He looked down not wanting to share. "Baby?" I said cupping his face in my hand. His face melted underneath my touch.

"Its just..." I looked at him, signaling him to go on. "I've lost so many people to...sickness, especially the flu."

Now I remembered...he had lost his whole family to the Spanish influenza and he almost died himself. Thank god Carlisle found him and changed him or else my angel wouldn't be sitting here with me. "I'm not going anywhere, your stuck with me forever".

He looked like he would cry if he could. "Forever is fine with me my love."

Edward called the school acting as Charlie, telling them I would be home sick today, then proceeded to convince me to go to Carlisle. "Bella I'd feel alot better if you went to Carlisle." He said pacing around my room.

"Yes, and I would feel alot better if you came back and laid with me." He came over and felt my forehead. "I'm going to go get you some medicine. I'll be back in...20 minutes" He swiftly jumped out the window not bothering to use the door.

Ahhhh…my Edward, he is so amazing, I don't deserve him. Watching the clock he had only been gone

5 minutes…another long 15 minutes till he's back.

I could really use his chilling body to cool me down, sweat beads were forming on my head, but despite how hot I felt, I was shivering.

I was feeling worse by the minute, I was nauseous and had a pounding migraine, it felt like a truck had run over me. I rolled over on my back, my stomach was burning and every time I moved it was another blow to my stomach.

I tried to hurry and get to the bathroom but when I lifted my head I almost passed out. I slowly got back up, my knees shaky and still sweating but before I got to the bathroom door my knees buckled and I collapsed. I couldn't move, lift my head or anything.

I felt like I was dying, I couldn't feel my body and my head… "Edw—ard"…. "Ed—war-d" I heard a rustle inside my room and a distant whisper.

Everything was abnormally quiet and echoed. "Bella?" thank god, if I was dying he was the one I needed. I guess Edward was right, as always. This was way more than a cold.

"Bella…" he gasped as he knelt to his knees next to me. "Help me"

He gingerly picked me up, eagerly running his fingers over my face. His body was freezing against mine, making me shiver more violently.

"Oh Baby" he said his eyebrows furrowing and his face…scared.

He ssweeped the loose hair out of my face, tucking it behind my ear. What is wrong with me? He flipped out his cell phone…calling Carlisle.