"All done Bella" Carlisle placed a bandage where the needle had been. Carlisle sat at the foot of the bed. "I'm going to check and see how far along you are okay?" I shook my head yes and he lifted the blanket up.

Edward was stroking my hand with his thumb and worriedly surveying my face. "Edward, I'm okay...this is normal" He nodded and smiled at me, bringing his hand up to stroke my face. "I know I just, I just hate seeing you in pain." He sighed and then turned to Carlisle.

"Well Bella, you are only at 4 cm...halfway there, We may be in for a rough day."

"I'll leave you guys alone, but if you need me call out." Carlisle left the room and the door shut with a click.

After 2 hours of contractions I was exhausted and still only at 6 cm. I wanted to crawl under a rock and hide. I sat up and squeezed my eyes shut as another torturous contraction came. Did most women have to go through this many hours of labor?

I fell back onto the pillow, hot and sweaty. I wanted so bad to be home in bed and asleep with Edwards arms around me. Edward put his hands on my face, neck, chest and my belly in an attempt to cool me off. His cold touch made me shiver, but it felt good.

I closed my eyes and breathed a sigh. I felt cool lips on my forehead. "I'm sorry, love" Edward whispered against my skin. Most women get mad at their husbands when they're in labor, but I couldn't bring myself to snap at him when he was so comforting and understanding.

I don't think anyone has ever had a more amazing husband. I tiredly brought my hand up to the back of his neck and twirled my fingers in his hair. "I know" I whispered. And brought my head up to kiss him.

"Your doing great, love. Just think, once this is over we'll have two beautiful baby's" he said to me. I smiled at the thought of seeing Edward with our children in his arms. I knew he was ecstatic to be a father and I knew he would be the most amazing dad our kids could ever ask for. Edward sat down on the edge of the bed, only a couple inches from me. I knew he was overwhelmed with worry, I could see it in his face. My pain hurt him just as much as it hurt me.

I grunted and my eyebrows pulled together as a new pain hit me. My chest began to hurt badly, like it was being constricted. "Ed-war-d" I began to breathe heavily barely able to get air into my lungs. "Bella. Honey? Whats wrong? CARLISLE!!" I grasped his shirt frightened by the lack of oxygen. Carlisle ran in and shuffled over to me. He put an oxygen mask over my face and I began to catch my breath. "Bella?" I looked up at Carlisle.

"Your getting too worked up and stressed out, your heart went into overdrive. Try and breath and relax, okay?" he then turned to Edward "Keep her calm, dont let her fret." He nodded and Carlisle sat in the back of the room to give us privacy but also so that he would be there if there were more complications.

Edward traced the features of my face with his fingers and wiped away the tears. "I know your scared, love." He kissed me on the forehead. But Carlisle's here...and I'm here and neither one of us are going to make you go through this alone. We're here for you baby."

After a few more minutes Carlisle took the oxygen mask off, after I had fully caught my breath. Edward immediately kissed me on the lips and muttered "I love you."

Do you want some Ice or water honey?" Edward asked. I cleared my throat and realized it was dry and I was parched. I could drink a whole trough at the moment. "uh-huh" I said shaking my head. Edward got up from the bed and I clung to his hand.

"Where are you going?" He turned around and shook his head, flashing his crooked smile at me, which would've stopped my heart if it wasn't beating a mile a minute. "To get water..." I brought his hand to my lips and kissed his fingers.

"Just relax, I'll be right back." he assured me. He hurried out the door along with Carlisle. As soon as it shut another pain came. I gripped the steel, cold bars of the bed...but I needed to feel the cold of Edward's skin and see his beautiful face. "Ughh-uh" I groaned. The pain was everywhere, it was the worst pain I've ever felt in my life.

It had been five minutes and he still wasn't back...In that time I'd already had two contractions. This was going to happen soon and I needed him. Small whimpers left my lips and heart rate accelerated. I heard footsteps in the hall and prayed it was Edward. But Carlisle walked in.

"It's almost time Bella..." He surveyed the room, seeing no Edward, which was strange as I never let him leave me. "Where's Edward?" I wasn't sure why but a small tear escaped my eye. Though I knew he never would, not now, not ever, I still couldn't shake the thought that he might have left me. "He W-went to g-go get ice."

Just at that moment Edward busted in the door ice cubes nearly slipping out if the cup and reclaimed his seat beside me. "Bella...honey? What's wrong?" His eyebrows furrowed creating a crease along his forehead. I shook my head trying to will the tears back and mumbled "nothing". He took my hand in both of his and kissed it, then looked up at me and unleashed his golden eyes, making my breathing stutter for a minute.

He nodded his head, clearly wanting me to finish. I didn't want to say anything I knew how hard it was for him and me as well to remember those months. I was about to speak when a new pain came...worse than before much worse. "Aggghh..." I gripped Edwards hand, it was a good think he wasn't breakable for my tight hold on him would've hurt if he were human. Carlisle sat at the end of the bed and nurses filed in.

"Okay Bella, at the count of 3 I want you to push as hard as you can." I nodded my head and frantically looked at Edward. He saw my worried eyes and kissed my forehead. "I'm here. We're doing this together" "Okay Bella...1...2...3. Push!" I squeezed my eyes shut and pushed as hard as I could.

The pain now wasn't spurring it was constant. Instead of laying on the pillow I was halfway sitting up, Edward was behind me keeping me up. His arms wrapped around me and grasped my hands helping me brace. "come on, PUSH!" said a voice at the end of the bed I recognized to be Carlisle's.

I braced myself and pushed again. "There's the head...Push!" I looked over at Edward and he had a grin on his face mixed with concern for me. "Your doing great" he encouraged.

"One more time Bella" I grasped Edwards hand even tighter and he responded by rubbing circles on my hand. "Push!" With one long agonizing push the baby was out. "Here's your BOY!" exclaimed Carlisle. I looked at Edward who had a wide grin in his face. "One more Bella." I fell back onto Edward, he brought his cold hand to my forehead brushing the sticky hair out of my face. His cold touch felt so good.

"You can do this" he assured me, though I wasn't so sure. "I don't think I can" I already was exhausted and had the urge to close my eyes and sleep. "You need to push Bella." Said Carlisle. "Look at me and push sweetheart" said Edward. I focused on his face, re memorizing his features. After 5 more minutes the second baby was out.

"And your girl...One healthy boy and one healthy girl" said Carlisle handing her off to the nurse to get cleaned up. Edward got up from behind me and gently laid me back onto the pillow. I fell back limply.

I felt really bad and weak. I could hear my heart monitor ...beep.. . beep..........beep..................... beep...starting to slow down. My eyes began to slide shut covering up my now foggy vision. I tried to see Edward's face but it was so blurry. "Bella? BELLA?" called Edwards frantic voice. "She's bleeding too much. Marie get over here...get me towels!" Carlisle urged. I heard two loud crys...my baby's and Edward saying "Hold on for me Bella" then blackness.


It felt as if something was pushing me down and I was surrounded by thick fog. There was a faint whooshing sound in my ears. And then I heard a soft hum. It sounded like rock-a-bye baby. And then the angelic voice spoke. "Your mommy's right there...see?" And then something cold touched my hand. "Bella?..Bella honey? Can you hear me?" I wanted to answer him and to see his face, grasp his cold hand, anything bur my body wouldn't let me.

I couldn't even open my eyes. "Our children need the momma...and I need you." His voice cracked at the end. "You have to be okay...you will be okay, I can't live without you. We've been through so much ... Stay with me."

He squeezed my hand and then released it. "Move one of those pretty little fingers and let me know your okay." He sounded as if he was choking... and I was sure if he could he would be crying. I wanted to stop his pain, hold him and tell him I'm fine but it was like I was completely incapacitated all apart from being able to hear my angel.

My body felt sore, and it felt as if my limbs were detached but when I felt his touch again everything faded away. Edward stroked the length of my arm and then his fingers framed my face, cupping my chin in his hand. I felt his marble lips on my forehead and he sighed.

"I love you so...so much honey." Warmth touched my arm and I felt a little body against me breathing short breaths. "This is our daughter Bella." he said with so much emotion...I wanted to see my baby's so much it ached.


I lay our beautiful baby girl in Bella's arms. She had pools of dark brown for eyes, just like her mother. She resembled Bella in so many ways.

As I looked at her next to Bella, everything was perfect...right. Well it would've been perfect if Bella...if she was awake. I cradled our baby boy in my arms and he looked at me with wide eyes. I was so overwhelmed with happiness that Bella and I had created two perfect little miracles with our love.

I thought I would never find a soul mate and that I would never be able to father children but Bella changed that...she changed everything, no doubt for the better. She looked so peaceful lying there. Asleep. The squeak of the door interrupted my thoughts. Carlisle walked in with a solemn face and then when he saw the picture before him he smiled.

But I looked up at him with eyes filled with worry. "She'll be okay" he said shaking his head and running his fingers through his hair. "Her vitals are good, she should wake within the next few hours." I nodded my head still unconvinced. "Why did she lose consciousness?"

Before answering Carlisle came over to me and sat down stroking the face of my son. "The loss of blood reduced the amount of oxygen able to reach her brain and she began to shut down. But she's on an IV, she is getting medicine and like I said her vitals are good." I didn't answer, never taking my eyes off Bella. Carlisle patted my back reassuringly and left the room.

About an hour went by and every couple minutes I would whisper in Bella's ear how much I loved her. Both the babies were sleeping on the other side of the hospital room. Carlisle had given special permission to allow me to set up a room for them in here so I wouldn't have to leave Bella's side. As I looked back over at my wife, I noticed her eyelids began to flutter and her breathing sounded shallow and ragged like she had been running for awhile.

"Bella?" Her eyelids opened and she squinted trying to get her eyes to adjust and those big brown eyes met mine. "Hey" she whispered so low it barely even escaped her mouth. I knelt down by the bed and took her hand. "hey" I replied my eyebrows forming a crease on my forehead, my mouth agape, like I didn't know what to say.

Her arm slowly reached up to smooth out my forehead. "What happened?" she asked "I thought...I-I would lose you." It came out all broken up in between my dry sobs. "I would never leave you...not without a fight." she told me. I smiled and got up walking to the cradles. I gingerly picked up our children and held them in my arms gently bringing them to Bella.

She smiled ear to ear, whenever she smiled it radiated off her and you couldn't help but smile back. "Bella, meet our children..." A small tear rolled down her rosy cheek as I placed our daughter in her arms again. I crawled into the bed with her, holding our son.

We were both facing each other, in our own little world. Her and I and our family. She looked up at me and said "Everything is so perfect, so right, there is not a thing I would change about this moment... I love you so much."

Her eyes then fell to her baby girl and boy and stroked both their cheeks. "I love you two so much." The baby's cooed at there mothers touch. "They love you too, as do I" I leaned forward and gave her a kiss on her beautiful lips and she responded by whispering my name. "Edward...thank you"